Shimano Baitrunner D Fishing Reel

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Shimano Baitrunner D Fishing Reel

The Shimano Baitrunner D Reels are for sale now at the fishing tackle shop. Sitting just behind the Thunnus in terms of inclusions, the lower mid-priced D reels deliver incredible punch for your fishing dollar.

The D series includes Shimano Baitrunner technology. Favoured by bait anglers, the Baitrunner technology has been increasing the hook-ups of live bait anglers for decades now.

Impressive enough with generous spool capacities and robust sealed drag systems, the Shimano Baitrunner D fishing reel series comes packed with some of Shimano’s most outstanding spin reel technologies. Propulsion Line Management System and Varispeed Oscillation head a list of great inclusions that will add significant efficiencies to your fishing and longevity to your reel’s working life.

The size range covers a 4000 for light-medium inshore fishing for flathead and school mulloway, as well as tailor and Aussie salmon from the beach.

The 6000 and 8000 will be your beach and rock all-rounders, delivering you access to a vast range of species and a more significant class of fish, with the 12000 equipped to tackle likes of kingfish and tuna offshore.

It’s a mean snapper reel and a legend for live-baiting surfside. Rock anglers can chase the full gamut of pelagics, as well as the rock dwellers such as groper and powerhouse drummer.

With proper care, features such as the stainless shielded bearings and the waterproof drag system will see your Shimano Baitunner D Fishing Reel maintain peak performance indefinitely.

A Shimano Baitrunner D Reel is an investment in better, more enjoyable fishing, with the technology you need to tackle the oceans fiercest predators.

Features and Specifications

ModelPhysical Size ClassMain UseGear RatioMax DragRetrieve Per CrankApprox Mono CapacityApprox Braid CapacityApprox Weight
BTR4000D Medium Size Lake, River, light beach or offshore 4.8:1 7Kg 71cm 8lb/240yds
BTR6000D Medium Size Heavy lake/river, beach, rock, offshore boat 4.8:1 9Kg 89cm 10lb/300yds
BTR8000D Large Size Beach, rock, offshore boat 4.8:1 9Kg 91cm 14lb/295yds
BTR12000D Large-XL Size Beach, rock, offshore boat 4.6:1 12Kg 93cm 12lb/550yds
  • Shimano Shielded ARB Ball-bearing system: 3+1
  • Frame and side plate material: Graphite
  • Propulsion Fishing Line Management System
  • Power Roller III
  • Varispeed Oscillation
  • Oversized Septon Grips
  • Waterproof drag system & Dartainium II washers
  • Classy Aluminium handle
  • Dyna-Balance
  • Floating Shaft
  • Fluidrive II Gearing
  • Suitable for saltwater – Casting and bait fishing
  • One-piece bail wire

Note: Multiple images on display are for illustration only. Price is for one single reel and pricing will vary depending on which model you select when ordering.

Shimano D Series Baitrunner Buying Guide

If you’re not too sure about Shimano Baitrunner D Reel sizing, then you’ll find our handy buying guide quite useful. Short but sweet, as an uncomplicated guide only for those who want to learn more, we explain some of the main differences in sizes and their main uses.

Shimano Baitrunner 4000 D Reel

The 4000 size is our smallest model for sale. A 4000 D is ideal for a wide range of applications from inshore to offshore. As it isn’t too large, the 4000 D makes an excellent river fishing reel for bream, flathead, and even river jewfish.

Stepping outside the lakes and rivers, the 4000 D will perform brilliantly as a light reef reel out on your boat. It will perform near effortlessly when drifting for flatties or for when fishing light on local reefs for snapper and other reef dwellers.

Shimano 4000 D reels match well with most 6-8ft rods rated 6kg plus.

Shimano Baitrunner 6000 D Reel

The 6000 D is one of our best sellers for those that want to fish heavy for inshore sports fish. A 6000 model also makes a brilliant light-medium choice for beach fishing, rock fishing and for offshore.

If offshore boating is more your thing, then we suggest looking at purchasing a fishing rod around 6ft to7ft-6inches in length and ideally with a line class rating of 8-10kg plus. If beach or rock is your fishing preference, then the 6000D will work best on rods 8-10ft in length again with line ratings of 8-10kg plus.

Shimano Baitrnner 8000 D Reel

In physical size class, there is not too much difference between 6000 and 8000 at all. The most significant difference lies with line capacity. The 8000 D model has a deeper spool for fishing heavier or fitting more of a lighter line class onto the spindle.

Baitrunner 8000 D model like the 6000, makes an excellent choice for either offshore boat fishing, rock or beach fishing and Ideal for a wide range of saltwater fish species that dwell in these localities.

When considering fishing rod choice for the boat, 8000D will match well with most 6ft – 7ft 6 inch boat rods or for rock and surf, 8-12ft rods make an ideal choice. Rod ratings of 10kg+ usually make a perfect choice.

Shimano Baitrunner 12000 D Reel

The 12000D model is the largest size in the BTR range for sale. It holds plenty of line capacity and is our best seller for those that fish hard off the beach for mulloway, small sharks and a larger class of fish on a 10-13ft, 10k+ rated fishing rod. The 12000 D is equally excellent for rock fishing for kings, salmon, tailor, snapper and a host of other rock dwellers on a fishing rod around 10ft in length and rated 10kg pus.

If heading offshore on your boat, the 12,000 is the best choice for anglers requiring either capacity or for fishing with a weightier class of line. A 12000 reel matches well with a 10kg+ rated 6-7ft offshore boat rod (spin style).

The 12000 D makes an excellent choice for floating baits or for fishing deep and for targeting a wide range of reef or bottom dwellers, starting at flathead and moving through to a much broader heavyweight list of fish.


  • The double-sided, shielded stainless steel ball bearings help when fishing saltwater scenarios and offer better protection against elements compared to non-shielded ARB.
  • The graphite frame and side plate will also help endure the harsh salty conditions. The graphite keeps your reel light, without sacrificing strength and rigidity.
  • Propulsion Line Management System allows the line to peel off in a consistent, uniform way. Coupled with Varispeed Oscillation Power Roller III, the casting manners of the D series are exceptional. Reduced line twist and an equal line lay, deliver long and accurate casts every time
  • Dartainium II Drag Washers provide a smooth drag startup, the most critical time of a battle.
  • The Fluidrive II Gearing System provides a polished gear surface that enhances the smoothness and efficiency of the crank.
  • Super Stopper II is an anti-reverse system that eliminates back play. Supper Stopper II provides excellent strike to hook-up rates due to the potential of superior hook penetration.
  • The Dyna Balance Anti-Wobble System delivers refined balance to the rotor. The crank is uniform and wobble-free, providing a connected, smooth feel when cranking.
  • The Floating Shaft travels through a bearing system, which helps boosts smoothness and promote longevity via friction mitigation.
  • When compared to a two-piece bail wire system, a one-piece bail wire system allows your fishing line to travel directly from the bail to line roller without getting caught when closing your bail wire helping to prevent tackle loss during the cast. The one-piece bail wire system is a significant difference between the OC Baitrunner and D model.

The Shimano Baitrunner D Reels deliver outstanding fishing performance. There’s no need to take a mortgage to experience Shimano’s best. The Shimano Baitrunner D Fishing Reel series is loaded with features to satisfy the fussiest of spin reel enthusiasts, while at an affordable price.


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