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Daiwa Kix Reel LT Spin

Many Daiwa fans will know the Daiwa stables spin stalwart, the Kix spin reel series. Always an outstanding allrounder, the lower mid-priced spin reel is now even better.

Thanks to a rethink and overhaul, the Daiwa Kix fishing reel series now sports Daiwa’s LT concept. The ‘light’ ‘tough’ concept whips off a heap of weight, delivering a far more efficient reel, lighter to hold, smoother to crank, and is stronger under load.

In many ways, it is hard to beat the new concept Kix fishing reel. At this price point, there are very few spin reels that can match its inclusions and performance.

For strength, rigidity and power in a super-lightweight package, it’s nigh on impossible to look past the Daiwa Kix LT Reel for sale, here at the fishing tackle shop. There’s a model to suit your application and a Kix with your name on it. See our buying guide below to determine the size that suits you, then pop one in your shopping trolley.

Features and Specifications

ModelPhysical Size ClassCommon UsesMax DragGear RatioApprox Line Capacity MonoApprox Line Capacity BraidWeight
KIX LT 2000D Small Lakes, rivers & light inshore 5kg 5.3:1 6lb/0.20mm (200m)
8lb/0.23mm (150m)
PE 0.6 (0.06mm) 400m
PE 0.8 (0.10mm) 300m
KIX LT 2500D Small Lakes, rivers & light inshore 10kg 5.3:1 8lb/0.23mm (220m)
12lb/0.28mm (150m)
PE 1 (0.13mm) 360m
PE 1.2 (0.16mm) 300m
KIX LT 3000D-C Small-Med Lakes, rivers & light inshore 10kg 5.3:1 12lb/0.28mm (200m)
16lb/0.33mm (150m)
PE 1.2 (0.16mm) 430m
PE 1.5 (0.18mm) 300m
KIX LT 4000D-C Medium Heavy style lake, river & light style offshore or beach 12kg 5.2:1 14lb/0.30mm (230m)
20lb/0.37mm (150m)
PE 1.5 (0.18mm) 430m
PE 2 (0.2mm) 300m
KIX LT 5000D-CH Medium Heavy style lake, river & light style offshore or beach 12kg 5.6:1 14lb/0.30mm (260m)
25lb/0.40mm (150m)
PE 2 (0.2mm) 350m
PE 2.5 (0.22mm) 300m
KIX LT 6000D-H Large Beach, rock, offshore boat 12kg 5.7:1 20lb/0.37mm (250m)
30lb/0.43mm (150m)
PE 2.5 (0.22mm) 420m
PE 3 (PE 0.24mm) 300m
  • LT concept Zaion / Magseal body
  • Ball bearings: 5+1
  • Spool: Aluminium ABS – Long casting
  • ATD Tournament Drag System
  • Air Bail – 2 piece bail wire system
  • Aluminium Air – screw-in Handle
  • Balanced Air Rotor system
  • Infinite Anti Reverse
  • Suitable for fishing freshwater or saltwater

Note: Multiple images are for display only. Pricing is for one single reel and price displayed varies depending on the size you select when making your online order with us here at the fishing tackle shop.

Daiwa Kix Reel Buying Guide

Small Sizes

Daiwa Kix 2000 and 2500 are ideal for all of your inshore finesse fishing, salt and fresh. Tackle everything from bream and bass to trout, flathead and whiting and more, with the lightest rigs in your arsenal.

With the Daiwa Kix 2500 in your hands, the sky’s the limit with max 10Kg of ATD (drag). 10Kg max drag is astonishing power in a reel this small. It’s a matter of fact, all the Kix spin reels from 2000 through to 6000 punch well above their considerably lightweight.

Daiwa Kix 2000 reel pairs up to most graphite fishing rods rated between the 1-4kg mark. Size 2500 typically best suits 2-5kg appraised rods. Rod lengths between 6ft-7ft generally are our best sellers, especially for inshore lake and estuary fishing styles.

Medium Sizes

The Daiwa Kix 3000 and 4000 up the ante, delivering access to the beach for super light work, or the river for heavier species like barra and jacks, big flatties and even Murray cod.

While the 3000 is still on boarder line small physical size class, the 4000, in particular, makes the perfect choice for anglers looking for a lightweight allrounder with the potential to go anywhere. Sports anglers can tackle mulloway, cod and barra with confidence because there’s 12kg of drag in the Daiwa Kix 4000 reel working impeccably in concert with braids of 15-20lb. The Kix has your back!

The Daiwa Kix 5000 is strong and sturdy. Strap on a 5000 and tackle big ocean rock drummer, or cast metal slices a mile for tailor and bonito or up your line capacities or braid ratings and tackle the biggest of barra, cod, queenies, fingermark and jew.

It is also worth mentioning, the 4000 or 5000 Kix spin reels also make excellent light offshore fishing reels for fishing plastics, vibes and light baits or jigs for snapper and other reef fish.

6-7ft 6inch rod length with line class ratings between 5-12kg form our basic suggestion guide for heavy inshore fishing. However, the same will apply for light offshore. It is possible to fish the 4000 or 5000 on light beach rods 9-11ft in length; you’ll just need to keep a keen eye on rod ratings. Look for lighter line rating appraisals for best beach action.

Large Sizes

Lastly, finishing off with the largest size, the Daiwa 6000 Kix fishing reel is brilliant if you frequent the surf for mulloway and big Aussie salmon or tailor. You have enough power to tackle anything the tide will throw at you, with the long cast spool delivering the means to hit the backline of breakers.

The 6000 will also be fantastic outside the heads for chasing big snapper or pelagic species.

If you hit a school of smallish tuna, rig up the 6000 and cast a popper into the fray. It’ll be a battle of a lifetime, and you’ll be testing your angling skills to the limit.

Daiwa 6000 Kix reel makes an excellent choice for many 9-12ft beach/rock fishing rods rated around 5-10kg and makes a superb choice for offshore boat fishing on 10kg+ rated 6-8ft rods.


  • Jam-packed with Daiwa's best technology at an affordable price.
  • ATD provides the smoothest of drag at the most critical time - the start. You’ll lose less fish at this crucial moment in a battle. ATD cuts in at the strike, reducing initial start-up inertia.
  • MagSeal is a fantastic addition at this price point. Keep the elements out, so your Kix works at peak every session, contaminant-free.
  • The LT concept body combines perfectly with air bail, air handle and air rotor to provide a super-light reel that’s as strong as an ox.
  • The long cast spool delivers impressive cast distance, making it ideal for the beach and rocks.
  • Infinite anti-reverse eliminates back play in the handle. IAR ensures there’s no slack at the strike, and hook-sets are rock solid.
  • 5+1 bearings deliver the smoothest of cranks

The Daiwa Kix Reel has always been an excellent allrounder for Daiwa. Now, with the LT concept body, you get brilliant performance in a far lighter package. No more casting fatigue. You can cast big lures all day, and into the evening, with reserves for more. Brilliant barely covers it.


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