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Fishing Reels

The Fishing Tackle Shop is home to the best fishing reels in Australia. When browsing our selection, you’ll have hundreds of options to choose from. Finding a fishing reel is simple because we let you search by the type of reel or the manufacturer.

In terms of type, we stock baitrunner fishing reels, baitcaster reels, game fishing reels, overhead fishing reels, spinning reels, Alvey and a lot more.

The list of manufacturers that we stock is the ultimate A-Z of fishing reel excellence. We proudly stock Alvey, Daiwa, Fin-Nor, Okuma, Penn, Pflueger and Shimano among our vast selection and that's just to name a few.  Shop by either style or by brand name below.

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Spinning Reels

Massive variety of spinning reels - huge range of sizes - all major brands.

Baitrunner Reels

Large range of Baitrunner style fishing reels - great for beach and boat fishing.

Overhead Reels

Huge range of Overhead fishing reels - Especially great for offshore boat fishing and more.

Big Game Reels

Great range of top brand game fishing reels - ideal for trolling or live baiting.

Round Baitcasters

Great for inshore and offshore fishing.

Low Pofile Baitcaster

Perfect for inshore fishing, lakes, inlets, estuaries and dams etc.

Alvey Reels

Iconic Australian brand we have alvey reels for river, beach, boat and more.

Fly Fishing Reels

If you're into fly fishing, check our range of fly reels out.




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Here at Fishing Tackle Shop we like to put ourselves in the shoes of the average angler. We realise that a fair portion of our customers will reach this page and not know where to start, what reels to look at and what reel is going to be the most ideal choice to purchase. So, we have created this handy buyers guide to try and take a lot of that guess work away and help you our customer make the right decision when you are ready to buy.

Types of Fishing Reels For Sale  There are 7 main types of fishing reels that we sell online and these are spinning reels, baitrunners, overhead, baitcasters, Game and Alvey reels each has its purpose. And we will discuss a bit about each style below.


Spinning Reels  are our biggest selling type as they are versatile and can be used in any fishing situation from freshwater to saltwater, in rivers, lakes off a boat, down the beach or off the rocks. They are super simple to use and make a great choice for anglers of all levels. They do come in different sizes and that’s where a lot of anglers get quite confused as they have little or no idea what the size scale means.  To break it down you will see sizes such as 25, 2500, 30, 3000 etc. A 25 and a 2500 is practically the same, as is a 30 and 3000. There isn’t a generic rule to follow in terms of sizes so one supplier size 2500 might vary from the next and one supplier might call it a 25 instead of a 2500 and vice versa.

Small Size Spin Reels – are great for light fishing styles, this may include fishing in lakes and rivers be it freshwater or saltwater for species such as Australian bass, trout, bream, flathead, whiting and any other light sport fish. In most cases we generally classify small spin reel sizes in our store to be between the 1000 – 3000 size mark.

Medium Size Spin Reels –  such as a 4000 or 5000 make the ideal choice for those that fish heavier inshore. Here we are talking species such as jewfish, barramundi, murray cod and the like. Medium size spin reels also make a great choice for light offshore sport and reef fishing.

Large Size Spin Reels – are usually the choice of anglers that fish offshore on a boat, or perhaps from the rocks or beach using heavier tackle. Large size reels are usually a 6000 plus in size.

In summary, the higher the number of the reel the larger the size is (so 3000 or 30 is bigger than a 25/2500, a 40/4000 is bigger than a 3000 etc.) Make sure you check out guide on how to choose the best fishing reel size for your needs here


Baitrunner Reels – are the same as spinning reels with the added function of a lever usually found towards the base of the reel that when pressed dis-engages the main drag allowing a fish to bite and run for a bit before you decide to strike. Baitrunner is a trade mark of Shimano however in other brands they may be known as live liner, free spooler, bait teaser or similar. A Baitrunner style reel is a favourite amongst beach and boat anglers that fish for species such as snapper or mulloway where the fish can be a little timid. We do also stock smaller sizes as well for those anglers that wish to apply the baitrunner practice to their inshore lake and river fishing as well.


Overhead Reels – Are quite popular among offshore boat anglers and there are a couple of reasons behind this. They are extremely easy for any angler to use and they have quite generous line capacities often required for fishing offshore. Some overhead reels may be able to be cast (with difficulty and will take a lot of practice) but generally they are best suited to the boat angler that just drops a line or sticks a lure out for a troll. Be careful of what rod you have as you will need to use an overhead rod with this style of reel.


Baitcaster Reels Come in two styles being either round or low profile. They are an overhead style of reel but as they are smaller in profile they are much more suited to inshore fishing styles. A baitcaster often doesn’t cast too far and is designed more so for shorter distance accurate casting in to snaggy territory. They are particularly popular for those that target Barramundi or Murray Cod. If you purchase a baitcaster reel you will need to own or purchase a baitcaster rod to use with this style or reel.


Game Reels Are a large form of overhead for offshore game fishing. With a game reel, you will be targeting the likes of Marlin, Tuna, Shark and a host of other large saltwater offshore fish.


Alvey Reels  Designed and predominantly manufactured in Australia, Alvey make a large array of styles from light estuary styles, rock and surf styles through to boat styles. What makes the Alvey so special is that due to the reel not having bearings and gears like most other types they are much better suited to the angler that is harsh on their gear, that may drop their gear in the sand or get their gear wet. For this reason, they are very popular among beach anglers as well as boat anglers and charter operators.


Technical Aspects  There a few common technical aspects you may come across when looking at our fishing reels for sale. Below are the most common aspects and we will discuss a little on what each means.

Ball bearings –  help the reel function and run more smoothly, reduces friction and can take pressure off other mechanics within the reel. So, does the more ball bearings in a reel make it better than one that has less bearings?  Yes but not always. It depends on the quality of the bearings used. A reasonable reel in reputable brands such as Shimano, Daiwa or Penn may only have 3 or 4 bearings but still make a half decent reel due to their use of quality bearings.

Gear Ratio –  is how many times the spool revolves in the case of an overhead or how many times the rotor will turn on a spinning reel per crank of the handle.  So, say you have a spinning reel and it’s said that it has a 6:1 gear ratio this means that the rotor should turn around 6 times per 1 complete 360-degree revolution or turn of the handle. High speed reels usually are any reel with a gear ratio of around 5.6:1 or more and lower speed reels are generally reels that have a speed of 5.5:1 or less.  High speed reels make ideal choices for those that spin with lures and need a quick retrieve and lower speed reels make great reels for those that fish the depths for large powerful fish and require more extreme cranking power compared to speed.

Max Drag –  Most brands are starting to publish their maximum drag ratings in their product specs and it is an increasingly popular metric that some anglers like to use when considering their new reel. It gives the angler an idea of just how capable the reel is and where metric is particularly useful is for the angler that likes to keep their outfit as light as possible but wish to fish with a heavier line class.

Do you need more help picking a fishing reel?  If you are still a little lost on what reel you need to purchase for your requirements feel welcome to reach out to us and start a live chat, send us an email or give us a call.

Don't waste your time on other sites that provide little product information. Check our range of Fishing Reels out! We pride ourselves on being one of the only online fishing tackle retailers to provide you with a massive amount of useful information.