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Shimano Stradic FM Reel - Spinning Fishing Reel

Have you been eyeing off the new Shimano Stradic FM spinning reel? This beauty is the 2023 update to the Stradic series, replacing the previous FL model. As an avid angler, I can tell you this reel is an absolute ripper worth the investment.

Now I know we've all used reels that feel clunky as a box of spanners. But let me tell you, the Stradic FM glides like a ballerina and packs the power of a racehorse. It's incredibly lightweight yet built tough as nails to withstand the elements and the fish that'll put up a fight.

The engineers at Shimano have loaded this reel with intelligent technologies like X-Protect to stop water from getting in and mucking things up. However, don't go dunking it in the drink, either! As always, look after your gear, and it'll look after you.

In my experience, nothing beats the silky-smooth cast and flawless control of the Stradic FM. It's pure fishing joy when that line flies through the air where you want it. Those fish don't stand a chance!

Features and Specifications

Model Physical Size Class Typical Use Max Drag (kg) Gear Ratio Retrieve (cm) Approx Monofilament Capacity Approx Braid Capacity Approx Weight
1000 FM Small Light inshore lakes & Rivers 3 6.0:1 75 2lb/270yds
2000 FM Small Light inshore lakes & Rivers 3 6.0:1 81 6lb/151yds 10lb/140yds 185g
2500 FM Small Light inshore lakes & Rivers 9 5.8:1 86 6lb/200yds
3000 FM Small-Med Light-med inshore lakes & Rivers 9 5.8:1 86 6lb/230yds
4000 FM Medium Heavy lake-river, light beach, rock or offshore 11 6.2:1 101 8lb/240yds
5000 FM Medium Heavy lake-river, light beach, rock or offshore 11 6.2:1 101 10lb/240yds
  • Model: Shimano Stradic FM (2023 release and current model)
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • New technology includes: Anti Twist fin, Duracross drag, infinity drive, infinity cross design, infinity loop
  • Standard technologies such as X-Protect, Hagane, long stroke spool and silent drive, plus other features in previous releases
  • Bearings: 6+1
  • Right or left handle (can be changed)

Note: The price is for only one Shimano Stradic FM fishing reel. Prices will vary depending on which specific Stradic FM model you order.

Shimano Stradic FM Size Buying Guide

Fellow anglers, let's dive into the versatile Shimano Stradic FL series and explore which reel will unlock your fishing potential. With several sizes available, finding the right fit for your fishing needs can be challenging. As a tackle specialist, let me be your fishing buddy and share my thoughts on each model.

Stradic 1000 FM - 1000 is a featherweight champion designed for the finesse specialists chasing bream, trout and bass in creeks and lakes. Pair this reel with an ultralight 6-7 foot rod rated for 1-4kg, and you'll have a teriffic setup for jigging and casting diminutive lures with pinpoint accuracy.

Stradic 2000 FM - Moving up slightly in size, the 2000 FM adds more line capacity while retaining the elegant qualities of the 1000. The 2000 model continues to shine for creek stalking but also flexes some versatility for nearshore waters.

Stradic 3000 FM - Now we get into the meat of the lineup. The 2500 FM is the people's favourite, offering the perfect power, capacity and balance blend. Match it with a 7-foot stick rated for 2-5kg, and you'll have a versatile inshore warrior ready to dance with bream, bass, whiting and more.

Packing more potency, the 3000 FM turns up the torque for battling hard-fighting barra, cod, mangrove jacks, and other rough customers. Beef up your rod to 4-10kg, and you'll have the tools to tame these brutes in tight confines.

Stradic 4000 FM - When it's time to hit the big leagues, call on the 4000 FM. This rugged beauty has the muscle for murray cod, saratoga and heavy inshore species yet retains the Stradic's famous refinement. Tie her to a 10kg class stick between 7-9 feet and confidently chase Jack, grunter and old man snapper.

Stradic 5000 FM - Finally, we have the elegant yet hard-charging 5000 FM, a medium framed reel oozing power and 11kg of drag, perfectly at home boat side, wade fishing or surf casting for hard fighting drummer, salmon and other tough opponents.

So there you have it - the Shimano Stradic FM family. Let us know if you have any other questions, and may your next fishing mission be filled with bent rods and screaming drags!

Shimano Stradic FL vs the New FM Reel

The new Shimano Stradic FM reel is a true beauty, but how does it stack up against the old FL model? Let this Aussie angler give you the lowdown.

Righto, the significant upgrade is Shimano's new Infinity Drive technology. Now, this is an absolute ripper of innovation. It reduces rotational torque by 30%, so you can easily keep cranking even when you hook a big barra. Smooth as butter!

Thanks to the new oscillation system, you'll also get better distance and accuracy. It lays that line nicely and evenly on the spool: no more tangles and less chance of nasty wind knots.

The redesigned Infinity Cross gearing makes the whole reel feel rock solid while you're fighting a fish. Then the new Duracross drag washers? They'll stop a rampaging mangrove jack in its tracks!

But there's one feature I'm frothing over - the anti-twist fin. It stops your line from getting twisted like a cockatoo in a tornado. So, you can cast all day without worry.

I must confess that the old Stradic FL reel is still a mighty fine bit of kit. However, with all these slick new technologies, the new FM takes it up a notch. So, if you want one of the smoothest, most powerful new spinning reels with all the latest technology to tame that elusive bream or lairy barramundi, Buy the new Stradic FM Reel. It'll make you feel like the Kelly Slater of fishing, not the Nemo! But you've got to be quick; these reels can sell faster than chiko rolls at the footy when we get our shipments in.


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