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Fishing Gear For Sale and Accessories - Think of literally any type of useful fishing equipment and the Fishing Tackle Shop will likely stock it. For buying fishing gear online, few can compete with our vast selection.
From tackle boxes and fishing bags to bait pumps and essential fishing gear, you’ll never be short of options. Check out each category below for generous prices and undeniable quality.

  • Squidgy S Factor Scent


    Squidgy S Factor Scent (35ml Tube)

    S Factor Scent Fishing Attractant When one looks at a Piranha for the first time one often wonders what the fuss is all about. Then, should you get a chance to see their teeth, you start to get an idea. Next, should you get to see them as blood or flesh...

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  • Oyster Knife Jarvis Walker

    Fishing Gear Other

    Oyster Knife With Wooden Handle

    Wooden Handle Oyster Knife Oyster knives are an absolute necessity if you are planning to eat this delicacy in the immediate future. This is because the ideal oyster is sealed shut and needs to be forced open. An open is most likely dead poses a health...

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  • Jarvis Walker Suction Cup Knife Sharpener

    Jarvis Walker

    Suction Cup Knife Sharpener - Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Suction Cup Knife Sharpener - You may have seen similar rival brands on TV? Don't Pay $29.95 + Postage! Today you can own a suction cup knife sharpener for just $10.00 Plus Postage. Stop the hassle of having to sharpen your knives over and...

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  • Waterproof Pouches for Smart Phones - Tablets

    Mirage Watersports

    Waterproof pouches for Smart Phones / Tablets

    Waterproof Smart phone and tablet dry bags - Mirage waterproof pouches range Looking for the best waterproof phone pouch or waterproof ipad case? See what we have for sale below. We truly are connected everywhere we go. Even the remotest places, now, in...

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  • AFN Sun Gloves


    AFN Sun Protection Gloves UPF 50+

    AFN Sun Protection Gloves AFN Sun Gloves protect the backs of your hands from developing sun burn, sun spots and other more dangerous skin trauma that can turn deadly over time. Back in the day when sunshine could only be good for you, there was little...

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  • Sax Scent Gold Prawn

    Fishing Gear Other

    Sax Scent - Fishing Attractant

    Sax Fishing Scent (Fish Attractant) Can’t catch a fish? You need to try Sax scent on your fishing lures or bait. Sax fishing scent is a fantastic new fishing scent that is manufactured here in Australia and tested by Castaway fishing estuary...

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  • Shimano Fishing Backpack


    Shimano Fishing Backpack

    Shimano Fishing Backpack (Large or Medium) A place for everything and everything in its place. This is the sort of kit even your pedantically organised mother would approve of. The Shimano Backpack and Tackle box combo is nothing short of brilliant...

    $159.00 - $179.00
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  • AFN Solar Tube UV Sun Buffer For Fishing


    AFN Solar Tube UV Sun Buffer Neck Gaiter

    AFN Solar Tube UV Sun Buffer Fishing Neck Gaiter Have you noticed an increasing number of anglers in professional, commercial magazine shots and they are dressed with a face cover that makes them look as though they are about to do a hit on a bank. While...

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  • Jarvis Walker Water Resistant Tackle Box

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Water Resistant Tackle/Lure Tray Boxes

    Jarvis Walker Water resistant lure boxes – Perfect for fishing tackle storage and lures (Choose from 1000, 2000, 3000 or 4000 model – Note Price varies depending on model you select from our menu) For many anglers, the tackle box, bag or kit,...

    $7.95 - $17.95
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  • Dry Bags

    Land and sea

    Land & Sea Dry Bag

    Land and Sea Dry Bag Fishing, sailing, kayaking, white water rafting and canoeing. And that’s just the beginning. You might not even be going anywhere near the water. What about trips to the snow, snowboarding, cross country skiing, hiking and...

