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Shimano Saragosa Reels For Sale

All Shimano fans are well aware of the pedigree of the Shimano Stella range. We’re also aware of their top end, aspirational price point, which is only accessible to a smaller number of anglers. The Shimano Saragosa gives you access to the same larger class of fish, with all the performance at a fraction of the price of Stella.

The Saragosa cuts down on the number of bearings relative to the Stella, but without sacrificing the smooth crank and huge inclusions list. The Shimano Saragosa reel boasts bucket loads of Shimano’s most unique spin reel technologies, making the Saragosa reel a formidable powerhouse designed to tackle the oceans biggest.

Shimano Saragosa Reels are big yet refined. Their light weights defy their designated purpose of big fish angling. A Shimano Saragosa design is for fishing on the beach, rocks, reefs, nearshore and out past the shelf in the blue water.

The 5000 model, the smallest in the range, will make an excellent reel for those who tackle a larger class of fish in the rivers and estuaries, such as mulloway or barra. The Saragosa 5000 also makes for a versatile go-to allrounder that could be useful just about everywhere.

While crank smoothness, strength and rigidity are givens, it is the generous spool capacities and max drag that provides access to our large predatory fish. The smaller models cover Aussie salmon, tailor, bonito, barra, trevally and more whereas the big models like the 20000 or 25000 pit you against tuna, kingfish, GT’s, mackerel, sailfish, marlin and sharks.

The fishing tackle shop has Shimano Saragosa reels for sale now. The price is accessible, and the fishing possibilities are endless.

For those looking for a highly tuned, beautifully refined workhorse, that will endure countless sessions against the oceans biggest fish, we strongly advise you consider Shimano Saragosa reels.

Check out the specs and technology inclusions list below. The Saragosa is jam-packed with Shimano’s best.

Want to chase the oceans biggest without having to mortgage the house? You've got to choose Shimano Saragosa Fishing Reels. It doesn’t get any better in this class.

Features and Specifications

ModelPhysical Size ClassMax DragRatioApprox Mono Line CapacityApprox Braid Line CapacityApprox Weight
SARAGOSA 5000 SWA Medium Size Reel 10Kg 6.2:1 10lb/240 yds
12lb/195 yds
14lb/165 yds
20lb/245 yds
30lb/225 yds
40lb/175 yds
SARAGOSA 6000 SWA Medium Size Reel 10Kg 5.7:1 12lb/265 yds
16lb/170 yds
20lb/120 yds
30lb/290 yds
50lb/195 yds
65lb/140 yds
SARAGOSA 8000 SWA Large Size Reel 16Kg 5.6:1 14lb/300 yds
16lb/250 yds
20lb/185 yds
40lb/340 yds
50lb/265 yds
65lb/215 yds
SARAGOSA 10000 SWA Large Size Reel 15Kg 4.9:1 12lb/500 yds
16lb/320 yds
20lb/220 yds
50lb/360 yds
65lb/260 yds
80lb/215 yds
SARAGOSA 14000 SWA Large Size Reel 15Kg 6.2:1 16b/360 yds
20lb/260 yds
25lb/190 yds
65lb/315 yds
80lb/240 yds
SARAGOSA 18000 SWA Extra Large Reel 20Kg 5.7:1 20b/415 yds
25lb/340 yds
30lb/280 yds
50b/600 yds
65b/440 yds
80lb/360 yds
SARAGOSA 20000 SWA Extra Large Reel 20Kg 4.4:1 20lb/460 yds
25lb/380 yds
30lb/320 yds
65lb/490 yds
80lb/400 yds
100lb/340 yds
SARAGOSA 25000 SWA Extra Large Reel 20Kg 4.4:1 20lb/570 yds
25lb/490 yds
30lb/360 yds
65lb/630 yds
80lb/520 yds
100lb/440 yds
  • Ball bearings: 5+1 (on 5000, 6000, 8000, 10000, 14000) 6+1 (on 18000, 20000, 25000)
  • AR-C spool
  • Hybrid Hagane Body
  • One-piece bail
  • Manual bail close system (not automatic on wind)
  • Infinity Drive
  • X-Protect - Upgraded IPX8 Line Roller System
  • X-Protect
  • A waterproof cross carbon drag system
  • Hagane & X-Ship Gear technology
  • Ideal for heavy-duty saltwater fishing.
  • Perfect for beach, rock and offshore boat fishing
  • Saragosa SWA Reel Model (2020 release and current)

Note: Price is for one fishing reel only. Multiple images are for illustrative purpose. Pricing will vary depending on the size option you decide you will purchase.

