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Daiwa Saltist Hyper Fishing Rods – For Boat, Rock & Shore

Strength for Jigging and Heavy Tackle can be found in our range of Daiwa Saltist Hyper Rods For Sale. Daiwa knows a thing or two about building amazing strength into their blanks. Replete with the latest technology and a superb finish the Saltist Hyper is a must have. The Saltist Hyper range of rods by Daiwa Australia replaces their predecessor model being the Monster Mesh fishing rods that received insane popularity among the anglers. However, the new Saltist Hyper Range takes the multiplicity and strength of its predecessor and amalgamates it with improved design, look and technology.

Blanks Provide the Strength - Daiwa invest tremendous research and development in blank technology. Like many of their rod types the Saltist Hyper gives you phenomenal strength while remaining angler friendly with its light weight.

If you want affordable access to the latest in hard core jigging rods or heavy tackle spin rods, purchase a Daiwa Saltist Hyper here. There is a model in the range perfect for you and you’ll be out wrestling tackle busting super fish in no time.

Features and Specifications

ModelTypeSectionsLengthCast WeightLine RatingReel Suggestion
STICKBAITER S792-4/6 Spin Stickbait Shore / Boat 2 7ft 9 inches 60-120 grams PE 4-6 4500-6500
GT POPPER S79-8/10 Spin Popper Shore / Boat 2 (grip join) 7ft 9 inches  150-300 grams PE 8-10


CASTING BLUEBACKER S76-4/6 Spin - Shore / Heavy Boat 2 (grip join) 7ft 6 inches 35-100 grams PE 4-6 4500-5000
POWER ROUNDER S74-3/5 Spin - Shore / Heavy Boat 2 (grip join) 7ft 4 inches 30-90 grams PE 3-5 4500-5000

M-OVER S80-2/4

Spin - Shore 2 (grip join) 8ft 20-70 grams PE 2-4 4500-5000
ALLROUNDER S71-2/3 Spin - Shore / Boat 2 (grip join) 7ft 1 inch 15-45 grams PE 2-3 4500
HEAVY ROCK SPECIAL S96-4/6 Spin - Shore / Rock Fishing 2 9ft 6 inches 60-150 grams PE 4-6 4500-5000
LIGHT ROCK SPECIAL S902-2/4 Spin - Shore / Rock Fishing 2 9ft 20-90 grams PE 2-4 4500-5000
LIGHT JIG SPIN S56-2/3 Spin Jig - Boat 1 5ft 6 inches 80-100 grams PE 2-3 4500
JIG SPIN S53-3/4 Spin Jig - Boat 1 5ft 3 inches 200 grams Max PE 3-4 4500-5000
HEAVY JIG SPIN S53-5/6 Spin Jig - Boat 1 5ft 3 inches 300 grams Max PE 5-6 4500-5000
JIG OVERHEAD B53-3/4 Overhead - Boat 1 5ft 3 inches 200 grams Max PE 3-4 Overhead Jig Reel
HEAVY JIG OVERHEAD B53-5/6 Overhead - Boat 1 5ft 3 inches 300 grams Max PE 5-6 Overhead Jig Reel
HIRAMASA S63-4/5 Spin Jig / General Short Boat 1 6ft 3 inches 200-300 grams PE 4-5 4500-5000
COMBI JERK S64-2/4 Spin / General Short Boat 2 6ft 4 inches 60-120 grams PE 2-4 4500-5000
KITCHEN SINK S69-4/8 Spin / General Short Boat 1 6ft 9 inches 40-200 grams PE 3-8 4500-5000
MULTI-TOOL S702-3/4 Spin Boat 2 7ft 60-120 grams PE 3-4 4500-5000
  • Series: Daiwa Saltist Hyper Rods V2 Series
  • Class: Saltwater Fishing
  • Use: We have several models in the range for saltwater boat, rock and shore (see buyers guide below)
  • High Volume Carbon Fibre rod blank with Bias wrap
  • Fuji Rod Guides
  • Locking rings on reel seats
  • Heavy duty durable rod grips

Note: Price is for 1 rod only – Please select your choice from our menu when ordering. Please note that multiple and all images are for illustration only. Some differences will occur in certain models. Price is for 1 rod only. Price varies depending on model chosen. Reel suggestion in table above is based on Daiwa Saltwater series reels such as the Saltist Reel.

