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Daiwa Exceler Reel LT Fishing Reels

Looking classy in gold, black and chrome, the new Daiwa Exceler LT Reel for sale now delivers high-end performance at an entry-level price-point. The LT or ‘light tough’ design enables the Exceler to handle the latest PE/Braid lines for higher line and drag capacity, stronger gearing and all-around increased performance.

Latest technologies come included, and some of those headline inclusions are; Tough Digigear, which offers a 50% increase in power and an even smoother crank. Second billing goes to the even and consistent ATD drag system, where hook-up bust-ups are a thing of the past thanks to the reduced start-up inertia.

Line management is given a boost with the addition of Twistbuster. Twistbuster reduces line twist, therefore delivering uniform line lay for longer, more accurate, more consistent casting. Other features include Air Rotor and the famous Airspool ABS.

While the Daiwa Exceler Spools will take plenty of mono, they’re perfect for laying on plenty of your preferred braid. With high max drag capacities and plenty of braid on board, Tough Digigear comes into its own, as you can tackle a much larger class of fish without the necessity to change up to a larger reel.

The Daiwa Exceler LT spinning reel for sale now are well priced making the perfect option for the discerning angler on a strict budget. Performance and durability are beyond reproach, and they’re well suited to hunting all of your Aussie favourites from up-river Bass in the bush to Snapper living outside the heads on your favourite reef. Buy yours now and perhaps stock up on some new braid with the change.

Features and Specifications

ModelSize ClassCommon UsesRatio/RetrieveWeightMax DragApprox. Line capacity monoApprox Line Capacity Braid
2000D Small Light Lake & River 5.2:1 (68cm) 185 grams 4Kg 6lb/0.20mm (200m)
8lb/0.23mm (150m)
PE 0.6 (0.06mm) 400m
PE 0.8 (0.10mm) 300m
2500D Small Light Lake & River 5.3:1 (75cm) 205 grams 10Kg 8lb/0.23mm (220m)
12lb/0.28mm (150m)
PE 1 (0.13mm) 360m
PE 1.2 (0.16mm) 300m
3000D-C Small-Med Light Lake & River 5.3:1 (80cm) 215 grams 10Kg 12lb/0.28mm (200m)
16lb/0.33mm (150m)
PE 1.2 (0.16mm) 430m
PE 1.5 (0.18mm) 300m
4000D-C Medium Heavy Lake & River / Light surf or offshore 5.2:1 (82cm) 240 grams 12Kg 14lb/0.30mm (230m)
20lb/0.37mm (150m)
PE 1.5 (0.18mm) 430m
PE 2 (0.2mm) 300m
5000D-CH Medium Heavy Lake & River / Light surf or offshore 5.2:1 (87cm) 250 grams 12Kg 14lb/0.30mm (260m)
25lb/0.40mm (150m)
PE 2 (0.2mm) 350m
PE 2.5 (0.22mm) 300m
6000D-H Large Rock, Beach, Offshore Boat 5.1:1 (92cm) 335 grams 12Kg 20lb/0.37mm (250m)
30lb/0.43mm (150m)
PE 2.5 (0.22mm) 420m
PE 3 (PE 0.24mm) 300m
  • Model: Daiwa Exceler Reel LT Series (2018 release and current)
  • Ball bearings: 5+1
  • LT Concept
  • Tough Digigear
  • Airspool ABS
  • ATD drag system – Tournament Drag
  • Air Rotor and Air bail
  • Twistbuster

Note: Price is for one Daiwa Exceler Reel only. The priced reel will vary dependent on the size you choose to order too. Multiple Images are for illustration only.

Daiwa Exceler Reel Buyer’s Guide

The performance delivering range starts at a finesse size 2000 and finishes with the 6000 that is capable of anything from Snapper and Barra to big Aussie Salmon from the surf. The size range has both inshore and offshore covered.

Whether your fish the rivers and bay from the bank or troll the rivers for Bass or Barra from your favourite boat, all that’s left is for you to decide which size suits your requirements best then purchase it.

Small Sizes - Compromised of either 2000 or 2500 these sizes cater to the light inshore fisherman. Anglers that regularly fish saltwater or freshwater lakes, rivers or dams targeting bream, bass, whiting, flathead and other light fish classifications will appreciate either of the small sizes. If you wish to hold a little more mono or braided line, 2500 is the ideal choice; in fact, it’s our best selling inshore size.

Daiwa Exceler 2000 Reel will match well to fishing rods with a line class rating around the 1-4kg mark and the 2500 2-5kg rod class (or close to it).

Medium Sizes - Take the 3000 for starters, it’s a cross between small and medium worlds. Ideal for mid-heavy estuary and inshore fishing or for holding extra line capacity over the 2500 size. A 3000 size matches well to most 6-8ft rods rated around 3-6kg.

Moving on to the 4000 or 5000 sizes. The difference between the two models is virtually line capacity. Both models are equally ideal for heavy inshore fishing (barra, murray cod, river jew, queenfish, etcetera) and make an excellent light offshore reel for drifting the sand flats or the reefs.

Either size excels when matched to a fishing rod with a rating anywhere in the vicinity of 5-12kg. You could also use an Exceler 4000 or 5000 for light beach or rock fishing too on rods around 8-10ft in length rated up to approx. 6kg.

Large Sizes - Exceler 6000 is the only size in the large category. The 6000 size is a perfect choice for offshore boat fishing and beach or rock fishing styles. If purchasing with the intent to fish offshore, a 6-7ft boat rod would be ideal with a line class rating of 10kg+.

If using for off the rock 8-10ft is your perfect size and for off the beach 9-13ft. Line class ratings for beach or rock rods should equate from 8kg+.


  • The new Daiwa Exceler Reel LT Concept delivers a super tough reel, robust and lightweight. The new Exceler has the technology to punch well above its weight.
  • The ATD drag system helps mitigate against bust-ups on hook-up owing to the reduced start-up inertia. Aggressive strikes are far less likely to cost you a prize fish.
  • Air Rotor mitigates against the transmission of vibration and delivers a balanced rotor, especially under the heavy loads of belligerent big fish.
  • Thanks to larger gears with better teeth, tough Digigear is now 50% more powerful and smoother than ever before.
  • Twistbuster eliminates annoying and performance killing line twist. Enjoy perfect casting manners and great all-around line management with Twistbuster technology.

The Daiwa Exceler Reel LT Series is an entry-level spin reel series jam-packed full of technology and performance. The new LT concept delivers strength, power and durability in a lightweight package even the most discerning spin reel anglers will appreciate.


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