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Shimano Stella SW Reel

The Shimano Stella SW Reel listed below has 13 bearings, holds ridiculous amounts of heavy braid that could tire out a freight train with Upto 28kgs of the most advanced drag ever created (depending on which model you choose to purchase). Moreover, in terms of features, we’ve only just begun.

The Stella SW fishing reel wrestles massive fish with all of the fury and power of a volcano while remaining poised and disciplined. The big Stella SW’s listed below will come up the victor in a sustained pelagic Armageddon but will do it with the refined grace of a ballerina. The Shimano Stella SW Spin reel is the best Shimano manufacture, and no introduction can do it justice.

The Big Stellas sit proudly in the aspirational price bracket, they’re not exactly cheap. However, one has to remember that every piece of Shimano’s cutting edge, spin reel technology represents itself within the Stella. We may never own a Lamborghini, 100-foot yacht, or a Rolex, but with our hot online pricing, you can indeed own the pinnacle of spin reel technology.

The Shimano Stella SW Reel models listed below come in the form of a design masterpiece for the oceans toughest of fish species. You can cast your Stella at anything from Yellowfin, Bluefin, and Marlin, to Kingfish, Cobia, Spaniards and Wahoo. The Stella is equally at home trolling out on the edge of the continental shelf as it is casting heavy swimbaits from the ocean rocks.

Check out the specifications and inclusions list below. It’s veritable who’s who of Shimano’s most significant technological innovations.

Many of the high-end blue water game fishing charters will only use the Stella. SW Stella reels are an investment. Long after the Marlin, Bluefin and large Wahoo have been ticked off your bucket list; long after the endless sessions in the harsh salty conditions, a respected Stella will be working in great shape. Get a Shimano Stella SW fishing reel. You know you want one.

Features and Specifications

ModelPhysical Size ClassMain UseMax DragGear RatioApprox. WeightLine Recovery per crankLine Capacity By Line DiametreApprox Braid CapacityApprox Mono Capacity
STELLA SWC 4000XG Medium Beach, Offshore Boat, Rocks 11Kg Extra High Gear 6.2.1 355g 101cm 0.30/180m 230yds/15lb
STELLA SWC 5000HG Medium Beach, Offshore Boat, Rocks 13Kg High Speed Gear 5.7.1 420g 97cm 0.37/150m 245yds/20lb
STELLA SWC 5000XG Medium Beach, Offshore Boat, Rocks 13Kg Extra High Gear 6.2.1 420g 105cm 0.37/150m 245yds/20lb
STELLA SWC 6000PG Med-Large Beach, Offshore Boat, Rocks 13Kg Power Gear 4.6.1 425g 83cm 0.37/190m 290yds/30lb
STELLA SWC 6000HG Med-Large Beach, Offshore Boat, Rocks 13Kg High Speed Gear 5.7.1 425g 103cm 0.37/190m 290yds/30lb
STELLA SWC 6000XG Med-Large Beach, Offshore Boat, Rocks 13Kg Extra High Gear 6.2.1 425g 112cm 0.37/190m 290yds/30lb
STELLA SWC 8000 PG Large Beach, Offshore Boat, Rocks 25Kg Power Gear 4.9.1 625g 94cm 0.37/275m 340yds/40lb
STELLA SWC 8000 HG Large Beach, Offshore Boat, Rocks 25Kg High Speed Gear 5.6.1 625g 107cm 0.37/275m 340yds/40lb
STELLA SWC 10000 PG Large Beach, Offshore Boat, Rocks 25Kg Power Gear 4.9.1 670g 102cm 0.40/300m 360yds/50lb
STELLA SWC 14000 XG Extra Large Beach, Offshore Boat, Rocks 25Kg Extra High Gear 6.2.1 675g 134cm 0.40/330m 400yds/50lb
STELLA SWC 18000HG Extra Large Beach, Offshore Boat, Rocks 28Kg High Speed Gear 5.7.1 875g 129cm 0.52/310m 600yds/50lb
STELLA SWC 20000PG Extra Large Beach, Offshore Boat, Rocks 28Kg Power Gear 4.4.1 885g 104cm 0.52/350m 490yds/65lb
STELLA SWC 30000 Super Size Offshore Boat 25Kg Gear 4.4.1 975g 131cm 0.62/400m 900yds/65lb
  • Shimano Stella SW Reel 2019/2020 Model (and current)
  • Ball Bearings: 13+1 SA-RB Bearings
  • Hagane Gear and body
  • Drive technologies: Infinity Drive and Silent Drive
  • Drag technologies: Heatsink, rigid support, X-tough
  • Element destroying protections: X-Protect, E.I. Surface Treatment & X-Shield
  • X-Ship gearing
  • One-Piece-Bail
  • AR-C Aluminium Spool
  • Reels can be configured to both right or left hand, once you receive your reel just set it to the preferable side.

