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Penn Spinning Reels Australia

Saltwater is the forte of Penn spinning reels. You can take them anywhere from offshore fishing or else face up to intense surf conditions just to name a couple of angling techniques popular among fishermen.
Exceptionally engineered, the construction of these Penn fishing reels is outstanding. Even more, Penn spin reels are affordable fishing reels which are designed to give you longevity in saltwater. There are lots of options waiting for you here at Fishing Tackle Shop. See our best online deals below.

  • Penn Spinfisher SSM Fishing Reel


    Penn Spinfisher SSM Fishing Reel

    Penn Spinfisher SSM Fishing Reel (650, 750, 850 or 950) The Penn Spinfisher SSM spin reel is for sale now at the fishing tackle shop at sharp pricing. Spinfisher SSM is a top-rated spin reel series, designed with hardwearing construction materials, yet...

    RRP $129.00
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  • Penn Slammer IV Reel


    Penn Slammer IV (4) Reel

    Penn Slammer IV Reel (Slammer 4) Penn Slammer IV Reels have hit shelves replacing their predecessor Slammer 3. It's clear from what we've seen so far, this new edition will be great for anyone who needs a reel of choice when they're on whatever saltwater...

    $319.00 - $469.00
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  • Penn Slammer Reels


    Penn Slammer Reels (Black Gold) Original

    Penn Slammer Reels (Spin or Live Liner) Black Gold Original Fishing charter operators and fishing guides require spin reels that will withstand the punishment of high-frequency use in the hands of inexperienced anglers. One reason why so many industry...

    $119.00 - $149.95
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  • Penn Spinfisher VI Reels


    Penn Spinfisher VI Reels

    Penn Spinfisher VI Reels – Saltwater Spinning Reel The Penn Spinfisher is a legend reel with a massive dedicated fan base across the globe. Now we are at the 6th incarnation and it’s proving to every bit as good as the hype suggests. The...

    $155.95 - $359.95
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  • Penn Battle 3 Fishing Reel


    Penn Battle 3 Fishing Reel

    Penn Battle 3 Fishing Reel Penn Battle. The name says it all. Armed with Penn’s legend spin workhorse, you’re set to tackle any number of fish in any number of situations. Firstly, the range is sensational. From a 2500 to 10000 size, you can...

    RRP $189.95 - $269.95
    $159.00 - $219.00
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  • Penn Pursuit Reels


    Penn Pursuit Reels

    Penn Pursuit Reels The Penn Pursuit Reels for sale now should be the first choice of any angler looking to fish with a highly affordable fishing reel loaded with impressive features. The 5-star ratings on these reels speak volumes about their durability,...

    $99.95 - $119.95
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  • Penn Authority Reel


    Penn Authority Reel

    Penn Authority Reel - IPX8 Sealed Saltwater Fishing Reels The all-new Penn Authority Reel is unleashed and takes power over all competition in the high-end saltwater spin reel market. This brand-new 2022 release sports a fully sealed drag with an IPX8...

    RRP $679.95 - $799.95
    $609.00 - $719.00
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  • Penn Fierce Reel IV


    Penn Fierce Reel

    Penn Fierce IV Reel (Spin or Live Liner Fierce 4) The Penn Fierce Reel has been a massive seller for the Penn brand. Now on its 4th incarnation, the features of this versatile reel continue to improve. The latest refinements have enhanced the Fierce...

    $119.00 - $199.00
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  • Penn Clash Reel


    Penn Clash Reel

    Penn Clash Reel For Sale - Clash 2 Heavy-duty power is a quality we have come to love in Penn Spin reels. We are well used to the heavier feel of the Penn Spin reel in our hands and the solid confidence it instils whatever our target, application or...

    RRP $329.00
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  • Penn Wrath Reel


    Penn Wrath Reel

    Penn Wrath Reel Understandably, when spin reels drop below the 100 dollar mark, your average angler starts to ask questions. Is it durable enough? What’s it feel like, will it handle a larger class of fish? Will it handle the rough stuff, and bumpy...

    RRP $69.00 - $99.95
    $39.00 - $99.95
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