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Daiwa BG MQ Reel - Saltwater Fishing Spin Reels

The Daiwa BG has long been a favourite among saltwater anglers. For years, it has stood as one of the most sought after heavy-duty fishing reels on our shelves. However, now with Daiwa's latest model release BG MQ Monocoque, delivered is the culmination of Daiwa's most advanced technology and evolution in fishing reels, yet at a carefully controlled price tag.

Compared to the other Black and gold BG Reel, the handles, bail and line rollers are pretty similar in concept; however, the new Monocoque feature is what sets these two reels apart. MQ is a single-piece body frame sporting no screws, and it means far fewer entry points for elements like saltwater to get through. Unfortunately, when the internals of a fishing reel is damaged, you are often forced to retire it. Thankfully, Daiwa BG MQ also offers multiple weather seals that further keep water and other harmful elements out and away from your mechanical components, providing you with the highest resistance to the harshest fishing conditions.

A few other differences between the standard BG and the BG MQ Fishing Reel is that the Monocoque version sees a reduction in body size. With the standard model, naturally, the body has to be more prominent in size as it requires surface area for the screws. However, since this isn't an issue with MQ, It results in a much more compact body, improving performance and reducing angler arm fatigue. Then there is the gearing; the main gear is much larger than the standard, and thanks to the new compact body style, it delivers an impressively more robust gearing system.

The Daiwa BG MQ is the ultimate fishing reel for every situation. With its improved cast performance over the standard model, you'll be able to throw your line further with both light or heavy rigs because of LC-ABS spool design which improves flow from the spool resulting in increased casting distances across all sizes. So out with the old, in with the new; try the all-new Daiwa BG MQ Reel!

Features and Specifications

Model SizeSize ClassRatio per crankWeightMax DragApprox Mono Line CapacityApprox J Braid Capacity
BG MQ 2500 Small 5.7:1 (21.5 inches) 235 grams 10Kg 8lb/240yds or 10lb/210yds 10lb/250yds or 15lb/185yds
BG MQ 3000 Small 6.2:1 (36.8 inches) 265 grams 10Kg 10lb/280yds or 12lb/220yds 15lb/250yds or 20lb/220yds
BG MQ 4000 Small-Medium 6.2:1 (39.1 inches) 285 grams 12Kg 10lb/360yds or 14lb/250yds 20lb/280yds or 30lb/200yds
BG MQ 5000 Medium 5.7:1 (37.8 inches) 433 grams 12Kg 14lb/280yds or 20lb/180yds 30lb/230yds or 40lb/160yds
BG MQ 6000 Medium 5.7:1 (39.9 inches) 430 grams 12Kg 14lb/340yds or 20lb/270yds 30lb/320yds or 40lb/240yds
BG MQ 8000 Medium-Large 5.7:1 (43.4 inches) 635 grams 15Kg 16lb/330yds or 20lb/280yds 40lb/330yds or 50lb/280yds
BG MQ 10000 Large 5.7:1 (46.2 inches) 646 grams 15Kg 20lb/330yds or 25lb/280yds 50lb/330yds or 65lb/280yds
BG MQ 14000 Large 5.7:1 (48.3 inches) 640 grams 15Kg 25lb/330yds or 35lb/280yds 65lb/330yds or 80lb/280yds
BG MQ 18000 Large 5.3:1 (49.4 inches) 863 grams 20Kg 35lb/330yds or 40lb/280yds 65lb/440yds or 80lb/330yds
BG MQ 20000 Large-XL 5.3:1 (52.9 inches) 858 grams 20Kg 40lb/330yds or 50lb/280yds 80lb/440yds or 100lb/330yds
  • Model: Daiwa BG MQ Spinning Reel
  • Classy Black and silver cosmetics
  • LC-ABS Long cast spool concept
  • Monocoque single-piece body design (Alloy Metal)
  • Solid Wire Bail
  • 6 Bearings & 1 Roller Bearing
  • Perfect for saltwater fishing and resistant to harsh elements
  • Daiwa technologies including ATD Drag, Perfect line stopper & Air rotor

Note: Images for display purpose only. Price is for a single BG MQ reel and price will vary depending on size you purchase. Generic images and there may be slight differences between the sizes like handles etc.

Daiwa BG MQ Reel Buying Guide

Aside from technological advancements in mechanics, the Daiwa BG MQ Reel has been aligned more towards the sizing of the Saltiga 20 Series. So, for example, an 8000 MQ is more like a 5000 size in the standard BG series. With the change in sizing, which one is right for you? It depends on your style, and that is where we come in if you find yourself unsure. We know fishing reels. Please take a look at our BG MQ buyers guide below, and if this still leaves you scratching your head, send us an email or give us a call. At the fishing tackle shop, we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Small Size Class MQ Fishing Reels

Starting with the smaller reels, the 2500, 3000 and 4000 make the perfect fit for anglers who fish their local lakes and rivers. Fishing for bream and flathead is easy with a heavy drag, but to land the more challenging catches like yellowbelly, saratoga, Aussie salmon, snapper or mangrove jack, you often need more serious gear. Not with the BG MQ, These smaller reels pack a punch and handle 10kg-12 kg max drags, so they're perfect when fishing hard and can take on anything from bream to cod and all those which fall into a class in between. The 4000 doubles as as heavy inshore to light offshore spin reel.

Medium Sized Class MQ Fishing Reels

Suppose you fish from the rocks, beach, offshore on a boat or fish for our biggest inshore species; the MQ 5000, 6000 or 8000 models are ideal. They sport 5.7:1 gear ratios and make the perfect companion to any angler fishing with bait or lures for barramundi, mulloway, murray cod, coral trout, snapper, kingfish, dorado, queenfish, mackerel, and mid-weight tuna species. Either of these sizes makes a fantastic all-rounder for beach, rock, shore or boat fishing styles.

Large Size Class MQ Fishing Reels

10000, 14000, 18000 or 20,000 are a large class of reel designed to handle our oceans' most forceful species. Spin the rock ledges or offshore for kingfish, tuna, chase sharks and huge jewfish from the beach or wrestle with monster GT; the choice is yours. The larger MQ reels match best to rods rated 15Kg or beyond.


  • Because the main body is of single-piece construction without screws, there are fewer entry points for saltwater elements to get through and cause corrosion. A massive benefit for saltwater anglers who battle with the harsh environments in which they fish.
  • The MQ reel is much more compact in design than the standard model. In addition, the decreased size of this reel makes for less angler arm fatigue, especially when you're in a brutal fight with a challenging saltwater fish or jigging with knife jigs.
  • You'll be amazed by how easy casting becomes with Daiwa's LC-ABS spool design. Every cast is consistently smooth.

The BG MQ series from Daiwa has many features usually reserved for reels that are much more expensive in class. However, there's no shortage of impressive qualities about this saltwater fishing reel! Now is your chance to purchase before they sell out completely!


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