Shimano Saragosa SW Reel Buying Guide

This broad range of saltwater spinning reels gives you six models from which to choose. The drag power of the series starts at 10kg and climbs to a maximum of 20kg, giving you an enticing spread of options. Below we will detail a little more on each model for sale to assist you in making the appropriate purchase decision for your fishing circumstance.

Saragosa 5000 SWA - is a super durable saltwater reel that will handle hard fighting fish like snapper, rock blackfish, jewfish, kingfish, mackerel, barramundi, fingermark, mangrove jack, cod, etcetera.

The 5000 can be fished from the shore or the boat and matches to fishing rods ranging in length from 1.5m (jigging rods) up to 3.5m (surf/ rock rods) depending on your fishing situation.

Saragosa 6000 SWA - essentially is not too much larger than the 5000 and sports all the same purpose. You will get a better line capacity or have the ability to fish slightly heavier line class. The 6000 is perfect for many 10-12ft beach rods, ideally appraised near a 10kg rating.

An 8-10ft spin stick for rock fishing will also match well with the 6000SW.

On the offshore saltwater boat scene, It’s a reel size which perfectly suits reef fishing for snapper and other reef dwellers; It’s ideal for sport fishing for certain species of tuna, mackerel and mahi-mahi. To finish, its a perfect size for offshore jigging. The 6000 SW will pair with a boat or jigging rod up to approximately 1.5 metres in length.

Saragosa 8000 SWA - moves from a medium class of reel into a large class. Like all others in the series, the 8000 performs brilliantly for applications such as beach fishing on 10-12ft rods rated 8-10kg+, rock fishing on 8-10ft rods rated 8kg+, or for offshore boat fishing, ideally on rods rated anywhere up to 24kg.

Saragosa 10000 SWA - Are identical to the 8000, they share the same body frame but has a deeper spool and a lower gear ratio which delivers extra cranking power. Like the 8000, the Saragosa 10000 SW is brilliant for beach, rock and offshore boat fishing but has a better capacity and drag authority for stopping beach jew, sharks, GT, a larger class of tuna and other spots fish that deliver supreme power. The 10000 SW is our best selling size in the entire range due to its general-purpose size.

Saragosa 14000 SWA - Is a new size introduced into the range back in 2020. This new 14000 size. With an impressive high-speed gear ratio, the 14000 screams perfect for anglers spinning off the rocks or boats for kings, trevally, tuna, and everything else in between.  When fishing offshore, the benefit of being able to retrieve your baited rigs faster from the murky depths can often be beneficial also. The 14000 will typically pair with 10-13ft rock/surf rods and most boat rods with heavy ratings.

Saragosa 18000 SWA - 

Saragosa 20000 SWA - is the first extra large-sized reel in the series. It is designed to hold decent line capacities or can utilise heftier line classes. Heart-stopping 20kg max drag has you pitted against the oceans toughest fish whether you fish offshore with rods rated anywhere from 15-37kg, from the beach or rocks with 10-12ft, 15-24kg appraised rock/surf rods.

The 20,000 SW is also very popular among anglers that chase GT and other northern reef species on popper rods. The 20,000 can fish heavy, making it an excellent choice for line classes of 80lb to contest such ocean-dwelling beasts.

Saragosa 25000 SWA - is the largest size in the SW series. It sports all the possibilities and capabilities of the 20,000 with the added line capacity benefit.


  • Two critical features, X-shield and X-protect both work together, preventing corrosive damage to the Saragosa SW reels. X-protect is water repelling technology. While the reels are not fully waterproof, these two features assist in keeping 12 crucial areas of the mechanisms performing longer, repelling water, preventing corrosion and increasing the longevity of your fishing reel.
  • AR-C spool design helps to improve the castability of the reel. Fishing line peels off the spool in loops that are smaller dramatically decreasing friction and refining your cast distance.
  • The benefit of the one-piece bail wire means that there is no opportunity for the line to catch as the bail closes and as the fishing line slides onto the roller.
  • Bearing supported X-Ship Hagane gearing delivers smooth, near-effortless incredible cranking power.

The Shimano Saragosa reels get you out amongst the oceans biggest at an accessible price point. The feature list is second to none in its class and delivers the refined performance expected of much pricier spin reels. Place your order online with the Fishing Tackle Shop and have your Shimano Saragosa delivered ready for your next fishing adventure.



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