Saltist Hyper Rod Buyer's Guide

At Fishing Tackle Shop, we know that the process of choosing which fishing rod to purchase can be overwhelming. There are so many different types and models available for every kind of angler. That's why our team has compiled a buyer's guide showcasing all the Daiwa Saltist Fishing Rods in each class.

From rods for spinning the rocks to jig and general boat fishing options, this brief guide will help you cut through any clutter when you're looking for your next Daiwa Saltist Fishing Rod.


All anglers are aware that in the fishing world, only the most prepared anglers tend to succeed. Only the most reliable, durable, rigorous and well-constructed fishing tackle tend to prevail, and that's where Daiwa Heavy Spin and popper fishing rods come into play.

We have eight heavy spin models for you to choose from when ordering, and they are the Allrounder S71-2/3, Stickbaiter S792-4/6, GT Popper S79-8/10, Casting Bluebacker S76-4/6, M-Over S80-2/41, Power Rounder S74-3/5, Heavy Rock Special S96-4/6 and the Light Rock Special S902-2/4.

These are the rods for those who want to enjoy some hard and heavy fishing! Daiwa Saltist X45 Bias Wrap spin and popper rods utilize proprietary technology that helps them perform better when under stress.

Sporting heavy line class ratings, impressive lure casting weights, Bluebacker, stickbaiter or GT popper rods will get you into fish action with ease. Cast large poppers and stick bait lures at some of our biggest fish in the oceans, including Giant Trevally, Kingfish and Tuna.

While both the Stickbaiter and GT models share the ability to cast larger lures and catch larger fish, the casting Bluebacker is designed to handle lighter tackle between 35-100 grams. It eases casting obstacles and delivers a smooth performance.

The Power Rounder, M-Over and allrounder rods, while still advantageously rated, do sport a more moderate line class and lure cast weight rating for throwing any mix of lures, including hardbodies, large soft plastics or metal slices. Either of these rods is perfect for fishing bait or lures onshore or offshore to catch kingfish, queenfish, tuna, huge snapper through to heavy estuary jewfish.

Daiwa has not forgotten about you dedicated rock anglers! They have two rods in the Saltist Hyper 2020 series specifically tailored to your fishing needs. The Saltist Light Rock, 9ft rod, can handle 20-90 grams casting weight, while the 9ft 6 inch Heavy Rock Special is perfect for casts of 60-150 grams. Throw large soft plastics, hard body or metal spinning lures or go old school with conventional bait and tackle.


Like any other exceptional rod, the foundation of the Daiwa Saltist Hyper Jigging rod is the blank. It features Daiwa's most sophisticated blank technologies and proves to be a distinguished, strong and durable fishing rod that functions exceptionally well. It is designed in a way that leaves lesser strain on the angler while it flaunts added strength.

Suppose you are looking for a rod that can tackle a wide variety of offshore fish, including highly hit listed kingfish, amberjack, coral trout or samson fish. In that case, Daiwa's Saltist Jig rods will help you do that. While excellent for offshore fishing styles such as Jigging and bottom bashing, if you're tired arms can't go on any further after dishing out much bodily punishment during a jigging session, then light trolling might be worth a try.

Saltist Jig rods are available in various models, including spin and overhead options and different max jig ratings from light to heavy and everything in between.


With the Daiwa Saltist Hyper Rod Range, you're spoilt for choice. The multi-purpose boat rods are perfect when it comes to tackling even more species! Take a closer look at the Hiramasa and Combi Jerk models for med-heavy boat fishing options, including jig and bait fishing. The Kitchen Sink model provides near endless possibilities thanks to its PE Line rating between 3-8 & cast weight 40-200g.

The Daiwa Multi-Tool rod is the final rod we need to mention – Suitable for general boat fishing and spinning. The Multi-Tool also makes an excellent inshore rod for chasing mulloway in the rivers.


  • If you need a rod to fish hard to tackle heavy weight species then this range of rods is hard to go past.
  • Quality components are used by Daiwa to ensure better casting and the best angler experience.
  • Bias wrap is going to help you the angler out greatly as the rod blank will hold its shape better and not distort
  • Fuji Series guides are used to help protect the guide from knocks as well as improving casts and allowing you to fish with a rod that is going to be far more responsive than a conventional rod.

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