Shimano Beastmaster 9000 Electric Reel

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Deep Drop with a Shimano Beastmaster Electric Reel 9000

Shimano takes electric fishing reels to uncharted territories with the powerhouse Beastmaster 9000 model. After extensive field testing and innovation from Shimano's engineering team, Aussie anglers can now access an electric fishing reel for breaking boundaries below the waves. Pulling monster fish up from the depths becomes a reality with the ferocious strength of the Shimano Beastmaster Electric Reel 9000 model.

25kg of Max Drag Power

The Beastmaster 9000 earns its bold moniker with an incredible 25kg maximum drag force. Now is your chance to pit yourself against bass groper, blue-eye trevally, gemfish and hapuka lurking in the depths. The challenge commences when you hit the trigger on this electric fishing reel.

Cutting-Edge Intelligence Gathering

Shimano equips the Beastmaster 9000 with real-time depth intel and instant setting adjustment. Keep track of variables like speed and tension as your rig descends into the shadows. When setting the hook, you’ll have split-second access to customised changes that could mean the difference between landing your catch or coming up empty.

Spool Control from Start to Finish

The Shimano Beastmaster Electric Reel 9000 prevents line disasters before they happen thanks to Shimano’s mechanical brake knob and Direct Drive system, putting you firmly in control of the spool.

It is possible to halt spool rotation with the aid of the mechanical brake knob while also preventing backlash from the rig as it drops. Less hassle means more hook-ups out on the water.

Convenience Where It Counts

Shimano recommends powering the Beastmaster 9000 reel with an efficient 12-volt battery (not included) to connect to the included power cord, complete with a weatherproof socket. Rounding out the reel is an easy-read LCD for monitoring vitals, 14 corrosion-resistant bearings and a 3.1:1 gear ratio for maximum winding power.

Beastmaster 9000 Electric Reel Features:

  • 25kg (55lb) drag power
  • Line Capacity (based on power pro braid) 2050 yards of 40lb, 1800 yards of 50lb or 1030 yards of 80lb
  • 14 bearings
  • Gear ratio: 3.1:1
  • Giga Max Motor
  • Electric fishing reel with engine housed within the spool
  • LCD
  • Mechanical brake knob
  • Power cord socket
  • Strong gears
  • Star Drag
  • Technical lever

Shimano Beastmaster Electric Reel FAQ

Why purchase the Shimano Beastmaster over other electric reel models?

Shimano's Beastmaster 9000 represents the cutting edge of electric reel innovation. Field-tested to handle Australia's strongest battlers, it provides upgraded power, control and intelligence to challenge fish that other electric fishing reels can't match.

This heavy-hitting electric reel opens up new possibilities for targeting trophy species lurking in the shadows. Key advantages include:

  • An industry-leading 25kg of drag keeps pressure on big brutes dashing back to their lairs
  • Real-time depth data provides additional control over your presentation
  • Prevent tangles with the mechanical brake knob and Direct Drive Level Winder
  • Smooth performance from 14 durable bearings

What type of fish/fishing is the Beastmaster 9000 best suited for?

With its extreme drag force and high line capacity, the Beastmaster excels when targeting big demersal species off the continental shelves, like bass groper, hapuka, blue-eye trevalla and gemfish.

What kind of fishing rod should I pair with the Beastmaster Electric Reel 9000?

Since the Beastmaster 9000 is built to handle heavyweight species from the depths, we recommend matching it with an equally stout rod built for the challenges of deep-drop fishing. Look for a short stand-up style rod able to withstand loads exceeding 24-37kg, featuring a solid tip section, heavy-duty guides, and optionally a roller top.

The Beastmaster performs best on specialty deep drop rods explicitly engineered to subdue large fish dashing for cover below. For personalised rod pairing advice, please get in touch with our team at the Fishing Tackle Shop.

Buy A Shimano Beastmaster Electric Reel

Bring home your dream catch! The Shimano Beastmaster 9000 has the chops to challenge the heaviest battlers hiding in the fishy depths. Redefine your potential for offshore success with Shimano's powerhouse electric reel series. Purchase the Beastmaster 9000 from us at the fishing tackle shop today and prepare to obliterate your deep-drop PB!


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