Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel - Lethal 40

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Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel - Lethal 40

With a fishing reel series name that contains the word “Lethal” one can assume the designers at Fin-Nor are really trying to tell us something. With an emphasis on robust, the Fin-Nor Lethal series is built for tackling the larger end of your target species. With big strong parts and generous line capacities the Lethal is purpose built for fish that aren’t particularly willing to turn around despite the pressure you apply.

The Fin-Nor Lethal Reel 40 size is the smallest in the series and presents as a fabulous inshore all-rounder.

A rubber braid ring is fitted to the spool making it ideal for braid. The Lethal spool is also great for mono. Its generous size ensures the mono traditionalist can be confident that enough line will be available for the long runners.

The flexibility of the 40 size Fin Nor Lethal Reel allows for flesh baits and lures to be fished from wharves, break walls, harbours, rivers and estuaries. There is enough finesse for prowling the beach gutters for Whiting with plenty of power available should an Aussie Salmon take the worm you intended for the Whiting.

You’ll have more than enough fire power casting hard bodies at Barra and the Lethal spinning reel will laugh in the face of an angry Tailor. For you, this particular spinning reel from Fin-Nor will be a complete joy to handle. For the fish you target, it will be nothing short of ‘Lethal’.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Lethal SP 40
  • Type: Spinning
  • Bearings: 6 + 1
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
  • Line capacity suggestion: 10lb/230yd
  • Approx Braid Line Capacity: 270 yards / 30lb
  • Polymer Rotor
  • Front Drag
  • Double shielded stainless bearings
  • Sealed, Multi-stack mega-drag
  • Slimline aluminium body and side plate
  • Braid ready spool

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Selection Guide

The Fin-Nor Lethal 40 size fishing reel sits at the start of the medium size range. It is ideally suited to a rod with lengths from 6 to 7ft with a medium action rated from 4 to 10 kg. This would create a well-balanced rig for targeting snapper and Barra. For some light surf action strap it to an 8 to 11ft rod, rated from 3 to 5kg and tackle some surf side Tailor or sand whiting.


  • The mega lock instant anti reverse means strikes become hook ups.
  • Robust components protect against the carnage created by large, hard fighting fish.
  • The sealed, multi stack mega drag gives you the control in a fight and the confidence that your purchase will last and perform as if straight out of the box for years to come.
  • The 40 is a flexible all-rounder living up to its credentials in a multitude of settings providing you with a reliable, go anywhere utility.
  • The 6 bearings and the brass pinion gear provide the angler with seamless and effortless operation cast after cast, fish after fish.

It’s ‘Lethal’ for a reason. Robust strength and line capacity alone give you so much more than simply a fighting chance. In a showdown with a streetwise scaly aggressor, your Fin-Nor Lethal SP40 will cut through the cheeky resistance of any belligerent player into defeat and eventual capitulation. For the angler with a heavy hand, preferring heavy tactics with a robust kit, the Fin-Nor Lethal SP40 presents and affordable tool that will assist you maintain the leading edge over your wily watery opponent. Put one in your shopping basket now then get fishing with a Lethal 40 reel.


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