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Shimano Sedona Reel – FJ Model For Sale

Struggling with stubborn and tired fishing reels can take the fun out of landing feisty fish. Fortunately, the 2023 Shimano Sedona reel range is now available to deliver smooth-reeling excitement for fishing in Australia's best inshore fishing spots.

This upgraded FJ spinning reel series replaces the outgoing Sedona FI series and incorporates Shimano's latest innovations for exceptional durability, slick power, and sheer fishing fun. The best part is that it remains remarkably affordable.

Built Around Hagane Gears

Hagane gears provide super strength, brilliant reliability, especially under load, and phenomenal endurance that will see your Sedona provide a silky smooth, beautifully meshed crank for years.

Enhancing the Affordability

Despite the proven Hagane technology, Shimano’s clever engineering ensures the Sedona remains extraordinarily affordable. This ingenious combination of robustness and value makes the Shimano Sedona Reel FJ Series an entry-level option for anglers seeking reliable functionality without a premium price tag.

AR-C Spool for Slick Casting

The Sedona spinning reel spool design featuring Shimano’s AR-C construction significantly boosts casting and line management capabilities. The reduced friction design enables effortless, extended casting distance even with lighter lines. Prepare to achieve greater accuracy while reducing the risk of line twists and tangles.

Tackling Australian Species with Ease

Available in a range of sizes from 1000 up to 5000, the Shimano Sedona Reel offers versatile, multi-purpose appeal for targeting popular Aussie species. The smallest options make light work of bream, flathead and trout, while the larger models are purpose-built for battling barramundi, Murray Cod and hard-fighting jewfish. Wherever you fish across Australia, whether in a local lake or river or from a boat slightly offshore, there’s a Sedona fishing reel to match.

Unlock Fishing Enjoyment Without Extra Cost

In today’s economy, value and quality go hand-in-hand better than ever. With the latest 2023  FJ Shimano Sedona Reel range, entry-level no longer means compromise. Unlock greater casting enjoyment with enhanced affordability. The Sedona reel opens up exciting possibilities without stretching your budget.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Shimano Sedona Reel FJ (2023 release and current)
  • Shimano AR-C Aluminium Spool
  • Shimano Technologies including Silent drive and G Free Body,
  • Hagane Gearing – Forged gear for incredible strength and durability
  • Ball Bearings: 3+1
  • Suitable For freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing
Model Size Class Ideal For Approx Mono Line Capacity (lb/yds) Approx Braid Line Capacity Line Capacity (mm/m) Max Drag (Kg) Gear Ratio Weight approx
Shimano Sedona 1000 FJ Small Size Lake/River 2lb/270yds, 4lb/160yds or 6lb/110yds 95yds / 10lb 0.18/170 3 5.0:1 215 grams
Shimano Sedona 2500 FJ Small Size Lake/River 6lb/200yds, 8lb/140yds or 10lb/120yds 150yds / 10lb or 145 yards / 15lb 0.18/290 9 5.0:1 240 grams
Shimano Sedona 3000 FJ Small-Med Lake/River 6lb/230yds, 8lb/170yds or 10lb/140yds 200 yards / 10lb or 140 yds / 20lb 0.25/210 9 6.2:1 245 grams
Shimano Sedona 4000 FJ Medium Size Lake/River, light offshore or beach 8lb/240yds, 10lb/200yds or 12lb/160yds 170yds / 30lb 0.25/260 11 6.2:1 290 grams
Shimano Sedona 5000 FJ Medium Size Lake/River, light offshore or beach 10lb/240yds, 12lb/195yds or 14lb/160yds 200yds / 30lb 0.30/240 11 6.2:1 310 grams

Sedona Reel Sizes Available:

1000, 2500, 3000, 4000 and 5000 (each size is priced and sold separately)

Shimano Sedona FJ Reel FAQs

What are the main benefits of the Shimano Sedona Reel?

The Sedona provides silky smooth Hagane gear performance, long-lasting durability and versatile usability at an affordable price point. Enhanced features also improve casting capability for awesome fishing functionality without costing a premium.

What types of fishing is the Sedona Reel best suited for? 

With sizes ranging from 1000 to 5000, Sedona models can cover light estuary fishing for bream and whiting right up to battling bulky Murray Cod and saltwater jewfish. To assist you in making the best decision on what size reel to purchase, we have crafted this handy little buying guide.

Shimano Sedona 1000 FJ Reels are great little reels for freshwater and light saltwater fishing, ideal for targeting anything from bream to whiting, trout and bass. We suggest matching with a graphite fishing rod with a line rating around the 1-4kg mark.

Shimano Sedona 2500 FJ size reels are the next step for those wishing to fish with slightly heavier fishing lines or desire more line capacity. In fact, out of all the sizes we sell, the Sedona 2500 FJ Fishing reel is our biggest seller by far. It's such a great little versatile reel. We suggest pairing it with a graphite spin-type fishing rod with a rating of around 2-5kg.

Shimano Sedona 3000 FJ Reel is that reel that suits the angler who desires a little bit bigger for heaver inshore fishing targeting big flathead or tailor in lakes and rivers, etc. Ideally, a suitable rod for this reel would be a graphite fishing rod with a line rating of around 3-6kg.

Shimano Sedona 4000 FJ Reels are suited to heavier inshore fishing, such as fishing for Murray cod, barramundi, and jewfish and can even be used as a heavier reel for bait fishing for bream, flathead and other estuary and lake fish species. The reel also makes a great light beach or rock fishing reel to chase bream, whiting dart and more. But it doesn’t stop there; the Shimano Sedona 4000 FJ Reel makes a great light offshore reel for reef and light sport fishing.

Shimano Sedona 5000 FJ Reels are suited to the same specs as above; the only difference is the line capacity; the Shimano Sedona 5000 Reel holds more lines and weighs a few grams extra, that’s it! So, if you want a reel with more line capacity, go with a 5000.

When matching a rod with a Sedona 4000 or 5000, we suggest that it be matched up on a rod around 6-8ft for heavier inshore. Match it to a bait rod rated anywhere around the 3-6kg mark or on a graphite lure rod rated up to 10kg for catching barra, cod and snapper. We suggest a light 9ft to 11ft graphite coastal surf rod rated around 3-5kg+ for light surf fishing.

How does the Shimano Sedona reel compare to other reels in a similar price bracket?

The Sedona stands shoulders above rival reels at this entry-price point by delivering exceptional durability through premium Hagane gearing. This high-end componentry ensures unmatched smoothness and strength, outperforming all competitors.

Buy a Shimano Sedona FJ Reel

A limited budget should never prevent any angler from fishing with the best. The new 2023 Shimano Sedona Reel for sale continues the Shimano tradition of looking after its budget-conscious anglers by providing exceptional quality, continual improvement, and performance at an entry-level price. Get yours now, as they don’t sit on the shelf for long here at the fishing tackle shop.


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