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Daiwa Kix Reel - Engineered for Australian Inshore Fishing

Purpose-built for battling big fish inshore, Daiwa's engineers have taken the renowned Kix series to the next level. The 2023 Daiwa Kix Reel blends the ideal synergy of lightweight design, robust construction and silky-smooth performance.

Key upgrades like the air drive design, traditional tournament-ready ATD drag, and corrosion-resistant Maseal body position the Daiwa Kix Fishing Reel as a strategic angling asset for conquering inshore Aussie fish species.

Daiwa Credentials

With over 65 years of perfecting precision fishing equipment, Daiwa leverages cutting-edge technology and innovation to create fishing reels that endure and excel in Australia's demanding saltwater environments. Combining advanced engineering and input from local Pro Anglers, the redesigned 2023 Kix emerges battle-ready to unlock new PB potentials.

Features and Specifications

Model Physical Size Class Common Uses Max Drag Gear Ratio Approx Line Capacity Mono Approx Line Capacity Braid Weight
KIX LT 2000D Small Lakes, rivers & light inshore 5kg 5.3:1 6lb/0.20mm (200m)
8lb/0.23mm (150m)
PE 0.6 (0.06mm) 400m
PE 0.8 (0.10mm) 300m
KIX LT 2500D Small Lakes, rivers & light inshore 10kg 5.3:1 8lb/0.23mm (220m)
12lb/0.28mm (150m)
PE 1 (0.13mm) 360m
PE 1.2 (0.16mm) 300m
KIX LT 3000D-C Small-Med Lakes, rivers & light inshore 10kg 5.2:1 12lb/0.28mm (200m)
16lb/0.33mm (150m)
PE 1.2 (0.16mm) 430m
PE 1.5 (0.18mm) 300m
KIX LT 4000D-C Medium Heavy style lake, river & light style offshore or beach 12kg 5.2:1 14lb/0.30mm (230m)
20lb/0.37mm (150m)
PE 1.5 (0.18mm) 430m
PE 2 (0.2mm) 300m
KIX LT 5000D-C Medium Heavy style lake, river & light style offshore or beach 12kg 5.2:1 14lb/0.30mm (260m)
25lb/0.40mm (150m)
PE 2 (0.2mm) 350m
PE 2.5 (0.22mm) 300m
  • AIRDRIVE Design - Engineered for optimal balance of lightweight, strength and smoothness through integrated rotor, bail, spool and shaft upgrades. The new benchmark for all-day casting endurance.
  • ATD Drag System – Daiwa ATD Grease-infused washers engineered for maximum smoothness and instant hook-setting power. ATD Reduces inertia for improved performance when fighting fish.
  • MAGSEAL Technology - Repels water, dust and salt infiltration to keep critical drive components running optimally for extended periods with minimal maintenance required.
  • 5 Corrosion-Resistant BB + 1 Roller - Delivers relentless, smooth, and silent retrieves.
  • Aluminium Long Cast Spool - Extended spool lip design to achieve greater casting distances and precision with less effort.
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse - Instant transfer of handle turns to the rotor via one-way clutch bearing for solid hooksets.
  • 2023 model - This is the latest Kix spinning reel model on the market.

Note: Multiple images are for display only. Each size reel has a differently shaped handle knob and may vary from the image shown. Pricing is for one reel, and the price displayed varies depending on the size you select when making your online order with us at the fishing tackle shop.

Daiwa Kix Reel FAQ:

What size Kix reels are available for purchase?

The Kix spinning reel is offered in five different sizes in Australia, and each size is sold separately. The smallest size, 2000, is ideal for finesse fishing, while the 5000 is perfect for those needing extra line capacity and strength. Additionally, there are three sizes between 2500, 3000, and 4000.

What Is the best Daiwa Kix size for whiting and bream?

Sizes 2000, 2500 or 3000 offer the ideal finesse fishing package - lightweight with 5-10kg smooth drag pressure in a compact reel.

Can I chase Queenfish and Barramundi with Daiwa Kix? 

Absolutely. Move up in size to the Kix 4000 or 5000 to muscle up for mangrove maulers, shallow reef assassins and anything powerful roaming our northern Australian waters. With Magsealed bodies, 12kg max drag, an Airdrive system and Digitough gearing, the Daiwa 4000 and 5000 size Kix are built for performance.

What rods pair best with the smaller Kix 2000-3000 sizes?

When using the Kix 2000, 2500 and 3000 sizes for finesse lure and bait fishing, we recommend pairing them with high-quality graphite spin rods in the 6-7ft range, rated for lines between 1-5kg.

For the Kix 2000, a 1-4kg spin stick around 6-7ft is ideal for bream, whiting and flathead in estuaries on light lines.

The Kix 2500 matches perfectly with 6-7ft rods rated 2-4kg when targeting bass, yellowbelly, flathead and similar species either lakeside or along beaches and inland rivers.

Finally, the Kix 3000 paired with a 2-6kg graphite spin rod around 7ft is a versatile combo for flathead, snapper and other species needing slightly heavier fishing gear but still with sensitivity for lighter lures/baits needed in shallow waters.

What rods pair best with Kix 4000-5000 sizes?

We find three popular options that perfectly match the Kix 4000/5000 sizes:

1) 7-8ft spin graphite sticks rated 5-12kg for barra, jacks and heavy inshore species. 

2) 9-10ft beach spin rods with lighter 4-8kg ratings for tailor, bream and whiting.

3) offshore graphite rods from PE 1-2 for snapper, reefies and light sport fishing.

The Collective Fishing Tackle Shop Expert Verdict on the Daiwa Kix Fishing Reel?

The fishing tackle shop crew has over 19 years of experience in the fishing industry. The integrated technologies of the new Daiwa Kix Reel deliver hard-to-match capabilities for the price point and hold the potential to break records for catching various inshore Australian fish.

Equipped with a Daiwa Kix Reel, the angler's capabilities and imagination are the only limitations. Buy the Daiwa Kix Reel at the Fishing Tackle Shop for a competitive price.


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