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Penn Pursuit Reels

The Penn Pursuit Reels for sale now should be the first choice of any angler looking to fish with a highly affordable fishing reel loaded with impressive features. The 5-star ratings on these reels speak volumes about their durability, performance capacity in saltwater environments as well as freshwater ones - it's no wonder Penn Pursuit reels are among some of the most popular fishing equipment out there in the price range!

The Penn Pursuit Reels cover many applications from the freshwater way upstream to salty estuaries and offshore too. They're perfect for fishing in rivers, saltwater environments on boats or even at land-based locations such as beaches. We stock a range of sizes for sale that will suit your needs, from the smallest size in 2500 to an impressive 8000 size.

Key features include the HT-100 carbon fibre drag washers, usually an aspect of more expensive Penn reels. A Lightweight and corrosion-resistant graphite body protects the gears. The machined and anodised aluminium spool feels perfectly balanced. The Superline spool allows you to do away with a backing line so you can take your braid to the arbour as it will not slip.

The Penn Pursuit reel provides an enduring silky smooth crank for all-day fishing with its four stainless steel ball bearings. It's super strong under load so that you can lay into aggressive fish species without fear. Spool capacities are incredibly generous, and when coupled with the powerful drag, you have all the time and stopping power you need to wrestle the hook-up that monsters your outfit and line class.

The Penn Pursuit Reels are a must-have for the fisherman on a budget who demands quality and performance. If any, few brands can match this sort of spin brilliance at a comparable price. Buy one; It's a no brainer.

Features and Specifications

ModelPhysical Size ClassApprox Mono Capacity. (yds/lb)Braid Capacity approx. (yds/lb)Max DragGear RatioRetrieve (cm) per crankWeight (g)
2500 IV Small – Lakes, Rivers, Light inshore 255yds/6lb
175 yds /8lb
140 yds /10lb
220yds /15lb
160yds /20 lb
10Lb 6.2:1 84 278
3000 IV Small – Lakes, Rivers, Light inshore 200 yds /8 lb
165 yds /10 lb
120 yds /12 lb
250yds /15 lb
180yds /20lb
130yds /30lb
12Lb 6.2:1 89 335
4000 IV Medium – heavy inshore to light offshore 270 yds /8 lb
220 yds /10 lb
165 yds /12 lb
360yds /15 lb
260yds /20 lb
185yds /30 lb
15Lb 6.2:1 94 352
5000 IV Medium – heavy inshore to light offshore 225 yds /12 lb
200 yds /15 lb
135 yds /20 lb
420yds /20 lb
300yds /30 lb
240yds /40 lb
20Lb 6.2:1 91 558
6000 IV Large – beach rock and ocean boat 335 yds /15 lb
230 yds /20 lb
210 yds /25 lb
490yds /30 lb
390yds /40 lb
335yds /50 lb
20Lb 5.6:1 104 607
8000 IV Large – beach rock and ocean boat 340 yds /20 lb
310 yds /25 lb
230 yds /30 lb
475yds /50 lb
390yds /65 lb
345yds /80 lb
25Lb 5.6:1 112 825
  • Series: Penn Pursuit IV
  • Drag system: HT-100 carbon fibre
  • Lightweight body made of graphite which is resistant to corrosion
  • Bearings: 4+1 (stainless steel)
  • Aluminium Spool with a superline ring for the ability to tie braid direct to spool
  • Rings are shown on the reel to show line capacity level
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing styles
  • We have small to sizeable physical class sizes. See our buyers guide.

Note: Price is for one reel only. Price is determined by which size you choose to purchase, and the multiple images on our website are for illustration only.

Penn Pursuit IV Reel Buyers Guide

For sale, at fishing tackle shop we have several pursuit fishing reel sizes to choose. To help cut through all the jargon, we've crafted this buyer guide to help you select the correct size reel for the fishing style you do an as an angler.

The range covers all applications from finesse in the fresh to more large species such as pelagics from the ocean rocks, beaches and offshore.

Small Size Class – In this line up of reels 2500 and 3000 sizes are the two smaller sized reels we sell which are ideal for inshore fishing mostly. Lakes and rivers, dams and streams targeting Australian bass, whiting, bream, redfin, trout and any other light class of fish is what the 2500 or 3000 sizes are designed to tackle.

They'll pair up to most rods rated anywhere between 2-6kg, and when fishing lakes and rivers or other similar scenarios, most anglers choose a 6-7ft fishing rod. The choice between the two sizes will boil down to line class or capacity that you require.

Medium Size Class – Takes us to the 4000 and 5000 sizes Penn Pursuit reels for sale. Both models are close to being classed as general purpose. They are capable of fishing a few ways from heavy inshore targeting jew, barra, jack, fingermark, cod or just broad estuary fishing through to being capable of tackling light sports fish offshore such as snapper, mahi-mahi and supplementary reef to top water ocean-dwelling fish.

Fits well to most rods rated in the vicinity of 5-10kg 6-7ft is ideal for inshore as is offshore. You could also do light beach or rock fishing with Pursuit 4000 or 5000 reels using a 9-10ft light class rod.

Large Size Class – Meet the 6000 or 8000 sizes. Here we talk about rocks, beach and offshore fishing. Bigger reels mean you can fish heavier or hold a more significant capacity of line required for such scenarios.

Perfect for beach targeting whiting and bream through to salmon and tailor, ideal for spinning from the rocks and for reef fishing out wide.

Pick a 10-12ft rod for angling the beaches and rock platforms or a 6-7ft rod when fishing outside the heads from a boat.

We sell rods separately in our online store, and our team is more than happy to help you buy a rod too, should you find yourself in need of assistance picking one.


  • The most significant advantage of the Penn Pursuit Reels is that now every angler on the tightest of budgets can fish with outstanding performance and quality. Fantastic value for money for saltwater anglers.
  • Stainless bearings offer a beautifully smooth crank.
  • Line capacity rings keep you abreast of line out, and the superline spool allows to take your braid to the arbour with no line slippage.
  • HT-100 drag system will peel off miles of line and many times before it even shows any wear whatsoever. The system offers superb stopping power.
  • The reel body is constructed from lightweight, corrosion-resistant graphite, eliminating fatigue and resisting corrosion to some degree doesn't cut your reel's working life short.

We think it would be hard to find a better spin reel on the market at this price point. Durability and impressive performance are guaranteed. The Penn Pursuit Reels for sale now are feature packed, performance-driven and will endure the harsh Aussie conditions while maintaining peak operational performance for countless sessions.


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