Note: Price is for one SW reel only, Price may vary depending on what size you choose to order in our online store. Multiple images are for illustration only. 

Shimano Stella SW Reel Buyers Guide

Understanding Shimano Stella SWC Fishing Reel size, or any reel size in general, can often be tricky. Any angler who has ever bought a fishing reel online can likely tell you stories of going to a web store, buying what they think is the perfect reel only to discover that it's not what they thought. This buying guide section is designed to ensure that a situation like this is less likely to happen to you.

Unlike most other websites that only copy and paste generic supplier descriptions, we go well beyond that and provide comprehensive original and informative descriptions. While our listings are well written and should address the most common points, please do not hesitate to email or call us if you need extra assistance.

Stella 4000 SW Size - Capturing the attention of fishing enthusiasts and pros alike, Shimano Stella 4000SWXG Spin Fishing Reels are a line-cranking machine. With Xtreme Gear technology (extra fast gear) featuring a 6.2: 1 gear ratio cranking at 101cm/ crank, you'll reel in big catches with ease!.

The 4000SW reel is the perfect lure casting machine for any fisherman or woman who wants to cast their favourite lures. With a max drag of 11Kg, it can handle multiple rod options with ease, including boat, rock, and light surf rods.

The Shimano SW4000 casts metal slices, poppers, stick baits, plastic baits and much more. It's ideally matched with 5-15 kg rated fishing rods. Catch anything from cod and barra through to mulloway, snapper, mackerel and various other pelagic fish.

Stella 5000 SW Size - Two versions of the Stella 5000SW series are available: a High Gear HG and an Xtreme Gear XG. The Shimano Stella 5000SWC XG is for anglers who need to reel in fish at breakneck speeds, with a 6.2:1 gear ratio that cranks 105cm of line per handle revolution. There's also the high gear model for those looking for more subtlety or less speed, which runs on 5.7: 1 gearing with a 97cm recovery rate. While the HG sports a slower reeling pace than the XG, it is still speedy enough to hook and land even large fish like kingfish, dolphin fish, mackerel and many others. Ideal for rock, light beach, boat or heavy inshore fishing styles on rods ideally rated 8-10kg plus.

Stella 6000 SW Size – Three options exist in the 6000 model. Power gear is the first option typically for jigging and cranking or applications that may require a slower retrieve, like bait fishing down deep. Then there are the HG high speed 5.7:1 ratio or XG 6.2:1 ratio models for best performance when fishing with high-speed lures like metal slugs. Main types of fishing with the 6000 often include offshore boat, rock and beach on rods typically rated 10-15Kg plus. Perfect for targeting anything from Aussie salmon and bonito to kings, trevally, and certain tuna species, among other pelagics.

Stella 8000 SW Sizes - So far, in the 8000 size range for sale Shimano has included two options; the 8000 PG and the 8000HG. PG is the power gear model; its primary function is for cranking, and it sports a better line capacity than the 6000 previously mentioned, which can be an advantage out wide. Boat anglers who fish offshore and jig for kings, amberjack, tuna and other offshore brutes will appreciate the power gear model over the HG model. An angler may prefer purchasing the PG for jigging because the gear ratio is lower and robust. PG teeth are cut stronger and allows for brutal, drawn-out battles from the depths of the ocean.

Like all the other HG Stellas, The 8000HG model is for the spinner, the angler that likes to spin the rocks or the boat with metal slugs, poppers and stick baits. Its faster gear ratio translates to speed. The fishing line is recovered quicker and allows the lures to work at optimal spec.

Rod choice for the 8000SW models will ultimately depend on which applications you prefer. The offshore boat angler is likely to pick a short boat or jigging rod between 5-7ft with a rating usually anywhere from 10kg through to 24kg. The shore-based spin angler will preference 8-10ft rods usually rated in the vicinity of approx. 8-15kg.

