Shimano Speedmaster Lever Drag Reel

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Shimano Speedmaster Lever Drag Reel - LD II

Hold the press. The new Shimano Speedmaster LD II Reel is for sale online at the fishing tackle shop. And we’re predicting this particular twin speed lever drag will achieve legend status.

This mid-priced overhead fishing reel completely resets the overhead benchmark for precisions, inclusions and above all, versatility. With four models from which to choose, a 12, 16, 20 or 25, your only consideration when making your purchase will be how much line you need to pack on the spool.

Whichever you choose, the Shimano Speedmaster LD Reel holds copious amounts of braid. The SM16 holds an astonishing 845 yards of 50-pound braid. The SM12 holds only 145 yards less. With a maximum drag of 18-20kg, your tackling just about anything that swims.

The versatile saltwater fishing reel allows you to troll, cast or jig for the likes of yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, sailfish, yellowtail kingfish, mackerel, marlin and the biggest of GT’s. All with the proven ergonomics of a lever drag, and the flexibility of two gear ratios at the flick of a button.

With this sort of line capacity, you can even hit the bottom of some seriously deep water, where the best-tasting fish like to congregate.

Having excellent casting manners too, the Shimano Speedmaster LD Reel will suit plenty of ocean rock game anglers, looking to cast lures at kingies over the 10kg mark. Why not set a live bait from a deep water jetty, and tackle mulloway as big as they grow. Those that hit the surf for small beach sharks and rays will also find plenty to like about the Shimano Speedmaster LD Reel.

It’s overhead reels like this that ensures overheads remain king of the game fishing and blue water fishing domain. This level of versatility is unheard of in a fishing reel at the price, with this power, precision and pedigree.

The Shimano Speedmaster LD reel. Don’t just witness the making of a legend, be a part of it. Secure your Shimano Speedmaster LD II from the fishing tackle shop right now.

Features and Specifications

ModelMax DragRatioApprox Mono line capacity (Kg/m)Braid (Lb/Yds)Weight
Speedmaster LD 12 18Kg High 5.7:1
Low 3.1:1
280yds/25lb or
400yds/65lb or
740 grams
Speedmaster LD 16 18Kg High 5.7:1
Low 3.1:1
350yds/25lb or
550yds/65lb or
760 grams
Speedmaster LD 20 20Kg High 5.2:1
Low 2.3:1
320yds/40lb or
575yds/80lb or
980 grams
Speedmaster LD 25 20Kg High 5.2:1
Low 2.3:1
420yds/40lb or
730yds/80lb or
1025 grams
  • Ball Bearings: 4+1
  • S Compact body
  • Hagane Body
  • Hagane Gears
  • Castable
  • Dual gears
  • SA-RB bearings
  • Lever drag

Notice: Price is for one reel only and will vary depending on the size you select when ordering. Multiple images are for illustration only.

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

With a design primarily for saltwater offshore boat fishing, the Speedmaster LD reels require an overhead fishing rod to suit. Jig, cast, troll, whatever your heart desires, for offshore boat fishing we suggest fitting to an overhead fishing rod which matches the line class you will fish. Typically overhead boat rods will length between 5ft-7ft. Should you need assistance in picking the right boat rod, feel welcome to contact us.

With a max drag of 18-20kg, Shimano Speedmaster LD reels are suitable for a targeting a wide range of saltwater offshore fish species. From snapper, morwong and coral trout on the reefs through to kingfish, tuna and mahi-mahi out wide, the options for which the Speedmaster LD is capable of are expansive.

Offshore boat fishing aside, If casting off the rocks or beach look for an overhead rod between 9-12ft. Although in saying this, rock and beach overhead casting in Australia, at least, is near non-existent these days. So, you may struggle to find a suitable rod, and you will potentially need to engage a custom rod builder in your local area to build a custom overhead beach-rock rod for you.

Shimano Speedmaster LD reels currently come in four sizes to choose from when purchasing. Model 12LD, 16LD 20LD or 20LD. Your decision on which size to buy will typically result from the line capacity option and how heavy you’ll fish. See our table above for detailed specifics on line capacities


  • The Speedmaster is a perfect offshore allrounder with drag and line capacities capable of tackling serious pelagic predators and bottom-dwelling monsters.
  • The twin gear system allows you to slip between fast gears for casting poppers or slow for cranking big, belligerent fish from the depths.
  • Cast, troll or jig. Given the casting feature, this would be an ideal compact overhead for chasing game from the rocks.
  • The S compact body delivers profound strength in an overhead that will near fit into your palm.
  • The SA-RB bearings provide a silky smooth feel and bearing noise has been reduced by 85%.
  • Hagane body and gears provide rigidity, strength and the perfect mesh, so every ounce of power transfers to the fight.

The Shimano Speedmaster LD II design is all about blue water versatility. The two-speed lever drag has oceans of stopping power, phenomenal spool capacities, and enough pull to turn just about any fish. Expect the Shimano Speedmaster LD reel to be one of the most sought after lever drag fishing reels from the Shimano stables. It doesn’t get any better in this class at this price point.


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