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Daiwa Aird Reel LT - Spinning Fishing Reels

Superseding the Aird X and 2019 model, the new 23 Daiwa Aird LT is a charming looking Spin reel. Daiwa tells us that the Aird LT has the most inclusions in this price bracket.

Take a look below at the list of specs, then check the price. We think you will agree, that dollar for dollar this is a pretty spectacular spin reel.

Not only is the finish and styling nothing short of stunning, but it also offers performance to burn. It will no doubt meet the approval of the most discerning angler and harshest critic.

Airdrive Bail and Air Rotor facilitate outstanding line management, where tough Digigear provides brilliantly synchronised power, backed up by no less than four ball bearings for superbly smooth cranking. The pin-through aluminium Handle and EVA knob also add to a perfectly ergonomic crank, particularly in the heat of battle.

Spool capacities are generous for the Daiwa Aird reels diminutive size, and there is just enough drag capacity to subdue the more mature of fish in both freshwater or saltwater.

The Daiwa Aird Reel is incredibly light due to inclusion of Daiwa’s LT concept (light tough) technology. When coupled with a spin rod of an equal or better class, you will be enjoying a very lightweight rig, allowing for hour upon hour of fatigue-free casting.

Like us, you will be blown away by the feature to price ration. It is astonishing how much technology Daiwa has managed to work into the Aird LT and still keep it in an affordable price bracket.

The Aird LT Reel for sale now and is sure to look good on your favourite spin rod.

Features and Specifications

Model Size Class Main Use Gear Ratio Approx Weight (g) Max Drag (kg) Approx Mono Line Capacity Approx Braid Line Capacity
2000 Small Light Lake
5.2:1 210 5 4lb/150m
PE0.6 (app 6lb)/200m
PE0.8 (app 8lb)/190m
PE1 (app 10lb)/140m
2500 Small Light Lake
5.3:1 235 10 4lb/230m
PE0.6 (app 6lb)/290m
PE0.8 (app 8lb)/200m
PE1 (app 10lb)/190m
3000 Small-Med Med Class Lake
5.3:1 240 10 8lb/150m
PE1(app 10lb)/200m
PE1.2 (app 12lb)/190m
PE1.5 (app 15lb)/170m
4000 Medium Heavy lake
River or
Super light offshore
5.2:1 275 12 10lb/190m
PE1.2 (app 12lb)/310m
PE1.5 (app 15lb)/200m
PE2 (app 20lb)/170m
5000 Medium Heavy lake
River, light beach,
Rock or offshore
5.6:1 275 12 10lb/330m
PE1.5 (app 15lb)/430m
PE2 (app 20lb)/300m
PE2.5 (app 25lb)/260m
6000 Large Rock, beach,
Offshore boat
5.7:1 370 12 14lb/260m
PE2 (app 20lb)/350m
PE2.5 (app 25lb)/300m
PE3 (app 30lb)/210m
  • Model Series: Daiwa Aird LT Reel (2023 release and current)
  • Bearings: 4+1 System
  • Suitable for either freshwater or saltwater fishing styles
  • Equipped with Daiwa technologies such as Air rotor, ATD Drag, Tough Digigear and more.
  • LT Light Tough Body
  • Pin-through and classy looking aluminium handle
  • EVA style handle knob

Images are for illustration only, and slight variations may occur—for example, the handle knob. The price is for one reel only, which will vary depending on the model you select – choose the model when ordering.

Fishing Applications and Daiwa Aird Reel Buyers Guide

Small Sizes (2000 or 2500) - Daiwa Aird LT 2000 or 2500 reels are ideal for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. This size generally caters to the angler who fishes in lakes and rivers, streams and bays for species such as bream, bass, flathead, whiting, trout, bass, redfin, yellowbelly etcetera.

We recommend picking a fishing rod around the 6-7ft mark to ideally suit this size reel with a line rating anywhere from around 2-5kgs. As this is a guide only; you may have your personal preference.

Medium Sizes (3000, 4000 or 5000) - Daiwa Aird LT Reel 3000, 4000 or 5000 are medium size reels suitable for a variety of fishing styles from heavier inshore fishing on a 6-7ft rod for cod, barra and mulloway through to light offshore for snapper and other reef fish.

A 4000-5000 size will also match up to a light 10-10ft 6inch surf rod. Look for a fishing rod with a rating anywhere from 4kg through to 10kg mark. Graphite is the best option.

Freshwater anglers hunting record Murray Cod will also enjoy 4000-5000. Pegging hard bodies at Saratoga will also be a special for either reel. Whatever your target, you can be assured that the Digigear and 4+1 ball bearings will provide you with a smooth but unyielding performance during the toughest of battles versus the most belligerent of fish.

The Daiwa Aird LT Spinning Reels Medium Sizes 3000, 4000 or 5000 will suit beginners through to professional anglers with the most discerning tastes in spin reels. Daiwa has managed to achieve a quality reel while keeping the price tag accessible to all anglers. T

The Daiwa Aird LT Reels Medium Sizes 3000, 4000 or 5000 for sale now will make the perfect addition to your arsenal of classy, performance spin kit.

Large Sizes (6000) – We finish off the range with the Daiwa Aird 6000 LT Reel. The 6000 is where inshore comfortably meets offshore.

From our coastal fringes, you have enough range with a 6000 Aird to comfortably fish the rocks or beach chasing salmon, whiting, flathead, tailor, kingfish, bonito, snapper, drummer and several other species that you may find when fishing such applications.

For rock and beach, Daiwa Aird 6000 LT fishing reels ideally match to 8-10ft fishing rods rated to suit your application. Fish light on a rod appraised to around 5kg or fish hefty to 15kg.

With inshore aside, the size of the 6000 Aird fishing reel makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of offshore reef and sport fishing styles too. Effortlessly drop plastics or fresh baits down for snapper, morwong, pigfish and other reef dwellers or spin metals around the fads and fish traps for dolphinfish, kings and other sports fish who are within close vicinity.

Offshore boat anglers are best to choose shorter rods, typically 5-7ft. A 6000 will pair well with a wide range of rod ratings when fishing offshore. However, appraised rod ratings usually will rank at 10kg or above.


  • The most significant benefit of the Daiwa Aird LT Reels is the brilliant and particularly long list of inclusions for the price. This is one Amazing and affordable fishing reel.
  • Digigear is a brilliant piece of technology offering superb gearing that is both strong and incredibly smooth.
  • The Aird LT Fishing Reel is built for relentless casting, the lightweight LT concept construction coupled with Air Rotor ensure fatigue is a thing of the past.
  • 4+1 ball bearings is an impressive number of bearing in this price bracket that, coupled with an infinite anti reverse system provide the angler with a relatively smooth fishing experience.
  • The ergonomic design of the handle and knob assist in creating a cranking action that is completely effortless.

The Daiwa Aird LT Reels for sale are spectacularly good looking reels that offer incredible inclusions and outstanding performance. This price bracket has never looked so good with spinning options in the Daiwa Aird LT Reel for sale now. We deliver Australia and Worldwide.


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