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Hard Body Lures

Hard Body Lures

Hard Body Lures are a hit with anglers because they can mimic live bait and entice pretty much any fish species including a few names such as barra, bream, and tuna to bite on your line. On this page, there are fishing lures for sale that will let you dive deep or stick close to the water’s surface. So, whether you need cheap lures or more expensive tournament style hard bodies, you will get exactly what you need here. Buying lures online couldn’t be simpler than with the Fishing Tackle Shop.

Small and large hardbody fishing lures - poppers, stickbaits, divers and more. Shop Now
  • Small Diver Fishing Lures
    Small Diver Fishing Lures

    Small Diver Fishing Lures

    Small Diving Fishing Lures will give you the freedom to fish in any conditions, regardless of turbulent conditions. The fishing lure will simply drop beneath the water’s surface and start to catch the attention of a range of species. Here at the Fishing Tackle Shop, we stock a huge selection of fishing lures online. Find out below why diving fishing lures are worth using.

    Small Lures mostly suited to light style fishing in rivers, lakes, bays etc. Fresh & Saltwater. See the range. Shop Now
  • Large Diver Fishing Lures
    Large Diver Fishing Lures

    Large Diver Fishing Lures

    You can use deep diver lures whether you prefer angling in saltwater or freshwater. Below is a huge selection of fishing lures for sale, giving you hard bodied lures for diving lure style.

    Med - Large Lures (Divers & Hardbody) – Mostly suited to Saltwater fishing, bluewater, cod and barra style fishing. Shop Now
  • Surface Lures - Small
    Surface Lures - Small

    Surface Lures - Small

    Small Surface Lures – Get excited by freshwater and saltwater surface fishing action.
    Surface lure fishing is an exhilarating technique. Shallow dwelling fish prefer relative warmth and calm waters, making those conditions vital for using surface fishing lures. On top of this some fish feed on the surface, take for example Australian Bass that can’t resist a fallen beetle or cicada. Or a whiting or bream that can’t resist a fleeing prawn or small bait fish. Find your ideal small surface fishing lure options below.

    Small Surface Lures – Mostly for freshwater & Saltwater fishing on light gear. See here for info. Shop Now
  • Surface Lures - Medium/Large
    Surface Lures - Medium/Large

    Surface Lures - Medium/Large

    The Medium to Large sized surface lures in this category are aimed with the saltwater and bluewater angler in mind. So this means the fisho who goes off the rocks, off the shore or off a boat in the hunt for tough opponents.
    Surface lures for saltwater fishing usually mimic fleeing baitfish across the surface creating a splash and commotion. Surface lures are usually in the form of poppers, fizzers, sliders or stick baits.
    For these specialist lures, we have handpicked a selection of options for tackling tough opponents. All of your best options are waiting below.

    Med - Large Surface Lures. Fizzers, Poppers, stickbaits and more for barra, saltwater & bluewater fishing. Shop Now

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