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Daiwa Saltist MQ Fishing Reel For Sale

The new Saltist MQ spinning reel has dropped anchor at the fishing tackle shop. With advanced capabilities and designs, this 21- Daiwa model will take over from all previous versions of the Daiwa Saltist range, including the 2016 and LTD series, which this new release has now outmoded.

The Daiwa Saltist MQ is perfect for anglers who fish saltwater. The new monocoque body concept sports an excellent visual appeal while ensuring maximum consistent strength. Combined with Daiwa's Air Rotor system, the all-new Saltist MQ creates an incredibly light fishing reel that provides sensitivity and responsiveness not seen in other saltwater reels of its class.

In the typical Daiwa fashion, a Magsealed body is a standard high-end inclusion that keeps salt, dust, and other elements from getting into your reel, spoiling your fishing experience. The new Daiwa Saltist MQ Reel also features a carbon ATD drag system, which is Daiwa's most impressive drag system to date. With a max drag of 10-20Kg (Depending on which model you purchase), the Saltist MQ reel can handle just about any fish imaginable.

The Daiwa Saltist MQ reel is available in various sizes for sale. From a small 2500 size for some inshore fishing fun to an impressive 20,000 size for all you anglers who chase species like tuna, kingfish, or trevally, which often command the need for a fishing reel that can hold a lot of line.

So, If you're looking for a top-of-the-line fishing reel that can handle just about anything you throw at it, look no further than the Daiwa Saltist MQ reel for sale at the fishing tackle shop. Order yours today and see what all the hype is about!

Features and Specifications

Model Size Size Class Ratio per crank Weight Max Drag Approx Mono Line Capacity Approx J Braid Capacity
MQ 2500 Small 5.7:1 (21.5 inches) 235 grams 10Kg 8lb/240yds or 10lb/210yds 10lb/250yds or 15lb/185yds
MQ 3000 Small 6.2:1 (36.8 inches) 270 grams 10Kg 10lb/280yds or 12lb/220yds 15lb/250yds or 20lb/220yds
MQ 4000 Small-Medium 6.2:1 (39.1 inches) 290 grams 12Kg 10lb/360yds or 14lb/250yds 20lb/280yds or 30lb/200yds
MQ 5000 Medium 5.7:1 (37.8 inches) 430 grams 12Kg 14lb/280yds or 20lb/180yds 30lb/230yds or 40lb/160yds
MQ 6000 Medium 5.7:1 (39.9 inches) 435 grams 12Kg 14lb/340yds or 20lb/270yds 30lb/320yds or 40lb/240yds
MQ 8000 Medium-Large 5.7:1 (43.4 inches) 620 grams 15Kg 16lb/330yds or 20lb/280yds 40lb/330yds or 50lb/280yds
MQ 10000 Large 5.7:1 (46.2 inches) 635 grams 15Kg 20lb/330yds or 25lb/280yds 50lb/330yds or 65lb/280yds
MQ 14000 Large 5.7:1 (48.3 inches) 630 grams 15Kg 25lb/330yds or 35lb/280yds 65lb/330yds or 80lb/280yds
MQ 18000 Large 5.3:1 (49.4 inches) 835 grams 20Kg 35lb/330yds or 40lb/280yds 65lb/440yds or 80lb/330yds
MQ 20000 Large-XL 5.3:1 (52.9 inches) 840 grams 20Kg 40lb/330yds or 50lb/280yds 80lb/440yds or 100lb/330yds
  • Model: 21 Daiwa Saltist MQ (and current release)
  • MQ Monocoque One piece body
  • Air Bail
  • ABS Long Cast Spool Technology
  • Air Rotor
  • Braid Line Band (line not included)
  • Mag Sealed Body
  • ATD Automatic Tournament Drag System
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse

Note: Images are supplied as generic reference only between models. Some slight differences may occur. Price is for a single reel only and will vary depending on which size you choose to order.

Buyers Guide

Re-aligning their sizing strategy geared towards a similar scale to other major fishing brands, Daiwa has released the Saltist MQ sizing with the new format. Therefore the new 8000 is not too dissimilar to the old Daiwa 5000 Saltist 16, and a 20,000 is similar to the old 8000 Saltist LTD. We have created a short, sweet guide to all sizes in Daiwa's new Saltist MQ range. The Daiwa Saltist MQ fishing reel is available in the following size classes:

Small Size Class Saltist MQ Reels

We start with the smallest reels in the range for sale, comprising 2500, 3000 and 4000 sizes. Daiwa's new Saltist MQ 2500 is an excellent reel for inshore and light offshore fishing, where you are targeting small to medium classes of fish from flathead through to pan-sized snapper. A Daiwa Saltist 3000 would be better suited to those targeting large estuary species such as jewfish, mangrove jack and barramundi.

Daiwa's 4000 size reel is a great versatile size, as it's light enough to target smaller inshore pelagic fish such as tuna and mackerel, yet capable of being used offshore for bottom species such as snapper, sweetlip and more. A small class MQ reel, especially 2500/3000, will typically match well with a heavy inshore/light offshore rod rated 4-6kg+ where the 4000 will fit better to a slightly more modest 6-10kg inshore/offshore rod or even a light surf rod.

Mid-Size Class Daiwa Saltist MQ Reels

The second category of Daiwa Saltist MQ reels for sale includes Daiwa's 5000, 6000 and 8000 size reels. Daiwa's new Saltist 6000 is an excellent versatile reel, it can be used for several different fishing styles, including offshore pelagics, bottom fishing and light game fishing. Daiwa's 8000 would be better suited to large offshore pelagics such as tuna, mahi-mahi and sailfish, or those targeting big bottom species such as jewfish, snapper and Samson fish. Med-sized Saltist MQ reels match well with boat or rock/beach rods rated 8-10Kg plus.

Large Size Daiwa Saltist MQ Reels

As Daiwa's range of Saltist MQ fishing reels for sale goes, we finish with the most prominent models comprised of 10000, 14000, 18000 and 20000 size reels. Daiwa's 10000 is a great big game spin reel, and it's perfect for targeting large kingfish, tuna, snapper, mulloway, and trevally. Daiwa's 14000 is Daiwa's third-largest spin reel and is designed for those targeting extra-large fish from both the beach and the boat.

Daiwa's 18000 and 20000 finish off the series. These are the two biggest reels in the Saltist MQ range and are designed for those anglers targeting the biggest fish imaginable, including giant trevally, tuna, sailfish and potentially marlin. The large-sized Saltist reels will match well with most boat or beach rods rated 15Kg or more.


  • The new MQ body concept eliminates the need for screws attaching the side plates, meaning it's one complete solid construction. MQ results in a much lighter fishing reel that is more robust than ever before.
  • Daiwa's Saltist MQ fishing reels also have a high-end ATD (Automatic Drag System). The Daiwa ATD is Daiwa's most durable drag yet, and it means you can fish hard and put the pressure on big fish without worrying about your reel's drag system failing on you.
  • Daiwa's Saltist MQ fishing reels also feature Daiwa's mag sealed technology. Mag sealing uses a special oil that Daiwa coats the inside of the reel with. Mag seal oil repels water, salt and sand, meaning your Daiwa Saltist MQ fishing reel will stay in pristine condition for longer.

Daiwa's Saltist MQ range should definitely be at the top of your list if you are in the market for an impressive saltwater spinning reel. Daiwa's new Saltist MQ fishing reels for sale offer anglers the perfect blend of features, durability, and performance at an affordable price. So order your Daiwa Saltist MQ spinning reel today and get fishing!


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