River and Lake Fishing Rods

Lake & River Fishing Rods

River and Lake Fishing Rods are one of our specialties here in our online tackle store.
Freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing in rivers and lakes can offer a more relaxed experience compared to surf and game fishing. Listen to the water lapping against the shore amid tranquil surroundings as you fish with the ideal rod to suit your budget and requirements. The Fishing Tackle Shop is home to a vast selection of freshwater fishing rods and saltwater estuary rods from the best brands.

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    Shimano Revolution Rods


    Shimano Revolution Rods

    Shimano Revolution Rods For Sale Note This listing is undergoing an upgrade old models are being cleared out and this listing may also include new models - images and description to be updated shortly. Exceptional quality needn’t cost an arm and a...

    RRP $159.00 - $319.00
    $99.00 - $349.00
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  • Shimano Raider Rods


    Shimano Raider Rods

    Shimano Raider Rods For Sale Any angler that hasn't been asleep for that last decade will know the Ian Miller designed Shimano Raider rods series. The 2021 release promises a few improvements and style changes, but with the continuation of all the same...

    $89.00 - $159.00
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  • Abu Garcia Veritas Rods

    Abu Garcia

    Abu Garcia Veritas Rods

    Abu Garcia Veritas Rods For Sale The new generation of the Abu Garcia Veritas fishing rod series has been released in 2021. The upgrade in this current model is known as the 4.0 series (fourth generation). Abu aimed to develop a fishing rod with all of...

    $99.00 - $239.95
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  • Shimano Catana Fishing Rod


    Shimano Catana Fishing Rods

    Shimano Catana Fishing Rods The New Catana Rod from Shimano has received a fantastic cosmetic make over. Now, they look even better, with all the affordable performance that has made them so very popular in the first place. This is some very classy...

    $69.95 - $110.00
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  • Uglystik Fishing Rods


    Ugly Stik Fishing Rods Gold Series

    Ugly Stik Fishing Rods For Sale – For River, Lake, Surf and Boat you name it! With thousands of fishing rods for sale in the marketplace one is left to wonder which one to buy. Well, if your one of those anglers who perhaps gives your fishing gear...

    $59.95 - $179.95
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  • Daiwa TD Black Fishing Rods

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa TD Black Fishing Rods

    Daiwa TD Black Fishing Rods - We sell Spin, Baitcaster or Travel Rod Models There's plenty value driven light tackle rods on the market that offer excellent performance. There are also plenty of said rods, across the brands, that stick up their tip...

    RRP $239.00 - $249.00
    $143.40 - $289.00
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  • Shimano Taipan Rod


    Shimano Taipan Rod

    Shimano Taipan Rod - Fishing Rods For Sale The Shimano Taipan Rod series has been a massive hit in the market again after a cosmetic makeover, and it is looking sizzling hot. Performance is equally impressive. The Taipan fishing rod retains the classic...

    $74.95 - $159.00
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  • Shimano Lipstix Fishing Rods (Model 602SP)


    Shimano Lipstix Fishing Rods

    Shimano Lipstix Fishing Rods For Sale Lipstix Rods are a new range of affordable styled pink fishing rods designed exclusively for female anglers. Visually, the Shimano fishing rods in the range feature an eye-catching colour combination. Female anglers...

    $29.95 - $49.95
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  • Rovex Specialist Travel Rod


    Rovex Specialist Travel Rods Portable

    Rovex Specialist Travel Rods – Portable Fishing Rod The last few decades have seen the world become profoundly mobile. We anglers are no exception. The fishing industry has always catered for the rambling angler but it is the last few years that...

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  • Ugly Stik Pink Fishing Rod


    Ugly Stik Pink Fishing Rod

    Ugly Stik Pink Fishing Rod Ugly Stik is the innovative brand of fishing rod produced by Shakespeare and available from the Fishing Tackle Shop. Initially produced in 1977, Ugly Sticks have been developed for more than three decades to craft a number of...

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  • TD Daiwa Sol Rod

    Daiwa Fishing

    TD Daiwa Sol Rod

    TD Daiwa Sol Rod – Fishing Rods HVF Nanoplus graphite provides the foundation for these feature laden Diawa Sol Rods for sale. Replete with Fuji and custom Alloy hardware, you will search for an eternity to find a fishing rod that offers better...

