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Rovex-Powerspin Reel

The Rovex Power Spin fishing reel series is for sale now at the fishing tackle shop. If you’re on a tight budget, fitting up the family with spin reels or building an arsenal to cover several applications, the Power Spin is a leading contender.

While a rock bottom entry-level price point, the Roxex Powerspin Reel series shouldn’t be considered cheap. Rovex-Powerspin Reels are reliable performers, delivering budget-driven anglers access to an astonishing variety of fishing options.

The two Baitfeeder models are an excellent choice for those live fishing nippers, poddy mullet and other natural baits.

The two drag system on Baitfeeder models is built for live baiters and those that like to set baits and wait for the strike. The free-spool mode allows fish to take off with the bait while not feeling any resistance. With the flick of a switch, the free spool drag system switches to the main drag, and you’re ready for the battle.

Whatever your Powerspin choice, regular spin or baitfeeder style, it’s a good one. If you have a tight budget but a desire to fish with quality kit, the Rovex-Powerspin Reel delivers.-Check out the specs below and choose your Rovex-Powerspin Reel.

Features and Specifications

ModelPhysical Size ClassTypical UseGear RatioDragApprox Mono Line CapacityBraid CapacityApprox Weight
Powerspin 2000 Small Light inshore lake & River 5.2:1 9lb 6lb/165yd 6lb/262yd 260 grams
Powerspin Baitfeeder 3000 Small-Med Light inshore lake & River 5.2:1 12lb 10lb/165yd 10lb/284yd 335 grams
Powerspin 4000 Medium Medium inshore lake/river, light offshore or surf 5.2:1 12lb 10lb/190yd 10lb/262yd 315 grams
Powerspin Baitfeeder 5000 Medium Light-med offshore, beach, rock, inshore 5.2:1 14lb 20lb/105yd 20lb/328yd 445 grams
Powerspin 6000 Large Medium surf, rock, offshore 5.2:1 14lb 20lb/125yd 20lb/394yd 420 grams
Powerspin 8000 Large Heavy surf, rock, offshore 4.1:1 17lb 20lb/340yd 50lb/530yd 670 grams
  • Ball bearings: 3+1
  • Dual drag system (Baitfeeder only)
  • CNC handle with EVA knob
  • Spool: Aluminium construction (textured for braid on spin models only – not baitfeeders)
  • Body Materials: graphite rotor and body
  • Stainless steel main shaft

Note: Multiple images are for illustration only. The price will vary on selection depending on which model you choose to purchase and the price is for one individual reel only.

Rovex Power Spin Buying Guide

The 2000 will suit the anglers looking to develop their finesse skills. It’s an ideal reel for the fresh and the salt light class style chasing everything from whiting to bass. Our fishing rod recommendation is for a rod between 6-7ft in length with a line class rating between 2-5kg.

The 4000 will be an excellent all-rounder choice, ideal for everything from lake dwelling flathead to Aussie salmon from the break walls. An ultra-light beach, rock or offshore reel to medium inshore. Powerspin 4000 model reel will typically suit most 6-8ft rods rated 4-10kg, especially graphite.

The 6000 will suit anglers looking to fish the beaches, rocks and break walls for anything from Mulloway to drummer and snapper as well as smaller mackerel, kingfish and a host of others. Offshore, the 6000 will make an excellent snapper and sports fishing reel.

If fishing the rocks and beaches, the 6000 pairs best with 8-10ft rods with ratings above 6kg.

The 8000 will hold over 500 yards of 50-pound braid. With 17 pounds of max drag, you can cast poppers at kings from the rocks or a boat. You can tackle a larger class of Mulloway from a deep surf gutter or throw big metal slices into schools of mackerel.

We suggest pairing the 8000 to a short 6-7ft boat rod or 12ft rock/surf rod with ratings above 10Kg.


  • The Rovex Powerspin reel is an affordable series that allows anglers to fit up for less.
  • The aluminium spool is braid ready with its textured design (excluding baitfeeder models which have a smooth spool surface - braid/line is not included). If braid is not your preference, the reels will also take a suitable amount of mono. Again, this adds even further versatility to the range
  • Live bait and natural bait anglers will appreciate the Baitfeeder models (should you purchase a BF model), with the 5000 Baitfeeder delivering great options for those who hunt mulloway inshore.
  • Spool capacities are generous, combining well with the powerful drag system. The 8000, if you purchase that size, has genuine offshore credentials for pelagic species, bottom feeders and classic reef dwellers.
  • Rovex Powerspin fishing reels deliver fantastic performance and look fantastic.
  • The CNC handle, and EVA handle knob adds a great feel to the power spin, encouraging a confident crank, supported thoroughly by three ball bearings.

The Rovex-Powerspin Reel is brilliant. If you’re on a tight budget, yet demand performance, durability and versatility, the power spin is tough to beat. Grab a few models now and enjoy consistency and predictability across all of your spin applications.


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