Shimano Medium Baitrunner Long Cast Reel

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Shimano Medium Baitrunner Long Cast Reel

In the modern age of angling, the proliferation and promotion of lures might lead you to believe that flesh and live baits are a thing of the past. It’s not true. Flesh baits and live baits are still sitting on the top shelf of preferred baits for most fish. For those of us still firmly locked in this tradition, the Shimano Medium Baitrunner Long Cast Reel is a brilliant option for getting the most out of your flesh bait fishing.

Firstly, the 5500 size is considered general purpose, and in so being, provides you access to huge range of species and locations. With 15kg of drag and a long cast spool holding plenty of line (sold separate), you also have access to pretty big fish.

Secondly, the Baitrunner feature allows you to increase your hook-ups. The fish can run with the bait without being spooked by resistance. With fingertip control, you flick over to let the drag do its work while you set the hooks. It’s perfect for live baits like Poddy Mullet, Worms, Crabs and Nippers.

While it’s not the cheapest reel on the shelf, it sits firmly at an accessible price point. When you consider the list of Shimano technology inclusions, you will agree, the Shimano Medium Baitrunner Long Cast represents outstanding value for money. Check out the list of inclusions below.

All serious anglers should have a mid-sized Baitrunner in their kit, particularly land-based anglers like you, that prefer flesh and live baits. The Shimano Medium Baitrunner Long Cast ticks all of the boxes. Most importantly, you will increase your hook-ups significantly, while enjoying access to a large range of fish species and sizes. Grab your now, before the shelves are empty.

Features and Specifications

  • Model Shimano Medium Baitrunner Long Cast MBTRXTBLC
  • 5500 Size
  • Gear Ratio: 5.3:1
  • Bearings: 4+1 Shielded A-RB Bearings
  • Max Drag 15kg
  • Weight of reel: Approx 560 grams
  • Approx Mono Line Capacity: 425yd/10lb, 315yd/12lb, 230yd/16lb
  • Approx Braid Line Capacity: 360yds/30lb
  • Capacity by line diameter: 390m/0.3mm, 290m / 0.35mm or 210m / 0.4mm
  • Large AR-C Cold Forged Aluminium Long Cast Spool.
  • Aero Wrap II line lay system
  • X-Ship / Hagane Gearing
  • Super Stopper II
  • XT-7 Body construction
  • Machined Aluminium Handle

Fishing applications and fishing rod recommendations

The long cast spool is perfect for the land-based angler. Huge casts are assured. Fish the beach, rock walls, breakwaters, harbours and estuaries. The Shimano Medium Baitrunner Long Cast for sale now, is perfect for the likes of big Flathead, Tailor, Aussie Salmon, medium class Mulloway and more. It’s by no means overkill for the likes of Whiting and Bream, particularly when fishing the beach. Use it on a rod of around 9 to 13ft for best performance. Either way we have plenty of rods for sale in our online fishing supplies store, should you be in the market for one and still struggle to find a suitable rod feel welcome to get in touch with us and we will help you out.


  • The large AR-C alloy spool couple with Aero Wrap II line lay system provides outstanding line lay for brilliant, super long casting.
  • Shielded A-RB Bearings prolong the working life of you reel by keeping the water and the dust out of the working parts.
  • Super Stopper II promotes a solid strike increasing hook-ups. There is a feeling of assurance with every turn of the handle.
  • X-ship is all about efficiency. The seamless crank and smooth feel come from internals operating in concert. The pinion gear is supported by two bearings providing a huge boost to reel stability.
  • XT-7 Body construction keeps the weight down while ensuring rigidity. This keeps your gears and operating at peak spec.
  • The Baitrunner system is perfect for the flesh and live bait angler. It allows fish to run with your bait free spool style, undeterred by resistance, therefore increasing your hook up rates.

The Shimano Medium Baitrunner Long Cast for sale now will likely increase the number of fish you catch while fishing flesh and live baits. The Baitrunner system is perfect for anglers of all skills and provides access to a huge range of species and fishing applications.


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