Penn Battle 3 Fishing Reel

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Penn Battle 3 Fishing Reel  (CLEARANCE SALE)

Penn Battle. The name says it all. Armed with Penn’s legend spin workhorse, you’re set to tackle any number of fish in any number of situations. Firstly, the range is sensational. From a 2500 to 10000 size, you can go fishing at the most remote babbling brook for trout, to an offshore reef for a powerful GT depending on the size reel you choose to purchase.

Secondly, you’re doing it in style with a feature-loaded powerhouse that combines refined good looks with rugged durability and precision engineering. The fishing tackle shop has the full range of Penn Battle 3 spin reels for sale, and they’re a top seller for good reasons.

Few manufacturers can offer so many great technological features at such an accessible price. Penn reels are famous for their strength, power and durability. Now, further enhanced by Penn’s reasonable pricing.

A full metal body, including metal rotor and side plate, head the features list. Penn’s HT-100 drag takes it to the next level, yet there’s still more.

In classic Penn black and gold, the heavy porting gives it a sleek sports look. While the focus is on endurance and stability, nothing’s lost in precision, and the feel is far lighter than the reel would appear.

Generous spool capacities and robust drag systems ensure every Penn Battle punches upwards. You can rest assured, regardless of the size of scaly monster that attacks your bait, you’re far better positioned to have the upper hand.

For those anglers looking for a go-to workhorse, that will cover beach, boat, bank and blue water; you can’t look past a Penn Battle Fishing Reel. If you’re looking for endurance as well as refined performance, then it’s Penn Battle taking your hard-earned dollar further.

Grab a couple of them, and get some consistency in your go-to spin arsenal.

Features and Specifications

Model Physical Size Class Main Use Max Drag (Kg) Gear Ratio Retrieve Per Crank (cm) Approx Mono Line Capacity Approx Braid Line Capacity Approx Weight (g)
Battle 2500 Small Light Inshore - Lakes & Rivers 5.9 6.2:1 84 255yds/6lb
Battle 3000 Small-Med Light-Med inshore Lakes & Rivers 6.8 6.2:1 89 200yds/8lb
Battle 4000 Medium Heavy inshore – light offshore 6.8 6.2:1 94 270yds/8lb
Battle 4000 HS High Speed Medium Heavy inshore – light offshore 6.8 7.0:1 109 305yds/8lb
Battle 5000 Medium Heavy inshore – light offshore 11.3 5.6:1 91 225yds/12lb
Battle 6000 Large Beach, Rocks, Offshore boat 11.3 5.6:1 104 335yds/15lb
Battle 6000 HS High Speed Large Beach, Rocks, Offshore boat 11.3 6.2:1 119 365yds/15lb
Battle 8000 Large Beach, Rocks, Offshore boat 13.6 4.7 96 340yds/20lb
Battle 8000 HS High Speed Large Beach, Rocks, Offshore boat 13.6 5.3:1 112 370yds/20lb
Battle 10000 Extra Large Beach, Rocks, Offshore boat 18.1 4.2:1 109 395yds/30lb
  • Series: Penn Battle III (3)
  • Ball Bearings: 5+1 Shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Instant Anti-Reverse bearing
  • Heavy-duty aluminium bail wire
  • Superline Spool (line not included)
  • Line Capacity Rings
  • Full Metal Body, side plate, and rotor

Note: Price is for one Penn Battle fishing reel only. Multiple Images are for reference only. Pricing will differ depending on which size you order.

The Battle 3 Replaces the Battle II that was previously on this same listing. If you thought the reviews for the battle II online were great... This reel is a whole new level. Why change something that works and already sells so well you ask? To make it better!

Penn Battle 3 Reel Buying Guide

Here is where you will learn all about the sizes we sell and their basic applications.

Penn Battle 2500 Reel – Is a smaller sized fishing reel ideal for inshore fishing styles. The 2500 model will excel for most lake and river fishing applications. We suggest matching to a 6-7ft fishing rod with supported line ratings between 3-6kg.

The drag grade of the Battle 2500 reel is considered moderate. So, it can withstand some hard battles from bream, bass and flathead through to sooty grunter and mangrove jack.

Penn Battle 3000 Reel – Is perfect for demanding style inshore lake and river fishing. The 3000 battle mimics the applications of the 2500 size along with a more generous line capacity.

Our suggestions are to match with a 6-7ft fishing rod with line ratings between 4-8kg for various forms of heavy inshore fishing as per the 2500 size.

Penn Battle 4000 Reel – makes an inspiring option for light offshore. It’s a reel capable of fishing shallow reefs, flats and bays for snapper and other reef sports fish. Back inshore, the Battle 4000 will be more than capable in lakes, rivers and enclosed waters for murray cod, barra, fingermark, school jewfish, queenfish and other outsized freshwater or saltwater fish.

Battle 4000 Reels additionally make an excellent choice for light-mid class rock and beach fishing. Fishing for whiting, dart, salmon, tailor, bream, flathead and drummer will be little challenge.

We suggest fishing rod sizes of between 6-7ft for light offshore or 6-8ft for heavy inshore. Many rods rated between 4-10kg will make terrific options for either approach. If surf or rock fishing, go easy and pick rods between 8ft to 10ft 6 inch in length that don line rating up to 5kg. Since the 4000 reel is only medium in physical size, it will balance better on longer rods with a lighter class.

Penn Battle 5000 Reel – represents the same relevance as the size 4000. The only significant difference is line capacity is enhanced. Physical size grade isn’t much larger. Therefore, go by the same suggestions we have provided for the 4000 size in terms of rod choice. Of course, especially if using braided lines you could ramp up the rating of rod you choose to purchase if you need to.

Penn Battle 6000 Reel – Now, we are starting to talk larger physical size. Penn Battle 6000 Reels make an excellent all-round rock, beach and offshore boat reel for a wide range of saltwater target fish. Snapper, mulloway, kingfish, cobia, tailor, small tuna, mackerel, mahi-mahi and several northern reef species are just a couple of names we can rattle off where the size 6000 is capable of challenge.

Offshore on your boat, fish the Battle 6000 with a 6ft to 7ft 6 inch rod with line rating between 8-24kg for best performance. From the rocks or beaches fish with an 8-13ft rod rated up to 15kg.

Penn Battle 8000 Reel – Like other sizes in this series where applications cross over, the 8000 is no different. With an 8000, the same concepts will apply as indicated for the 6000 model. However if you want to fish harder off the beach or rocks you can always step your rod rating up a notch and match to a 24kg rated model if desired.

Penn Battle 10000 Reel – The ultimate kingsized spinning reel for beach, rock and offshore fishing. Holds stacks of line in heavy strains. Perfect for targeting tuna, kingfish, jewfish, mackerel, Giant Trevally, shark and an endless list of other fish in the same class. Fish on 12-15ft beach rods or short boat rods with appraised ratings upto 37Kg.


  • HT-100 drag washers offer up to twenty per cent more drag pressure than standard drag washers, giving you oceans of stopping power for the biggest of fish.
  • Shielded stainless steel ball bearings keep the garbage out and the lube in, ensuring that your reels operate at peak throughout its working life.
  • Line capacity rings keeps you informed about your line situation in the heat of battle, losing too much line? Time to crank the drag up.
  • The full metal body, side plate, and rotor add incredible strength and rigidity to the Battle, without compromising the lightweight feel.
  • With instant anti-reverse, you can be confident that come strike; there’ll be no back play when you lift the tip to set the hooks.

The Penn Battle 3 is every anglers spin reel. The accessible price point coupled with robust construction makes it the first choice for your go-to workhorse from babbling brook to bank, beach and boat.


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