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Daiwa Tournament Evo 8 Braid

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Product Description

Daiwa Evo Braid Tournament 8 Ply Fishing Braid Fishing Line For Sale

Even the most experienced anglers can be forgiven for getting confused by the enormous selection of braid fishing line for sale on the market. With even more coming on to the market in an ever-increasing flow, it can be nigh on impossible for the mere mortal to test them all.

Daiwa Evo Braid Tournament 8 provides anglers with a sure bet of covering all the key elements that make up a high-performance braid. Sitting firmly and fairly in the mid-price bracket, you won’t have to save for a month to spool all your reels.

The great advantage of Daiwa Evo Braid Tournament 8 is that you can ramp up the weight in applications where you would usually fish much lighter. The combination of roundness, the smooth coating and extra slim diameters means you can fish heavier for assurance, without losing the casting length and accuracy you enjoyed with lighter line, even when casting light soft plastic or hard body lures.

The 8-ply construction comes into its own when fishing structure. Abrasion resistance is outstanding. Anglers can feel confident about flicking lures right into the snag infested strike zone, hook up, and remain confident they’re odds on to fight the target from its shelter.

Do yourself a favour, save time and a fist of coin and purchase Daiwa Evo Braid Tournament 8. The weight range is excellent, so grab a few spools if your wallet allows and fit up for all your applications.

Features and Specification


Daiwa Evo Braid Tournament 8

WeightLength (available in)Diameter
PE 0.6 - 2.7kg/6lb 150m or 300m 0.08 mm
PE 0.8 - 3.6kg/8lb 150 or 300m 0.10 mm
PE 1 - 4.6kg/10lb 150 or 300m 0.12 mm
PE 1.2 - 6.8kg/15lb 150 or 300m 0.14 mm
PE 1.5 - 9.1kg/20lb 150 or 300m 0.16 mm
PE 2 - 13.6kg/30lb 150 or 300m 0.18 mm
PE 3 - 18.2kg/40lb 300m 0.26 mm
PE 4 - 22.7kg/50lb 300m 0.30 mm
PE5- 65lb 300m 0.35mm
PE 6 - 36.4kg/80lb 300m 0.45 mm
  • 8 ply weave
  • High Visibility Chartreuse PE
  • Round profile
  • Extra high abrasion resistance
  • Super smooth surface coating
  • Super soft and flexible
  • Colour: Chartruese

Note: Images for illustration only – Price is for 1 spool only and price varies depending on what length/size you choose to order.


  • Reduced line diameters allows you to fish heavier, giving you greater security, without compromising casting distance.
  • Line coating is very smooth, creating even better cast length, while knot slippage is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • The 8-ply weave provides a level of abrasion resistance that gives you confidence to cast right up to the structure.
  • High Visibility Chartreuse PE allows the angler even greater visual cues. Ideal for spotting bites.

Daiwa Evo Braid Tournament 8 is a mid-priced performance braid that will prove very reliable in a host of conditions, chasing a host of targets. Get the most out of your lure, and maximise the performance of your rod and reel by spooling with Daiwa Evo Braid Tournament 8 for sale now.

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