    $109.00 - $159.95
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  • Abu Garcia Rayrex Blackfish Rod

    Abu Garcia

    Abu Garcia Rayrex Blackfish Rod / Light Surf

    Abu Garcia Rayrex Blackfish Rod The ABU Garcia Rayrex blackfish rod is for sale now at the fishing tackle shop. We encourage all luderick legends as well as the novice and completely uninitiated to purchase a Rayrex, and go and get stuck into some...

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  • Rapala Maxwell Fishing Rods


    Rapala Maxwell Fishing Rods

    Rapala Maxwell Fishing Rods Refine your approach and hone your weapon selection to get the perfect cast with Rapala Maxwell Rods. It’s Rapala, one of the most successful and trusted fishing brands globally. A fiercely guarded pride and reputation...

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  • Shimano Zodias Fishing Rods


    Shimano Zodias JDM Fishing Rods

    Shimano JDM Zodias Spinning Rods The Shimano Zodias Spinning Rods are pretty well unbeatable in the lightweight spinning and casting category. Versatility is the name of the game here and indeed the intention of Shimano with the Zodias range. Well,...

    $299.95 - $439.00
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  • Silstar Crystal Power Tip Fishing Rods


    Silstar Crystal Power Tip Fishing Rods

    Silstar Crystal Power Tip Fishing Rods The signature trait of a Crystal Power Tip rod is the innovative blank driven by power and sensitivity. Silstar has blended graphite and fibreglass to deliver precisely those qualities. Independent testing has even...

    $69.95 - $169.95
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  • Daiwa TD Hyper Fishing Rod

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa TD Hyper Fishing Rod

    Daiwa TD Hyper Fishing Rod (We sell spin, baitcaster or travel models) Daiwa continues to set the bar high when it comes to delivering high-performance top-shelf technology fishing rods at accessible price points. The restyled and revamped Daiwa TD Hyper...

    RRP $149.95 - $179.95
    $97.47 - $189.95
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  • Shimano Squidgies Rods


    Shimano Squidgies Rods

    Shimano Squidgies Rods Shimano Squidgies were a revelation when they hit the soft plastics market over a decade ago. While it’s been a long time coming, Shimano has finally developed a fishing rod series designed specifically for their most famous...

    RRP $169.00
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  • Penn Regiment Rod


    Penn Regiment Fishing Rods

    Penn Regiment Fishing Rods - Black Ops Series Looking for a quality boat rod or inshore fishing rod? Head straight to the top shelf with the Penn Regiment rod series. All spinning rods in the range are designed with incredible strength, without...

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  • Daiwa Aird X Fishing Rod

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Aird X Fishing Rods

    Daiwa Aird X Fishing Rods For Sale Daiwa's Aird X rods provide average anglers with a feel generally reserved for higher-end rods. The rods listed below are all about feel, and the selection below covers a good range of applications, from finesse to...

    $99.00 - $119.00
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  • Jarvis Walker Karbonite Rods

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Karbonite Rods

    Jarvis Walker Karbonite Rods The Jarvis Walker Karbonite Rod series is for sale now at the fishing tackle shop. You’ll get impressive performance in a lightweight package and for a whole lot less. What’s more, there’s a Karbonite...

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  • Abu Garcia Salty Stage Rod KR-X

    Abu Garcia

    Abu Garcia Salty Stage Rods KR-X Light Casting

    Abu Salty Stage KR-X Light Casting Rods While fishing light is certainly not new by any stretch, who would have guessed its extreme proliferation and dominance in contemporary fishing. What this means for the average angler is that there is a huge...

    $139.00 - $279.95
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  • Daiwa TD Zero Rods Fishing Rod

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa TD Zero Rods Fishing Rod

    Daiwa TD Zero Rods – Fishing Rods For Sale From Ultra-Light to Heavy, the Daiwa TD Zero Rods are jam-packed with classy features that will change the way you fish, improving your skills and technique. It’s all in the feel, and the feel begins...

    $299.00 - $329.00
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  • Daiwa Commander Rods

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Commander Rods

    Daiwa Commander Rods For Sale For redefined high-performance fishing check out the brand new range of Daiwa TD Commander fishing rods we now have for sale. Featuring all the best flagship Daiwa rod technologies, the new commander is the ultimate rod for...

    $569.00 - $669.00
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  • Shimano T Curve Inshore Rod


    Shimano T Curve Inshore Rod

    Shimano T Curve Inshore Rod – 2020 Release It has been almost two decades since the original Shimano T Curve Inshore rod series was initially released in Australia. Now, after a period of absence, Shimano has re-released the much-loved T-Curve...

    $279.00 - $299.00
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