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Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin Electric Reel

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Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin Electric Reel

For all of you anglers that thought the electrical reel would pass by the way as some sort of fad, think again. The technology is increasing. Innovations refined and a growing market is ensuring that manufactures are competing hard to win you over. This means better prices coupled with a dazzling array of new technologies and features to inspire you to go electric. The Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin Electric Reel has updated, and WOW, is all we can say.

Get on your feet, fish deep, fish hard and tackle the oceans biggest of game and let the powerful Megatwin Electric motor take up the strain, not your back. We all know the physicality of fishing deep. We all know the time it takes to wrestle in hundreds of meters of line, so unrewarding when there is no fish attached. We also know that when a monster is attached, and unless we have marathon ready levels of fitness, the fish likely to win.

The Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin Electric Reel takes out the huge physical effort but none of the fun and challenge of landing mega fish. The sheer endurance required to fish deep and big precludes many a person from this type of game fishing. The Megatwin changes all of this, allowing just about anybody to tackle the deepest of water and the biggest of fish. The twin ratio system switches from heavy crank to speed with the touch of a button. Wind is engaged with the press of a lever using the Jog Power Lever. 22 bearings keep things profoundly smooth and mega line capacities, 33kg of ATD max drag with inbuilt drag radiator, ensure you maintain the upper hand while staying cool, calm and collected.

Everything you could possibly want to know, including how much line you have out and where your bait was last cast, is displayed on the LCD Dot Screen Display, big, and easy to read.

Of course, the Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin Electric Reel will require a little more in terms of financial investment but either model will change the way you fish forever. Life doesn’t get better than fishing big, deep and electric with the Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin Electric Reel, for sale now. Fancy a Marlin? A sail fish? Gemfish? Blue Eye Cod? Without busting your back? The options are endless.

Features and Specifications

Model Ratio Bearings Weight MaxDrag (kg) Approx Braided Line Capacity Approx Mono line capacity
800MJ 2.9:1 22 (1 MBB) 1.77 kg 33 PE 8 (approx. 80lb)/600m, 10/500m 30lb / 550 yards
1200MJ 2.9:1 22 (1 MBB) 2.0 kg 33 PE 8 (approx. 80lb)/1000m, 10/800m 40lb / 600 yards
  • Powerful Electronic motor system
  • Can switch between low or higher gear
  • English Digital Display
  • 21+1 Ball Bearings (Mag Sealed)
  • Runs on 12 volt battery operation (with an acceptable voltage range between 12-16.8 volts)  Battery not included.
  • Amp Draw 4/AH (connected with no load), 5A/H low speed, 7/AH High Speed, 20 A/H Max power.
  • Line Counter and Memory setting for line depth
  • Recommended rod to use: Daiwa Tanacom Rod (sold separate)

Note: Price is for one Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin Electric Reel only (price will vary depending on which model you choose to purchase) Images are for illustration only, slight differences can occur.

2022 Announcement

The release of the baby electric reel called 'Megababy' is just our witty way of incorporating a new member into the Seaborg family. Well, its trademark name would be 21 Seaborg 300J, but we feel it deserves mention on our listing due to their lineage similarity.

The new 300J weighs just 575 grams and has a spool capacity of 300m PE4 braid. So if you're looking for an electric reel that's lightweight and easy to carry, Perfect for light offshore and inshore fishing applications, then the Daiwa Seaborg 300J is perfect. It's not all that different to a large spin reel in physical size.

Daiwa has also packed in features such as Jog Power Lever, Magsealed bearings, and Daiwa's custom ATD drag system, which provides smooth drag performance even at high drag settings.

The Seaborg 300J's specifications are slightly different to its mega twin counterparts, such as 18 bearings, a gear ratio of 5.0:1 and a 16Kg max drag. If you need further technical details before purchasing, head to the official Daiwa Australia website or get in touch with us. We'll ask our rep about anything else that may interest you. Capping it off, the 300MJ will suit just about any offshore overhead style boat rod.


  • The Megatwin two ratio feature allows for a seamless switch between hard cranking and super speed. Simply press a button, even in the heat of battle.
  • Spool capacities are huge with the 1200 taking a kilometre of PE 8 braided fishing line. Perfect for reaching the mega depths and targeting the oceans biggest.
  • The spool capacities are backed up by a massive max 33kg of ATD drag. Daiwas flagship drag technology features the smooth engagement on hook-up, mitigating against the all so common bust up on strike. A drag radiator dissipates the heat when the battle gets tough, ensuring the drag system stays cool and operates at peak while under extreme loads.
  • The Dot Screen Display LCD readout is easy to monitor and understand, displaying features such as depth and power level. The large fonts make it easy to read in the sun and glare.
  • The 22 bearings offer a world of silky smooth cranking. They’re magsealed, ensuring ultimate endurance in the tough blue water environment.
  • Features such as the line counter and depth memory allow you to reset your baits straight back into the strike zone without guessing.
  • The new Seaborg Jog Power Lever system is all about standing to fish. It allows for a fingertip control of the crank. The reel does the hard yards, not the angler.

For fishing deep, for fishing for the oceans biggest predators, there is nothing that comes close to strapping on a Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin Electric Reel. They are perfect for every blue water angler but a massive god-send for the angler lacking the physical strength and endurance to tackle mega fish. Go Fishing with the Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin Electric Reel for sale now.


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