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Penn Spinning Reel Range

Penn Spinning Reel Range

Saltwater is the forte of Penn spinning reels. You can take them anywhere from offshore fishing or else face up to intense surf conditions just to name a couple of angling techniques popular amongst fishermen.
Exceptionally engineered, the construction of these Penn fishing reels is outstanding. Even the more Penn spin reels are affordable fishing reels which are designed to give you longevity in saltwater. There are lots of options waiting for you here at Fishing Tackle Shop.

Buy Penn spinning reels cheap here in ranges such as spinfisher, liveliner, slammer, battle and more. Shop Now
  • Penn Spinfisher reels
    Penn Spinfisher Reels

    Penn Spinfisher Reels

    Tough Reel for Tough Trophy Fights – Penn Spinfisher Whether for leisure or relaxation, when you go out fishing on tranquil and serene waters you need just the right gear for all the activities. Being able to enjoy your fishing expedition, you will need amongst other things, perfect gear like the Penn Spinfisher fishing reels. This range of products from the penn 6500 to Penn 10500 are amongst the most recognized fishing reels in the world today.
    Keep scrolling down the page to view our Penn Spinfisher range!

    Penn Spinfisher Reels are our best selling heavy duty saltwater fishing reel ever bar none! Shop Now
  • Penn Live Liner Bait Feeder Reel
    Penn Live Liner Bait Feeder Reel

    Penn Live Liner Bait Feeder Reel

    Penn Live Liner Reels are a strong fishing reel for an absolutely fantastic price. Penn has developed the Live Liner range for anglers who prefer to use live bait or dead baits and let the fish run for a bit with the bait before striking.
    The name comes from the inclusion of a Live Liner switch to change between bait run mode and fighting modes. Choose a more powerful model from these Penn fishing reels for trying to catch stronger species of fish.

    Buy Penn Live Liner Bait Feeder Reel if you prefer letting the fish run with the bait before you decide to call it a catch! Shop Now
  • Penn Slammer Fishing Reels
    Penn Slammer Fishing Reels

    Penn Slammer Fishing Reels

    Penn Slammer Fishing Reels is a range known for powerful angling and durability at affordable prices. Any Penn Slammer reel from the range is available for an unbeatable price that few other fishing reels can compete with. You can save yourself some money and also guarantee performance in one fell swoop.

    Buy Penn Slammer Fishing Reels for saltwater fishing here at amazing prices. Shop Now
  • Penn Battle Reels
    Penn Battle Reels

    Penn Battle Reels

    The PENN Battle Reels are an incredibly strong spinning reel for the budget minded. The PENN name ensures quality and with several spinning reel size options to select from, you’re certain to find the ideal reel for your fishing needs. Each of the battle reels includes the same attractive cosmetics and durable design expected from the Penn name. The Penn Battle II line has the smooth HT-100 drag system that you’ve come to trust and with the full metal construction you’ll find the durability and precision you’re looking for in a spinning reel.
    With the Battle II Reels, Penn wanted to create a high end line for the cash conscious consumer. You’ll still get the high quality fishing reel you’ve come to expect from the Penn name for a price you can afford. With high end construction and advanced engineering, these fishing reels are nothing to scoff at. With our Penn Battle Reels for sale you’ll get an attractive quality reel at an unbelievable price.

    Purchase Penn Battle Reels Here, they are strong and affordable and one of our top recommendations. Shop Now
  • Penn Clash Reels
    Penn Clash Reels

    Penn Clash Reels

    Penn Clash Reels For Sale - Power still Premium as Clash Reels Lightens Up.
    Heavy duty power is a quality we have come to love in Penn Spin reels. We are well used to the heavier feel of the Penn Spin reel in our hands and the solid confidence it instils whatever our target, application or location. As a sign of the times and response to angler demand, Penn have focused on creating a much lighter Penn Spin reel. Enter the Clash. We continue to witness the effects of technology on fishing reel materials and components and the Penn Clash Reel is a reflection of the contemporary approach to Spin reel construction. They’re light. Very light, in comparison to traditional Penn Reels but has all the strength and power synonymous with Penn. This is a big deal and here at Fishing Tackle Shop we like what we see.
    Check out our range of Penn Clash Reels for sale below. They are grouped into sizing categories so simply check out what listing suits you best or read the descriptions for all if you are unsure.

    Penn Clash Reels are the new premium top of the line reel from Penn Reels. From smaller to larger sizes see them here. Shop Now
  • Penn Conflict Fishing Reels
    Penn Conflict Fishing Reels

    Penn Conflict Fishing Reels

    If you’re an angler looking for a quality fishing reel that sports an affordable price tag then think Penn Conflict.
    Here at Fishing Tackle Shop we introduce to you a spinning reel that is light weight, smooth performing and is capable of providing a lot of max drag. We have several sizes available from small sized spinning reels for light work right up to large sized reels for ocean or shore based applications.

    Ideal for saltwater fishing. Small to large sizes for fishing from river to rocks, beach and offshore boat. Shop Now
  • Penn Fierce Fishing Reels
    Penn Fierce Fishing Reels

    Penn Fierce Fishing Reels

    Penn Fierce Fishing Reels are one of the latest and most affordable Penn reels for sale offering impressive value for money. From small sizes for fishing in rivers and lakes through to medium sizes to cover those heavier inshore fishing applications through to large sizes for rock, beach or boat fishing make a Penn Fierce II fishing reel your next spinning reel.
    Check out our range for sale below at impressive prices.

    Buy Penn Fierce reels here, for sale at impressive prices. Small to large sizes for inshore or offshore fishing. Shop Now

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