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Daiwa Caldia LT MQ Reel

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Daiwa Caldia MQ Reel

The Caldia fishing reel is a model that will appeal to those anglers who want the best of Daiwa's technology in one package at an affordable price. The MQ stands for "Monocoque", which means it has only single-piece framed body construction and features more compact dimensions. Its improved seals are also more robust against elements like water or dirt getting inside. The ergonomics are brilliant; it has an incredibly connected feel; it's as light as a feather and as strong as an Ox. Perfect for light tackle work in harsh Aussie conditions.

Starting at a finesse 1000 size, with the 4000 the largest, the Daiwa Caldia MQ Reel covers many fishing applications. Models in the series cover inshore fishing styles, fresh or saltwater.

A couple of prominent inclusions will see the Caldia MQ punching well above its compact, lightweight size. Tough Digigear, arguably the subsequent best integration, has larger gears replete with a set of much smaller teeth. The result is not only a much smoother crank but 50% more power than its predecessor, Digigear II.

The ATD drag system gets third billing on the inclusions list. ATD is Daiwa's best drag system, all but eliminating bust-ups from aggressive hook-ups due to the reduced start-up inertia. Coupled with big drag capacities and generous spool arbours, all reels in the series will successfully wrestle fish targets much bigger and more commanding than the Daiwa Caldia fishing reels' diminutive size might suggest.

Other great features include the Magsealed Body, the highly rigid Zaion V Body, ABS Air Rotor and more. Seven bearings provide fantastic support for silky smooth gears, and Magseal ensures the elements are kept out. Your reel will last countless sessions.

Point you Daiwa Caldia MQ Reel at everything from Trout to Trevally, Bass to Barra, Morwong to Mulloway and all of your Aussie favourites. Please take advantage of our incredible online price and put a Daiwa Caldia MQ in your shopping trolley now, and if the postie is quick enough, perhaps you'll get to cast a new reel this weekend.

Features and Specifications

Model Physical Size Class Ratio/Retrieve Weight Max Drag Approx. Line capacity mono Approx PE Braid Capacity
1000s Small (Lake-River-Light) 5.1:1 170 grams 5Kg 6lb 100m Pe 0.4 (0.05mm) 150m
2000S Small (Lake-River-Light) 5.2:1 175 grams 5kg 3lb (0.14mm) 150m
4lb (0.16mm) 100m
Pe 0.4 (0.05mm) 200m
PE0.5 (0.55mm) 170m
2500S Small (Lake-River-Light) 5.3:1 195 grams 5Kg 4lb (0.16mm) 150m PE 0.8 200m
2500 Small (Lake-River-Light) 5.1:1 190 grams 10kg 4lb (0.16mm) 230m
6lb (0.20mm) 150m
PE 0.6 (0.06mm) 290m
PE 0.8 (0.10mm) 200m
3000 Small (Lake-River-Light-med) 5.2:1 215 grams 10kg 8lb (0.23mm) 150m
10lb (0.25mm) 120m
PE1 (0.13mm) 200m
PE 1.2 (0.16) 190m
4000CXH Medium(heavy lake, river, light beach or offshore) 6.2:1 230 grams 12kg 10lb (0.25mm) 190m
12lb (0.28mm) 150m
PE1.2 (0.16mm) 310m
PE 1.5 (0.18mm) 200m
  • 21 Caldia MQ Series - Monocoque Construction Concept
  • Magsealed Zaion V Body reduces dust and element ingress
  • Tough Digigear
  • Airspool ABS
  • ATD drag system
  • Air Rotor
  • Aluminium Air Handle
  • Bearing system: 6+1

Note: Price is for one reel only. Pricing also depends on which size you choose to order. Multiple images are for illustration only and there may be variations between model sizes compared to images shown.

Daiwa Caldia MQ Buyers Guide

Daiwa Spin reels sizing to some anglers are quite confusing. We try and take all that confusion away by providing buyer guides in our online fishing store. Already you will note that in our specifications table we go on to give a simple guide to physical size class and also detail each sizes main use. Now we extend this information a little further to help you make the best-informed decision. 

All the information we spend much time creating for you suggests one good reason why you should choose Fishing Tackle Shop for your next reel purchase. Unlike other most competitors, we go above and beyond.

Small Size Class Models

Caldia 1000S – is our smallest size in the line up of sizes. It’s a shallow spool model ideal for the finesse anglers. We’re talking tossing ultra light lures both plastics, hardbody and blades for species like bream and bass.

Caldia 2000S – is our next size in the line up of sizes. similar to the 1000S but with a slightly better line capacity.

Either are a popular choice for tournament anglers. Most anglers will pair the Daiwa Caldia 1000S or 2000S reel up to a rod around 7ft in length with a line rating class of 1-4kg. 

Caldia 2500 – Probably accounts to be our best selling overall size for inshore fishing. Lakes and river systems are where the Daiwa Caldia 2500 reel excels best. It holds plenty of capacity to target all your favourite light targets from trout, bass and perch in the fresh to bream, flathead and a whole lot more in the saltwater. 2500 sized reel generally match well with 6-7ft graphite rods rated around 2-5kg. Available in either a Shallow model or a standard model.

Medium Size Class Models

Caldia 3000 - Really is very close to 2500 sizing, to be honest, but holds a better line capacity. It’s a size ideal for those that fish slightly heavier line class for inshore fishing styles. A Daiwa Caldia 3000 Reel matches relatively well to graphite rods rated 3-6kg around 7ft for lakes and rivers but also pairs well with light shore spin rods up to around 8ft.

Caldia 4000CXH – The perfect size for heavy inshore fishing. It’s a size that makes the best choice for those spinning for barramundi, murray cod, queenfish and mulloway.

A 4000 size matches well with graphite rods around 6-8ft in length rated 5kg+. Daiwa Caldia 4000 Reels also make great light offshore reels for targeting snapper and other reef fish species on soft plastics and light baits.

It doesn’t stop there though; 4000 sizing will also match to multiple light beach rods around 9-11ft in length that have light line class ratings.


  • The introduction of MQ concept delivers a new level of strength and lightness. Everything on the 21 Caldia is more robust, yet the internals is better protected against the elements..
  • Magseal keeps the dust and water away from the finely tuned gears and bearings inside your reel. Your reel will be with you for many adventures in peak operational condition.
  • The ATD drag has reduced start-up inertia. ATD ensures that regardless of the setting, a vicious strike won't cause a bust-up from a hard set drag.
  • Air Rotor delivers a perfectly balanced. The crank feels smooth and even with a distinct absence of vibration.
  • Tough Digigear is 50% stronger than its predecessor, making it capable of dealing with a larger, harder class of fish, irrespective of the reels’ relatively compact size.
  • The Caldia MQ Spin Reel is highly versatile and is suited to a broad range of fishing within our favourite fishing applications and locations.

The Daiwa Caldia MQ for sale now is as good of a fishing reel as it was when first released all those years ago. However, now it’s lighter and stronger than ever, and still looking fantastic. For a mid-priced reel, there are not too many alternatives, if any, that can boast the same brilliant inclusions.


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