Frequently Asked questions page

Q1) - What are our freight and handling charges?

A). Our freight and handling charges can be found by clicking here

Q2) - How long will it take to receive my order?

A). It will depend on the products ordered and the location we are to deliver to. Generally speaking if it is readily available products, once payment is confirmed delivery times are usually around 1-6 business days for most of Australian destinations but remote Australian locations can take longer than 6+ business days. For international deliveries please contact us as delivery times are a little bit more complex.

Q3) - Can I order a fishing rod for international delivery?

A). It will depend on the rod. Some fishing rods are not shippable via air mail and will need to go by courier, to some countries this can be expensive and we would need to recover additional fees from you. If you are located outside of Australia feel welcome to contact us to discuss your requirements and our ability to service.

Q4) - What does the email mean your order status had changed to (Awaiting Fulfilment)?

A). This simply means you have just placed the order with us, your payment was confirmed and your order is now ready to move on to the next stage (packing and shipping). The next update email you will generally receive from us is your order status has changed to (Shipped) once we have packed, sent and had a chance in the office to populate your order with receipted delivery numbers.

Out of stock items

Q5) - What if the items I order are out of stock?

A). We generally carry good levels of stock for most of our online products. However, in the event that we are out of stock of an item if we have more on the way we will backorder the products for you and ship the items a few days later when they arrive. In the event that most or all of your order is out of stock and are unable to obtain new stock quickly, we will inform you and ask if you would like us to hold the order, cancel or refund the order if already paid for.

Q6) - Do we carry stock of all items listed on hand?

A). Here at Fishing Tackle Shop we carry hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock and we generally have pretty good stock levels of most of our range we sell. There are some items that we specially order through and dispatch usually within a few days. These products normally have a note in the availability tab on product page similar to “generally ordered in and shipped to you within a couple of days” Usually this is found on items that generally don’t move that quickly for us.


Q7) - Can I have the same price as online if I just come into the store?

A). No, if you live local you cannot come into the store and expect the same level of pricing. This is for many reasons. However, you may place an order online and have the order delivered to your door.

Our margins online are a lot lower, sometimes razor thin online and we would not be able to operate our business in store viably if we were to sustain online pricing for in store sales.

Often we need to spend a lot of time with customers in store running through items which on a staff wage per hour basis can be quite costly, where as online little interaction with the customer is needed. There are many other reasons as to why prices differ online to those in store but from the information provided so far we hope you understand.

Q8) - Is there a price matching policy for our online store for online orders?

A). Yes – you can find our price matching request policy here


Q9) - What payment methods can I use?

A). We accept Paypal, Credit Card, Direct Deposit.

Q10) - Can I pay with my credit card if I am outside of Australia?

A). You can but payment will be subject to a range of strict verification procedures. If your order is not verified to our standards we will refund. If you are outside of Australia, please use credit card as form of payment method when shopping with us as it is the preferred method.

Q11) - Do you take phone orders?

A). No, we generally do not take phone orders as we are confident that using our online system is much better by protecting you the cardholder and us the merchant against any fraudulent transaction therefore we will require all transactions to be performed online only.