    $9.95 - $34.95
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  • Shimano Reel Covers


    Shimano Reel Covers

    Shimano Reel Covers For Sale. Including The Tiagra Reel Cover and Spin Model Reel Covers (See more info below) So you have a Shimano Tiagra, or the latest sustain or stella and there is no doubt you have fallen in love with it. Why wouldn’t you?...

    $19.95 - $64.95
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  • Underwater LED Prawning Light

    Fishing Gear Other

    Maxer - LED Underwater Prawn Light

    Maxer - LED Underwater Prawn Light Wanted to catch your own feed of prawns and keep a couple of baits but didn’t want to lug the old gas lantern or that bulky prawn light and you car battery - which invariably ends up going flat! Well you...

    $79.00 - $109.00
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  • Starter Fishing Tackle Kits (Illustration only) Choose model when ordering

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Tackle Kits (Species Pack)

    Jarvis Walker Species Packs & Fishing Tackle Box Kits Take all the guess work out of purchasing terminal tackle by stocking up with Jarvis Walker Species Packs & Tackle Box Kits. Not only will you get fishing tackle kits designed by anglers for...

    $10.95 - $29.95
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  • Chemical Light Stick Glow Stick (Lot of 6)

    Fishing Gear Other

    Chemical Light Stick Night Glow Stick (Pack of 6)

    Chemical Light Stick - Night Light - Glow Stick Whatever you call them, they are all the same and serve some essential uses for fishing. Some of those uses include illuminating your fishing rod tip at night, so you can see if your line takes a hit from a...

    $6.00 - $12.00
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  • Marttiini Grey Fishing Knife for Filleting

    Marttiini Knives

    Marttiini Presentation Fillet Knife Grey

    Marttiini Presentation Fillet Knife Grey Sick off butchering your fish with a blunt dull knife that leaves big chunks of fish behind? Then the Marttiini Presentation Fillet Knife, is the answers to your dilemma! The Marttiini Presentation Fillet Knife is...

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  • Fishing Rod Bag


    Fishing Rod Bag

    Fishing Rod Bag - Surecatch Brand We invest a lot of money in our fishing gear, particularly in our rods and rod arsenals. Out on the water, we put our fishing rods through hell as we battle the elements and the fish. Surprisingly (or not), much of the...

    $10.95 - $11.95
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  • Ecogear Egi Squid Scent Spray (Egi Max - Glow Max)

    Ecogear Lures

    Ecogear Egi Squid Scent Spray

    Ecogear Egi Squid Scent (Egi Max or Glow Max) Spray Often as kids we would receive a fishing kit for a birthday or Christmas. Nearly always, there was a squid jig or two in the kit which we probably would never use. On occasion, we would catch a squid...

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  • Plastic Fish Shape Model

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Fishing Rod Stand Rack

    Jarvis Walker Fishing Rod Stands For Sale – Rod Rack for up to 16 Fishing Rods Once upon a time most anglers probably had one or two fishing rods. We kept them in the rafters in the shed out of the way. The modern angler is a different kettle of...

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  • Berkley Silicone Rubber Landing Nets


    Berkley Silicone Rubber Landing Nets

    Berkley Silicone Rubber Landing Nets Once upon a time the landing fishing net was a net. This however was quite some time ago. Like everything in the modern angling world the landing net has seen a technological overhaul and the outcome is a range of...

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  • Pro Cure Scents

    TT Lures

    Pro Cure Gel Scent

    Pro cure Gel Scent - Fishing Attractant You don’t use fish scent attractant because you think the action of your lure is good enough. You also feel that it’s another process to go through that delays your cast. Pro Cure Super Gel Scent can be...

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  • Gulp Alive Re-charge Liquid


    Gulp Alive Recharge Liquid Bottle

    Berkley Gulp Recharge Liquid Juice There are very few Berkley Gulp lure fishing enthusiasts leaving home without their bottle of Gulp Liquid. Not since the rise and rise of plastics has there been anything quite as revolutionary as the Berkley Gulp fish...

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