Shimano Thunnus Fishing Reel CI4

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Shimano Thunnus Fishing Reel

When the fishing world has gone lure and soft plastic crazy, there’s still a colossal number of anglers that love to fish flesh baits, alive and dead. The Shimano Thunnus range of spin reels core design is for this role. Equipped with Shimano’s Baitrunner feature, the Shimano Thunnus Fishing Reel is all about taking a larger class of fish using traditional baits.

Anglers that like to fish live poddy mullet, yakka, slimy, squid, prawns and nippers will love the Thunnus Baitrunner feature. Those who fish other types of dead flesh baits will also find the Thunnus a legend on the saltwater.

The mid-price point Thunnus reel is jam-packed full of Shimano technological inclusions, with six bearings and an oversize handle with knob making cranking the heavyweights as smooth as silk.

There are four sizes in the range, 4000, 6000, 8000 or 12,000. This range covers a vast selection of applications from mulloway in the estuaries, barra in the rivers and mackerel from the rocks, up to colossal snapper mid-sized GT’s and Kingfish from the stones and outside the heads. All you need to do is review our features, specs and buying guide, then decide upon which size you will purchase.

Baitrunner technology allows the angler to free-spool baits into the strike zone. When a large predator takes your live slimy, it’s taken without any sense of pressure or resistance. The result is that the fish runs with confidence and takes the hook, as it feels no pressure from the angler. Simply turn the handle, the hooks get set, and the pre-set drag is engaged. Fight on!

CI4 technology ensures the Thunnus is robust for tough fish species. Whether you cast the 4000 from the beach for tailor and Aussie salmon, the 8000 for mulloway from the break walls or the 12000 for mackerel out by your favourite reef, you can rest assured you are more than well-armed to come out as the victor, with a trophy fish ticked from your bucket list.

The Shimano Thunnus is for sale online here at the fishing tackle shop. Read on and check out the incredible list of features and put a Shimano Thunnus Fishing Reel in your trolley.

Features and Specifications

ModelPhysical Size Class ofMain UseRatioMax Drag (kg)Retrieve (cm)Mono Capacity (kg/m)Braid Capacity (lb/yds)Approx Weight
TU4000CI4F Medium Size Medium inshore
or light offshore
4.8:1 7 76 8lb/240yds
380 grams
TU6000CI4F Medium Size Heavy inshore
or offshore boat
4.8:1 10 89 10lb/300yds
505 grams
TU8000CI4F Large Size Beach/rock
or offshore boat
4.8:1 10 91 14lb/295yds
550 grams
TU12000CI4F Large-XL Size Beach/rock
or offshore boat
4.4:1 12 94 12lb/550yds
785 grams
  • A-RB (bearings) 6+1 System
  • Thunnus CI4 Construction body
  • Hagane Gearing
  • Dyna-Balance
  • Fluidrive II
  • One-piece bail wire        
  • Propulsion Line Management System
  • Super Stopper II
  • SR-Concept
  • Shimano Baitrunner system

Note: Price is for one single reel only, and pricing will vary depending on the size you select when ordering. Multiple images are for illustration.

Shimano Thunnus CI4 Fishing Reel Buying Guide

Like most Shimano reel ranges, the Thunnus also comes in a few different sizes, and that’s why here at the fishing tackle shop we have written a little buying guide about the Thunnus models to assist your decision on which size to purchase.

Thunnus 4000 Reel

The smallest in the range for sale and ideal for typical medium inshore fishing applications which include the likes of fishing in lakes and rivers. The 4000 will also tackle whiting, bream, flathead, salmon, tailor and several other common fish species off the beaches, bays and rock platforms.

If heading offshore, the 4000 Thunnus will excel when fishing shallow depth reefs and flats.

As a general guide only, fishing rods that are rated 8kg+ will perform well with the Thunnus 4000. 8-10ft length is usually the preferred length preference of many anglers fishing the rocks or beach. Boat anglers require shorter length for ease of use and typically stick with rods under 7ft 6 inches in length.

Thunnus 6000 Reel

Brilliant for heavy inshore fishing, superb for rock and beach and excellent for offshore boat fishing, the 6000 Thunnus tackles the challenge of many different fishing styles from shore to reef.

Typically, the 6000 size will match well with an 8-12ft fishing rod for beach and rock angling or a 6-7ft 6-inch rod for heavy inshore or offshore fishing styles. Look for a rod rated 8-10kg plus.

Thunnus 8000 Reel

An 8000 serves a near-identical purpose to the 6000 size. Physical body size between the two is essentially the same. The only notable difference being the weight of the reel is slightly higher, and line capacity options are improved. You could fish a heavier line class if you prefer.

Please take note of our typical fishing rod recommendations for the 6000 size, as they remain the same for the 8000.

Thunnus 12000 Reel

The 12000 size is the beach, rock and offshore fishing master. It accounts as our biggest seller for anglers chasing aggressive hard fighting saltwater fish. Fight typical beach sharks, big mulloway, hump head snapper and a wide range of other agro saltwater opponents.

Match to a 10-12ft surf/rock rod rated 10kg or above in line class or to a 6-7ft, 10-24kg appraised boat rod for offshore fishing for esteemed performance.


  • CI4 construction material ensures the Thunnus is incredibly rigid and robust yet remains light and extremely compact.
  • Hagane gear delivers a much smoother crank and far more durability. Hagane technology ensures your Thunnus will outlast most other reels in its class.
  • Propulsion line management system provides superb casting manners. Casts are longer, more accurate, predictable and consistent.
  • The sizeable polished master gear behind the Fluidrive II system increases smoothness and retrieve efficiency.
  • Super Stopper two eliminates back-play. When it comes to hook setting, this feature is sure to turn more strikes into hook-ups.
  • With 6 A-RB bearings, your silky smooth crank will last longer compared to standard stainless bearings.

The Shimano Thunnus Fishing Reel is a must-have for the flesh and live bait angler looking for a mid-priced powerhouse that will tackle predatory fish. Packed full of Shimano features, the Thunnus is built with a rugged refinement that will endure the toughest of battles, year after fishing year.


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