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Daiwa Certate Reels - NEW LT Fishing Reel Series

The release of the Daiwa Certate LT reel for sale now has been much anticipated. The Certate already enjoys a very loyal following. With Daiwas new LT concept applied to the silky smooth Certate, it’s nearly assured that the Certate fan base will grow even further.

Daiwa’s LT or ‘Light Tough’ is a simple enough concept yet has been decades in the making. In simple terms, LT is the perfect marriage of light and tough. Traditionally, a reel designed to be light will compromise on strength, rigidity and durability. The converse goes for a reel designed to be sturdy and durable. Sure, heavy-duty construction will allow it to withstand the sort of abuse your uncle Trevor dishes out to fishing equipment. It comes at a cost, however. Robust reels lacked the refined lightweight feel. They were heavier and arguably less responsive. Moreover, casting a 6000 reel all day was a sure recipe for fatigue.

Daiwas LT concept is the answer to striking the perfect balance between light and tough; one no-longer compromises the other. That means the new Daiwa Certate Reels are not only as silky as ever, but they’re also lighter and stronger.

The Daiwa Certate LT Reel has the salt and fresh inshore waters wholly covered. From the 2500S to the 400CHX, there’s practically nothing the new Daiwa Certate Reels won’t handle. The 2500S weighs only 205 grams and is the epitome of finesse, ideal when deployed against Trout and Bass in the Fresh and Bream and Whiting in the salty stuff. For a broader class of fish while still keeping things light, the 2500D packs 10kg of Automatic Tournament Drag. Now you can attack a more comprehensive level of fish including bigger Perch, Flathead, Grunters and more.

At the other end of the scale is the 4000XHS. Weight up and chase whatever you like with this guy. Peg it against Barra, Murray Cod, Huge Snapper, Tailor from the beach and Drummer from the Rocks, Aussie Salmon and a whole lot more. Try casting larger soft plastic for inshore Mulloway or 90cm plus flathead. Your 4000 Certate will perform magnificently.

Read on for the comprehensive list of inclusions. The Daiwa technology and features are second to none. The performance offered by the new Certate is of the highest calibre. That’s to be expected considering its pedigree. The Daiwa Certate Reels for sale now is a reel to aspire to. It will head the reel stables of the most discerning spin reel angler. Be sure to read on beyond the specifications section for a Certate LT buyers guide.

Features and Specifications

ModelSize ClassGear RatioWeight approxMax DragApprox Mono Line CapacityLine Capacity (braid)
2500S Small Finesse 5.2:1 205 grams 5Kg 150m/4lb PE 0.6 (approx 6lb)/200m
2500D Small Finesse 5.2:1 205 grams 10Kg 150m/12lb PE 1.2 (approx 12lb)/300m
2500-XH Small 6.2:1 205 grams 10Kg 150m/6lb PE 0.8 (approx 8lb)/200m
3000D-C Small-med 5.2:1 210 grams 10Kg 150m/16lb PE 1.5(approx 15lb)/300m
3000-CXH Small-med 6.2:1 210 grams 10Kg 150m/8lb PE 1 (approx 10lb)/200m
3000D Small-med 5.2:1 225 grams 10Kg 150m/16lb PE 1.5(approx 15lb)/300m
3000-XH Small-med 6.2:1 225 grams 10Kg 150m/8lb PE 1(approx 10lb)/200m
4000DC Medium 5.2:1 235 grams 12Kg 150m/20lb PE 2(approx 20lb)/300m
4000-CXH Medium 6.2:1 235 grams 12Kg 150m/12lb PE 1.5(approx 15lb)/200m
  • Model: Daiwa Certate LT Reel
  • Bearings: 10+1
  • Mag Seal
  • Magseal also on Bearings & line roller
  • Airbail (one piece construction)
  • Air Rotor
  • Perfect Line Stopper
  • Aluminium machine cut handle
  • ATD – Automatic Tournament Drag
  • Monocoque Body
  • Long cast spool - ABS
  • 2019 released version (and current model)

Note: Images are for illustration only – slight differences may occur between models such as spool, handle and body profile. Price is only for 1 reel. Choose the size you require when ordering.

