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Daiwa Wilderness Travel Rods For Sale

The Daiwa Wilderness fishing rod range transforms travel rod choices with expert craftsmanship in an ultra-portable form. Harnessing innovative Multi-Piece V-Joint technology, these 4-5 section rods pack down remarkably small to take hard-fighting performance anywhere.

Across the range, Daiwa Wilderness Travel rods showcase blanks engineered from Daiwa's lightweight yet powerful high-volume fibre resin for an even lighter, crisper, more responsive blank. Combine this with features like X45, fuji guides and Daiwa reel seats, and a world of fishing adventure opens.

The newcomer Wilderness X series released in 2023 makes this globetrotter series more accessible, retaining Daiwa's iconic craftsmanship and fish-taming reliability with fresh cosmetics at friendlier price points. Meanwhile, the 2020 original Wilderness models target seasoned travellers demanding ultimate performance.

So, whether stalking barramundi in the tropics or backpacking to remote alpine rivers swarming with hard-charging trout, pack a Daiwa Wilderness travel rod. Experience the innovation of Multi-Piece V-Joint and say goodbye to compromising on power when travelling light. See the full range for sale here at Fishing Tackle Shop.

Features and Specifications

Model Type PCS Length (Constructed) Action Cast Weight Line Class Travel Length Suggested Reel Size
664ULFS (2020) Spin 5 6ft 6 inches Ultra Light 1-5 grams 1-2Kg 540mm 1000-2000
664LXS (2020) Spin 5 6ft 6 inches Light 2-10g 1-4Kg 610mm 1000-2500
644XHRS (2020) Spin 5 6ft 4 inches Extra Heavy 10-80g 8-20Kg 600mm 5000-6000/6500
765LFS (2020) Spin 5 7ft 6 inches Light 1-8g 1-3Kg 530mm 1000-2000
765MLFS (2020) Spin 4 7ft 6 inches Medium Light 3-12g 2-5Kg 530mm 2000-2500
765MHFS (2020) Spin 4 7ft 6 inches Medium Heavy 4-17g 3-6Kg 530mm 2500-3000
765HFS (2020) Spin 4 7ft 6 inches Heavy 10-30g 6-10Kg 530mm 4000-5000
664HFB (2020) Baitcaster 4 6ft 6 inches Heavy 10-30g 6-12Kg 610mm Baitcaster
644XXHRB (2020) Baitcaster 4 6ft 4 inches XX Heavy 20-100g 12-30Kg 540mm Baitcaster
X 604HFS BULLDOG Spin 4 6ft Heavy 10-30g 6-10kg 505mm 4000-5000
X 664ULFS STREAM SNIPER Spin 4 6ft 6 inches Ultra-Light 1-5g 1-2kg 550mm 1000-2000
X 705LFS BACKSEATER Spin 5 7ft Light 1-8g 1.5-4kg 480mm 1000-2500
X 705MLFS DEEPSTRIKER Spin 5 7ft Med-Light 4-14g 3-6kg 480mm 2500-3000
X 705MHFS BLACK SNIPER Spin 5 7ft Med-Heavy 7-21g 5-8kg 480mm 3000-4000
X 705HFS INLANDER Spin 5 7ft Heavy 15-70g 8-15kg 480mm 4000-6000
X 604MHFB BULLUP Baitcast 4 6ft Med-Heavy 7-30g 5-8kg 505mm Baitcaster
X 644HFB TOP ENDER Baitcast 4 6ft 4 inches Heavy 10-50g 6-12kg 540mm Baitcaster
X 664MLFB BASTRAX Baitcast 4 6ft 6 inches Med-Light 4-16g 3-7kg 540mm Baitcaster
  • Type: Multi-Piece Travel Fishing Rod
  • Style: Spin or baitcaster models available for sale
  • HVF High Volume Fibre Nano Plus Resin blank with X45 Wrap
  • Daiwa Exclusive design reel seat
  • V Joint Alpha Technology (standard V-joint on the X Series)
  • Portable and includes a travel case on 2020 Series (To keep costs low, the X Series rods do not come with a case)

Note: Images for illustration. Slight variances may occur between models.

Daiwa Wilderness Travel Rod Buyer Guide

The Wilderness fishing rod range offers travel-friendly performance for all scenarios - from finessing bream on light lines to battling barramundi, cod, and jacks on heavy gear. With various actions available in spin and baitcast configurations, we've compiled this buyer's guide overview of the different models to help anglers select the perfect Wilderness rod.

Ultra-light/Light Wilderness Rods - Anglers specialising in finesse tactics for bream, trout, whiting, and other ultra-light sport fishing will appreciate the ultra-light and light-fast actions available. These provide the ultimate sensitivity for detecting subtle bites while optimised to cast tiny lures and baits great distances on light lines.

Medium/Medium-Heavy Wilderness Rods - A medium-fast or medium-fast wilderness rod excels for exceptional performance on bigger fish in lakes, rivers and estuaries. Anglers targeting species like flathead, bass, tailor, and yellowbelly will benefit from these powerful yet balanced actions for casting various presentations with excellent fish-fighting leverage.

Heavy Wilderness Rods - Heavy, fast Wilderness models shine when dealing with snaggy structures inhabited by powerful predators. Purpose-built for placing heavy lures right next to timber, rock walls or wrecks to hook trophy barramundi, murray cod and mangrove jacks, their brute strength also comes into play when battling fish from these sticky spots.

XX-Heavy Wilderness Rods - With incredible cranking power to wrestle giants away from the heaviest cover, the XX Heavy fast action models take on your most extreme fishing scenarios.

XX-Heavy has no equal for the most intense battles. Pulling in powerful fish like trevally, queenfish, and Murray cod from great depths where other gear would fail is best supported by an XX-Heavy model.

What are the main differences between the 2020 Wilderness rods and the new Wilderness X series?

The 2020 models use Daiwa’s premium V-Joint Alpha system, HVF Nanoplus blanks, and Fuji Alconite guides for unmatched sensitivity and performance. The X series uses more standard technology like HVF blanks and aluminium oxide guides to reach a lower price point.

Is it worth paying extra for the 2020 Wilderness rods over the X series?

For many anglers, yes. The original Wilderness series invests in craftsmanship and innovation that delivers on every cast and every fish fight. Daiwa's V-Joint Alpha system transmits shocking levels of sensitivity and power through the ultra-light HVF Nanoplus blanks.

Combined with Fuji's benchmark Alconite guides, you unlock the full potential and refined technique for technical situations and hard-fighting fish. It's a purity of performance that seasoned travelling anglers dream of.

While the X series uses capable components, the 2020 Wilderness is a class apart. These rods blend cutting-edge tech with fine attention to detail that proves itself repeatedly when hooked into that fish of a lifetime. So, while the X series provides great, affordable performance, serious globetrotting anglers will feel the difference and consider the original Wilderness rods well worth the premium. It’s your call on what level of refinement suits your style.

Buying a Daiwa Wilderness Rod Online at the Fishing Tackle Shop

Wilderness rods set new standards in multi-piece travel performance. Integrating advancements like V-Joint construction and Nano-infused blanks, Wilderness achieves unprecedented refinement for anglers who refuse compromise.

Whether you're fishing for bream or barramundi, you can choose the tier that fits your budget and enjoy the experience of battling with a Daiwa Wilderness Travel rod. We invite you to test the impressive engineering of the Wilderness fleet by purchasing one here today at the fishing tackle shop.


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