Stella 10000SW Size - Unlike the 8,000, the 10,000 has only one model to choose from, and that is the 10000 PG Power gear. As per our little explanation above for the 8000PG, it is the same principle. 10,000 size is a favourite among offshore boat anglers that fish the depths. The benefit over the 10,000 compared to the 8000 is line capacity. You can fit more or a heavier classification of line onto the spool.

You could still spin the rocks with the 10,000 if you wanted to. In most cases, it is not the ideal gear ratio for spin, but if the opportunity presents its self, and there is a school busting up within casting reach, and you don't have any other outfit with you, why the heck not?

Apart from its brilliant capabilities for offshore jigging and casting lures at the likes of tuna and GT, for the most part, the 10,000 is a big seller for the boat, beach and rock angler that fishes with bait (big, small or live).

Beach anglers usually go fishing rods around 12-14ft in length, while rock anglers will purchase mainly 10ft for versatility. If matching the 10,000 SW to either of these scenarios, rod ratings will vary between 10 and 24Kg.

Boat anglers will match the 10,000 to a short 5-6ft jigging rod for bottom bashing, jigging and trolling, while the fisherman out to target something a little more substantial like GT on poppers will pair the 10,000 with a specialised 7-8ft GT Spin rod.

We stock quite a range of compatible rods, so if you find yourself a little lost, let us know, and we will point you in the right direction.

Stella 14000SW Size - This is where things get serious. The 14000SW is at the larger end of the reel size spectrum, and in the Stella SW series, 14000 makes the ideal choice for heavy spin from the rocks or beach since it has a high gear ratio. Given the size, it also makes an excellent choice for large-capacity offshore boat fishing. Fish for back-breaking GT and Tuna, sailfish, and so much more. Pair to a 15-37kg rod for the ultimate heavy-duty tackle system.

Stella 18000SW Size – Another extra large-sized fishing reel similar to the 14,000 yet has a faster gear ratio of 5.7:1 and can hold a serious amount of braided line, particularly in 30-50lb. The size, line capacity and mechanics of the 18000 allow for the best fishing experience when fishing offshore for trevally, red emperor, shark, dorado, wahoo and tuna. Match with rods rated 24-37Kg.

Stella 20000SW Size – The second-largest size in the range. Only available with power gearing for going into brutal, drawn-out battles with our oceans most formidable opponents. Huge tuna, sailfish, shark, groper, hapuku, giant trevally are just a couple of species that spring to mind. The 20000 is paired best on a rod rated 24-37KG. If you are fishing with long beach rods, you can typically go lighter rods of around 10-15kg rated if preferred, as the added rod length allows balance.

Stella 30000SW Size – What a beast! This is the largest reel in the Shimano stables. We believe that naturally, the 30000 will be for anglers who exclusively fish offshore. Match with 37KG+ rods for bottom fishing, trolling or switchbaiting. Have you ever dreamed of catching marlin on spin gear? The 30000SW is the reel for the job.


  • You’re fishing with the best spin reel Shimano makes. It just doesn’t get any better. The best of Shimano’s flagship technology, all of it, is here in the new Stella SW reel.
  • The X-Tough Drag system in the Shimano Stella SW Reel includes Rigid Support Drag and Heatsink Drag. It’s smooth, consistent, intuitive and robust, with brilliant fine-tuning under load, outstanding heat resistance and dispersion. It doesn’t get better, and there’s a whopping max drag rating to compliment.
  • Hagane body and gears deliver incredible strength and rigidity. The power of the body allows the gears to operate continually at peak under the toughest of loads.
  • X-Shield, AS-RB Bearings and the E.I. Surface Treatment protect your Stella from the harsh ocean elements. A well maintained Stella may well outlast you.
  • If the Hagane gears, Infinity Drive and Silent Drive weren’t enough to keep things buttery smooth, the Stella supports 13 SA-RB bearings. Yes, 13. Nothing is stronger or smoother. What’s more, the bearings are shielded to prevent sand better, salt and dust keeping the out-of-the-box feel for longer.

The Shimano Stella SW Reel 2019/2020 spin reel models for sale now is the fishing reel we always wanted. It is the highest pedigree, the top of the pyramid, Shimano’s flagship spin technology. There is no better spin reel in this aspirational price point, and its peers are few; counting could go on the one hand.


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