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Daiwa Jig Spinner SS

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Daiwa Jig Spinner SS (Spinnerbait Jig Head System)

The Australian market offers a vast selection of soft plastic fishing lures, and our fishing tackle shop proudly stocks a wide range of the most renowned brands. With our extensive inventory of soft plastic lures comes our offering of accessories to suit. One of the products that we are excited to offer is the Daiwa Jig Spinner SS (Spinnerbait Jig Head System).

The Daiwa Jig Spinner SS is a must-have to enhance your fishing experience and elevate the performance of your soft plastic lure. This ingenious product seamlessly blends the effectiveness of spinnerbaits and jig heads into a compact and versatile design. With its distinctive shape and thoughtful construction, the jig spinner creates a captivating underwater movement that fish can't resist.

Daiwa upholds both quality and practicality in their products. The Jig Spinner SS exemplifies this commitment, as it is meticulously crafted with premium materials and precision engineering. Notably, it features a Daiwa SaqSas hook that delivers exceptional hook-setting power.

The Daiwa Jig Spinner SS boasts several other notable features. Firstly, a meticulously painted 3D head enhances its lifelike allure. Additionally, including an aggressive barb bait keeper ensures the secure placement of your soft plastic lure. Furthermore, a weed guard is provided, facilitating a weedless presentation and minimising the likelihood of snagging. These features collectively contribute to the lure's effectiveness and practicality.

Let's talk about the standout feature of the Daiwa Jig Spinner SS: the willow leaf blade. This blade creates irresistible vibrations and flashes in the water, luring fish to your lure. It's connected to a premium swivel, allowing the blade to spin freely and adding that extra layer of attraction to your presentation. The Daiwa Jig Spinner SS is the perfect accessory for enhancing your soft plastic lure game, combining the best qualities of a spinner bait and jig head. Elevate your fishing experience with this must-have product from Daiwa.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Spinnerbait/Jighead
  • Weight: Purchase either 5 grams, 7 grams or 10 grams
  • Colours - Available in either Silver Smelt or Gold Ayu
  • 3D Painted head
  • Light Fibre weed guard
  • Aggressive Barb Bait keeper
  • Willow Leaf Blade with a premium swivel
  • SaqSas hook

Please note that the price mentioned is for a single head only. When making your online purchase at the fishing tackle shop, kindly select your preferred size and colour option.

Which Soft Plastic Lures are suitable for use with the Daiwa Jig Spinner SS?

The Daiwa Jig Spinner SS is highly versatile and compatible with various soft plastics. It pairs particularly well with Daiwa's BaitJunkie Soft Plastic Fishing Lure range but also works well with other brands such as Zman and other brands of soft plastics.

How do I attach the Daiwa Jig Spinner SS to my soft plastic lure?

To attach the Daiwa Jig Spinner SS to your soft plastic lure, thread it onto the SaqSas hook, ensuring it fits snugly against the jig head. The aggressive Barb Bait keeper helps secure the lure, ensuring optimal performance.

What type of fishing is the Daiwa Jig Spinner SS best suited for?

The Daiwa Jig Spinner SS is highly versatile but excels in areas with heavy cover, such as grass, lily pads, and logs. Its weed guard helps provide a weedless presentation, minimising the chances of snagging. It's also effective in open water, with its willow leaf blade creating irresistible vibrations and flashes that attract fish.

Can The Daiwa Jig Spinner SS be used in saltwater?

The Jig spinner is best suited to freshwater fishing only. It is not recommended for use in saltwater.

Ready to buy the Daiwa Jig Spinner SS and elevate your soft plastic lure game?

Don't hesitate to add this innovative product to your cart to elevate your freshwater fishing experience. Spinnerbaits have been renowned for their effectiveness in freshwater fishing, and the Daiwa Jig Spinner SS takes it to the next level with its blend of jig head functionality, where you can add your choice of soft plastics. Experience this game-changing product for yourself and see the results firsthand!


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