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Shimano Vanford Reel For Sale

Shimano has released a new reel that is game-changing, pushing the boundaries of fishing design. With a daring new direction, the Shimano Vanford Reel is the new reel range that replaces the much-loved Stradic Ci4+, and it's an exceptional re-engineered version of that classic!

While Shimano's move to bring us an all-new name was daring, we're confident in this innovative spin reel's ability to produce significant results for anglers who use it. After seeing the Vanford for the first time ourselves, we became convinced immediately that the Vanford series would outperform the Stradic Ci4 in every category, including sales. The Shimano Vanford reel is lighter, it casts better, and it incorporates more features than the now obsolete Stradic Ci4+!

Although still featuring the classic Ci4+ body, a couple of the most significant upgrades you will notice in the new Shimano Vanford reel includes silent drive, MGL Rotor, Micromodule II and an upgraded Hagane gear. Shimano X-Protect is another top feature with a higher water resistance grade without affecting the reel when operating. The roller clutch and line roller are now IPX8 standards for an extra level of protection if you're fishing on or near saltwater.

If you're an angler looking for a great deal on a new Shimano Vanford fishing reel, look no further. Here at the Fishing Tackle Shop, we stock everything from the Finesse 1000 size perfect for casting lures at bream or trout through to the modest 5000 inshore heavyweight if you're chasing barra, jack or snapper. It doesn't matter your preference; whether it's a 1000, 2500, 3000, 4000 or 5000, just be ready and be willing to part with the cash if you want yours before we sell out!

Features and Specifications

ModelPhysical Size ClassTypical UseMono Line Capacity approx.Approx braid Line capacityMax Drag (kg)App. Weight (g)Gear Ratio
1000 Small Finesse River & Lake 2lb/270 yards, 4lb/140 yards, 6lb/110 yards 10lb/95, yards 15lb/85 yards 3.0 155g 5.5:1
2500 Small River & Lake - Light Inshore 6lb/200 yards, 8lb/140 yards, 10lb/120 yards 10lb/150 yards 15lb/145 yards 9.0 180g 6.0:1
3000 Small-Med River, Lake - Medium inshore 6lb/230 yards, 8lb/170yards, 10lb/140 yards 10lb/200 yards, 20lb/140 yards, 40lb/105 yards 9.0 180g 6.4:1
4000 Medium Heavy lake & River, light beach or offshore 8lb/240 yards, 10lb/200 yards, 12lb/160 yards 15lb/280 yards, 30lb/170 yards, 50lb/150 yards 11.0 215g 6.2:1
5000 Medium Heavy lake & River, light beach or offshore 10lb/240 yards, 12lb/195 yards, 14lb/165 yards 20lb/260 yards, 30lb/235 yards, 40lb/185 yards 11.0 220g 6.2:1
  • Vanford Spinning Reel 2020 release (and still current)
  • Body: Shimano Ci4+, G Free, Hagane
  • Internal: 7+1 Ball bearings, X-Ship Hagane Gearing with Micromodule II
  • Spool: AR-C Angled Lip Long Stroke Performance Casting
  • Liner Roller & Clutch: IPX8 Rated water resistance X-Protect
  • Primary use: Inshore fishing styles – Freshwater and Saltwater
  • Note: Vanford spin reels are priced based on which model you choose to purchase. Images are for illustration only; slight differences may arise between sizes.

Shimano Vanford Reel Buyers Guide

Fishing Tackle Shop stocks all 5 Shimano Vanford Reels. We classify some as small for finesse fishing styles and others as a medium for targeting a larger class of fish. The following guide will explain the differences in these, as well as some advice for picking a fishing rod to go with each size reel if you're not sure which one is best!

Shimano Vanford 1000

There are two types of fishing: saltwater and freshwater. If you are an angler who prefers to fish super light in the confines of inshore waters, there is a reel specifically designed just for you. The Ultralight, Shimano Vanford 1000 Reel is the smallest reel in the range. You'll find the Vanford 1000 size advantageous to use when heading out down to your local lake or river to catch bream, bass, trout and whiting - all light class fish species.

The Vanford 1000 is a finesse fishing reel that can be spooled with braided lines from 2lb to around 6lb. A light graphite rod rated between 1-4kg should also accompany the reel for optimal performance.

Shimano Vanford 2500 Reel

The 2500 reel, while it's not as dedicated to finesse fishing as the 1000, is still an excellent option for those who want to fish light but require more flexibility. The 2500 reel is our best selling size and for a good reason. It's a comfortable fit that meets the demands of anglers who fish lakes, rivers, or impoundments. Ideal for freshwater or saltwater types of fish such as bream, perch, flathead, trout and Australian bass, this model will suit your needs well with its versatility.

The ideal line class usually ranges between 2-6Kg. So, many Aussie anglers pair it with 6ft to 7ft long rods sporting this weight range or close to it.

Shimano Vanford 3000 Reel

The 3000 model is an excellent option for those looking to catch larger fish. The maximum drag of 9kg means you can spool up with a more modest line class or still fish light if you prefer and have the confidence of extra line capacity. With these qualities in mind, you can be confident that this reel will give you an edge when it comes to catching large fish like flathead, mangrove jack, grunter or even the odd barra.

As it was for 2500, if going with a 3000 vanford, there is no real change to our recommendation regarding rod length. Still ideal for 6-7ft length fishing rods; the only different consideration is how heavy you will fish. If you fish light, any rod with a rating between 2-6kg will be ideal, up-spec for mangrove jack or fingermark, and you may want to up the ante with a rod rated 4-8kg.

Shimano Vanford 4000 Reel

With the capability to fish for a much larger class of fish than your average fishing reel, the Shimano Vanford 4000 is perfect for anglers who want more power at their fingertips when they're out on the water. The 4000 is the perfect reel for many inshore angling styles and will give you an edge when catching fish. Whether the fish are moderately heavy, light or in-between, this versatile reel can tackle them all with ease. Tackle barramundi, mangrove jack, cod, large perch and many other mid-weight inshore fish.

The 4000 also makes a fantastic lighter class beach reel for whiting, bream and salmon, and it even performs well for snapper on shallow reefs for something a little different.

Rod choice depends on your fishing style. Vanford 4000's are perfect for light 3-6kg surf rods around 9ft and longer or boat and inshore rods between 6-7ft in length, which rate between approximately 5-10kg.

Shimano Vanford 5000 Reel

The final entry in the series is a 5000 size, a bigger version of the 4000. Although it shares an almost identical body frame size to the 4000, there is one major difference: Extra spool capacity, which some anglers will find advantageous. Just as suitable for any fishing style suggested earlier for the 4000 on this list, with our rod recommendation matching up nicely too!


  • The Hagane Gearing makes it easier than ever to reel in your catch. Due to cold forging of the main gear, this provides ultimate durability and power as you fish for hours on end.
  • Shimano is always looking to improve its gear technology and has now found a way with the new MicroModule Gear II. This revolutionary new concept will be sure to please anglers who love smoother operation.
  • The AR-C Spool is your ticket to a more successful fishing experience. With its exceptional casting potential, you'll possibly be able to catch more fish by being able to cover the additional ground over each cast.
  • Your gear will last longer and work better with IPX8 Rated water resistance X-Protect

Shimano Vanford reels are a fantastic option for anglers who are not looking to spend top dollar on their reel yet demand high-quality features and performance. Add one of our new Shimano Vanford Reel models to your online cart today while they last.


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