Daiwa Certate Buyer Guide

Small and Finesse Size Models

2500S Small Finesse - The 2500S will suit the spots finesse angler looking to fish an ultra-lightweight class. Strap it to graphite rod around 6-7ft 6 inches rated 2 to 4kg. You’ll be casting light soft plastics, cranks, vibes at Bream, Whiting, Bass, Trout and more.

2500D or 2500XH - The 2500 D and XH generally match well to the same class of rod as its finesse brother. The big difference from the finesse model is that the drag capacity jumps from 5kg to 10kg. Also, the XH offers a faster ratio, handy for lure versatility and applications where speed matters such as tournaments.

With 10kg of ATD, you’re now chasing a much larger class of fish, particularly with the D. The XH has a leg in the finesse camp as its design caters for a light course of line, but your still chasing everything from big Flathead to larger Perch and the likes of Bream for more heavily guarded lurks.

However, technology is so good; you can peg the D and even the HX for that matter at the likes of modest Mulloway and Barra (depending on location), particularly with a rod class starting around the 4kg mark.

Medium Size Models

3000C, CXH, D or XH - This model size are a medium class (well a cross between medium and small to be honest). Your rod will start at 7 ft with a rod class of 5kg plus. You're tackling a modest level of Barra and Murray Cod and expecting to win. Speed vs cranking power will be a personal preference and come down to location and target.

The D offers plenty of cranking power and room for a more substantial class of line. The D-C will provide great sport up against the likes of Snapper from your local reef.  The speedier models will suit those looking for refined spool capacities and the benefits of a faster crank.

4000 C or 4000 CHX - Genuine medium-size all-purpose reels with excellent versatility. Strap them to rods rated 6kg+ 6-10ft for inshore fishing styles. If you’re chasing Drummer and 40cm Bream from the rocks you want the 4000C with the potential to spool up 20lb mono. The C will also be useful for Jacks and larger Barra and Murray Cod. For beach Whiting and Flathead, Aussie Salmon, Tailor and Dart etcetera, the speed of the CHX will be preferable, particularly if you’re of a mind to cast metal slices.


  • Automatic Tournament drag is the smoothest drag ever, mitigating against the shock of start-up. No more bust-ups at the strike or sudden unexpected runs just as you feel you have the upper hand.
  • Mag seal keeps water and the abrasive and corrosive elements away from the critical moving parts. Your reel will endure countless session in the harshest of fishing environments, always operating at peak spec.
  • The new drag knob increases your control of the ATD. In the heat of a batter, fine adjustments are now more comfortable.
  • Tough Digigear is the heart of the strength and lightness, delivering the smoothest crank ever with more finer, stronger teeth. The system gets protected with the firm, rigid and incredibly lightweight Monocoque body.
  • The Long Cast ABS spool increases your reach and assists in delivering outstanding casting manners.
  • There are 10 (CRBB) bearings that assist the Super-rigid stainless steel main shaft and tough Digigear provide the trademark Certate smooth as silk crank. There’s no feeling like it, and it genuinely inspires confidence
  • The Machined Aluminium Air Handle is built for cranking while supporting the lightweight feel.
  • Air Rotor also contributes to light feel, delivering 15% saving in weight as compared to standard rotors. Every tun is as light as a feather and perfectly balanced.

The Daiwa Certate LT for sale now has reached a whole new level of strength, smoothness and performance. One might have considered it impossible to improve on perfect, but the combination of Daiwa’s LT concept and Certate’s refined precision have achieved just that. Daiwa Certate LT. Strength and power yet lightweight and refined.

It doesn’t get better than Daiwa Certate fishing reel. Yes, the price represents the pedigree of this high performance model but after your first look, first feel, first cast, you’ll forget the price tag. Daiwa Certate, the ultimate spin reel.


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