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Penn Slammer Reels (Spin or Live Liner)
Black Gold Original

Fishing charter operators and fishing guides require spin reels that will withstand the punishment of high-frequency use in the hands of inexperienced anglers. One reason why so many industry professionals choose Penn Slammer Reels.

Take note; it is not just the commercial industry that loves Penn slammer reels, recreational saltwater anglers right across the planet are turning to Penn slammers for their solid reputation for fishing the beaches, rocks and offshore.

Penn Engineers have designed a frame that is made from a unique high-strength aluminium to produce a housing that encases rugged gearing system of the Penn Slammer reels.

Not only is this combination of hard-wearing and capable, it is also effortless to use, and enhances the fishing experience. The smooth, consistent and powerful crank is a joy to cast and retrieve, especially under load.

Penn’s robust and proven HT-100 drag systems afford outstanding fighting power, with 5 plus 1 bearings supporting the smooth crank. The 760 model and the Live Liners gain an extra bearing for even superior smoothness.

Our Penn Slammer reels range, including the Live Liner models are for sale now and will suit frugal saltwater anglers looking for outstanding performance and a high level of durability. Your Penn Slammer is exceptional for frequent deployment in a vast range of saltwater fishing applications.

Features and Specifications

ModelPhysical Size ClassMain UseBearingsMax Drag (kg)Gear RatioRetrieve (cm)Approx Mono Line Capacity (yds/lb)Approx Braid Capacity (yds/lb)Approx Weight (g)
360 Spin Small-Med Heavy inshore, lake, river, beach, rock, light offshore 5+1 4.5 5.1:1 71 290/8 240/10 180/12 470/10 350/15 290/20 380
460 Spin Medium Beach, rock, light-med offshore boat 5+1 6.3 4.6:1 69 320/10 240/12 210/15 470/15 380/20 290/30 549
560 Spin Medium Beach, rock, offshore boat 5+1 7 4.6:1 76 310/12 270/15 190/20 500/20 380/30 260/50 563
760 Spin Large Beach, rock, offshore boat 6+1 10 4.7:1 97 340/20 300/25 230/30 675/30 470/50 390/65 758
560L Live Liner Medium Beach, rock, offshore boat 6+1 7 4.6:1 76 310/12 270/15 190/20 500/20 380/30 260/50 587
760L Live Liner Large Beach, rock, offshore boat 6+1 10 4.7:1 97 340/20 300/25 230/30 675/30 470/50 390/65 794
  • Full metal body and side plate
  • Machined and anodised aluminium spool
  • Triple supported oversize Stainless Steel main shaft
  • HT-100 drag system
  • Machine cut alloy main gear
  • 5 shielded stainless steel ball bearings (6 on 760 size and Penn live liner models)

Note: Price is for one single Penn Slammer Reel only. Price does vary depending on the model you choose to order. Please also note that the multiple images are for reference only.

Penn Slammer & Live Liner Buying Guide

The fishing tackle shop has the original black and gold Penn Slammer reels for sale at very affordable prices. The size range also includes 2 Live Liner models, ideal for the flesh and live baiters.

The Live Liner Technology is Penn’s version of Shimano’s Baitrunner system, where baits are set in a type of free spool mode so that fish can take baits without any resistance. With a turn of the handle, hooks are set, and the Live Liner system transfers instantly to the pre-set front drag system – battle’s on!

The 360 through to 760 size range covers a wide range of inshore and offshore saltwater fishing applications. Below we will detail further on each size to help you decide on which size Penn slammer reels to purchase.

Penn Slammer 360 Spin

The 360 spin is the smallest reel in the range for sale. It’s a size that is useful for heavy inshore fishing styles. Such styles include lake and river fishing for barra, queenfish, mulloway, mangrove jack and other inshore fish that fall under a stronger class.

Slammer 360 reels make an excellent option for a light-medium class of beach, rock and offshore boat fishing.

Talking rod choice to suit the 360 Slammer, if you’re positioning yourself for heavy inshore or light offshore fishing, typically a 6-7ft rod with a line rating above 5kg will make an excellent rod choice. As the Penn Slammer 360 is not a large reel, beach and rock anglers should be looking for rods around 8-10ft in length with line rating 3-5kg plus but generally not exceeding 8kg.

Penn Slammer 460 Spin

Ideal for extra heavy inshore fishing for cod, barra, queenfish, bay snapper and more. The 460 is also an excellent choice for light to medium beach, rock and offshore fishing styles targeting bream, trevally, drummer, snapper, salmon and tailor.

Slammer 460 reels match well to fishing rods ranging from 6-7ft for offshore or heavy lake/river fishing through to 8-10ft for rock and beach angling. Ideally for all styles, rods with a line rating anywhere between 4-8kg are the best choice.

Penn Slammer 560 Spin or 560L Live Liner

The 560 models are one of our most popular sizes. It’s a good size ideal for a majority of offshore, beach and rock fishing applications. Perfect for salmon, tailor, bonito, kingfish, small tuna species, mulloway, snapper and a wide range of other saltwater fish. The line holding capacity is excellent or you can fish weightier classes of line.

Ideal fishing rod selections include 6-7ft 6inch rods for offshore boat fishing with line ratings anywhere from 8kg through to 15kg, and the same applies for a beach or rock rod but with rod lengths between 8-12ft.

Penn Slammer 760 Spin or 760L Live Liner

The Penn Slammer 760 is a large-sized fishing reel suited to heavy-duty offshore, beach and rock fishing styles. Suitable to target big snapper, kingfish, trevallies, tropical reef species out of the boat or snapper, mulloway, salmon, tuna, kingfish and much other fish types off the coastal rocks and beaches.

The Penn Slammer 760 fishing reel can be matched up to boat rods between 6-7ft 6 inch in length or rock/beach rods to 15 feet. Suggested rod ratings are between 10-37kg depending on your location and the species of fish you target.


  • The HT-100 drag system is a sealed drag system featuring HT-100 drag washers, meaning that the washer will withstand a 100 mile run at full drag capacity before it is compromised. Incredibly durable without sacrificing smoothness and consistency.
  • The Penn Slammer reels alloy gears are encased in a rugged metal body and metal side plate. Precise gear alignments are maintained, ensuring consistent power and gear longevity.
  • Shielded stainless steel ball bearings support the crank for an incredibly smooth and influential feel. The stainless, shielded constructions deliver an outstanding long working life, operating at peak for immeasurable sessions on the water.
  • If buying the Penn Live Liner System (560L or 760L) they’re perfect for the flesh bait and live bait angler. Set your baits with free-spool resistance then cut to your reels main drag with a flick of the handle

Penn Slammer Reels, including the Live Liner models, are performance-based spin reels with an emphasis on durability and longevity. Price point starts at the top of entry-level, yet delivers an extremely capable saltwater fishing reel, well at home under the pressures of a charter boat.


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