Shimano Stradic SW Reel

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Shimano Stradic SW Reel

If you need a new fishing reel with excellent leverage to sport fish, look no further than the Shimano Stradic SW. It's designed to be durable in the challenging saltwater environment and has all the features you need to make your next fishing trip a success.

The new Stradic SW Fishing Reel from Shimano is an angling attack on beaches, rocks and offshore and is a stunning complement to an already proven long-held range for the inshore market. Unlike the lighter cousins, the Shimano Stradic SW reel release is a beefed-up version delivering a much better saltwater spin reel option for anglers who fish hard and heavy.

Taking a leaf out of the Stella book, Shimano has also included X-Ship technology in the Shimano Stradic SW which gives you better gear durability and smoothness when reeling in your catch. There is also an Infinity silent drive combo for less vibration and improved support to the mechanics of the gearing system. Hagane body technology is an innovative addition to the Shimano Stradic SW that makes it strong and light and improves its functionality. Shimano has thought of everything with this reel, so you can focus on what's essential - fishing!

Features and Specifications

Model Physical Size Class Max Drag Ratio Approx Mono Line Capacity Approx Braid Line Capacity Approx Weight
Stradic 5000 SW Medium Size Reel 12Kg 6.2:1 10lb/240 yds
12lb/195 yds
14lb/165 yds
20lb/245 yds
30lb/225 yds
40lb/175 yds
Stradic 6000 SW Medium Size Reel 12Kg 6.2:1 12lb/265 yds
16lb/170 yds
20lb/120 yds
30lb/290 yds
50lb/195 yds
65lb/140 yds
Stradic 8000 SW Large Size Reel 13Kg 4.9:1 14lb/300 yds
16lb/250 yds
20lb/185 yds
40lb/340 yds
50lb/265 yds
65lb/215 yds
Stradic 10000 SW Large Size Reel 13Kg 5.6:1 12lb/500 yds
16lb/320 yds
20lb/220 yds
50lb/360 yds
65lb/260 yds
80lb/215 yds
  • Model: Stradic SW 2020 Release and current
  • Type: Spinning Reel - Explicitly built for saltwater fishing
  • Shimano technologies: Infinity drive, Hagane Body & Gear system
  • IPX 8 Rated water-resistant line roller assembly
  • Waterproof carbon drag
  • Power handle knob
  • 6+1 Bearings S-ARB

Note: The price shown is for one SW reel only and will vary depending on which model you choose to order. Multiple images are for illustration only.

Stradic SW Fishing Reel Buyers Guide

The Shimano Stradic SW is available in four sizes - 5000, 6000, 8000 or 10,000 - so you can choose the one that's right for you.

The 5000 model is the smallest in the range, and while it may suit high-speed spinning anglers, it's also an all-around beach, rock or mid-weight boat fishing reel. Typically it is best to fish a Stradic 5000SW reel on a rod rated 8-10Kg+ whether it be a boat/jigging rod or light-mid weight surf rod.

Stradic 6000SW - As one of the most versatile sized reels on today's market, the 6000SW features an improved line capacity over the 5000 to suit offshore fishing and beach and rock-based fishing endeavours. The 6000 continues with a high-gear ratio of 6.2:1, making it one of the best choices today for those anglers who spin with metal lures or fast retrieve stick baits. Shimano has designed the 6000 to be fished on a rod rated 8-12Kg+, making it the perfect versatile option for many boat rods or a large range of 8-12ft spin rods.

The Shimano Stradic SW 8000 should be your go-to choice for offshore fishing; it's big enough to handle the biggest fish but still light enough that you won't get tired arms. The gear ratio is lower than what you would find in other models, providing better cranking power for heavy-duty use. The 8000 is also excellent for beach anglers chasing Jews and Tailor on large baits. We recommend pairing the 8000 with a rod rated for 10-15kg+, so it's one of the few Shimano reel size models that can comfortably be used on heavy-duty Tcurve or terez offshore rods. If rock and beach is your style, then a 9-12ft rod will be more than appropriate.

Stradic 10000 SW - If you want to go big, then the Shimano Stradic SW 10,000 is designed for anglers who wish to target giant species such as tuna, GT trevally, large mackerel, mulloway or anything else known for sporting significant power. The Shimano Stradic SW 10000 features the most interim gear ratio in the range at 5.7:1, which provides impressive cranking power and retains the ability to high-speed spin.

The Shimano Stradic SW 10,000 can also comfortably handle live or flesh baits for bottom fishing and is an excellent choice for those who cast large stick baits or poppers for monster pelagic fish. We suggest you match the 10,000SW with a Shimano offshore rod in the 15-30kg+ range for the boat and bottom bait anglers, or if you're targeting fish off the beach or rocks, then one of Shimano's 10-13ft rods in the 10-15kg+ range will suffice.

While this is the SW range for Sale - We also sell the standard inshore Shimano Stradic FL in our online fishing store. Or, you can check out of full range of other fishing reels for sale.


  • The Shimano Stradic SW comes equipped with Hagane Body technology, a reel body with high rigidity. The result is zero frame flexing providing eliminated distortion of the main gear and pinion gear even when under significant loads, such as when you have a big fish on the line.
  • Infinity Drive Technology increases winding torque by an impressive percentage while providing enhanced overall winding efficiency and feel through improved pinion gear support and less resistance in all other gearings. Shimano has achieved this by eliminating play typical in other reels, often leading to uneven line lay and poorer cranking power.
  • The Shimano Stradic SW features Shimano's X-Ship technology, which significantly improves cranking power under extreme stress.
  • All reels in the series feature a power knob for easy and comfortable cranking and Shimano's S A-RB ball bearings for increased smoothness and saltwater resistance.
  • As with all Shimano reels, the Shimano Stradic SW is built with Shimano's dedication to quality, durability and performance, making it a spin reel you can rely on to fish Australian fishing conditions for many years to come.

The Stradic SW fishing reel is among the best choices if you want a reel that can handle the challenges of fishing offshore, from the beach or off a rock platform. With its beefed-up construction and enhanced features, Shimano Stradic SW Reel will give you the performance you need to succeed in your next fishing trip. For sale now at a very competitive price here at the fishing tackle shop.


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