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Daiwa Bait Junkie Lures

Bait Junkie is an exciting new line of soft plastics that will make your fishing game a lot more fruitful. All the Bait Junkie products are designed in Japan and tailor-made for Australian conditions, thanks to the testing and input from the product development team at Daiwa Australia. So with this information noted, you know they're going to work wonders on any Aussie fish.

Daiwa Bait Junkie Lures have arrived with some cool features such as AminoX, a fishing attractant that offers natural flavours and smells. The elastomax materiel is another cool feature for the ultimate in soft plastic lure durability and stretchiness. Elastomax is also buoyant, which will assist to some degree against hooks getting stuck at depth and provides a better swimming action upon retrieval.

The Daiwa Bait Junkie Lure range is a versatile option for anglers. There are multiple sizes and three patterns to choose from, including jerk shad, grub and minnow, all catering to the demands of bream or trout chasers through to boaties hunting snapper offshore.

While you are here, you must check out some of the fantastic colour combinations that Daiwa developed. Colours like UV yabbie, whitewash glow and voltage are just a couple of examples.

Daiwa Bait Junkie lures come in handy-sized packets offering outstanding value for money. While Daiwa Australia is only new entrants to the soft bait market, they certainly have made an impressive entrance, with many anglers choosing Daiwa Bait Junkie Lures as their new go-to soft plastic.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in either grub (2.5 inch or 4 inch), minnow (2.5 inch or 3.2 inch) or Jerk Shad (5 inch or 7 inch)
  • Amino X Attractant scent
  • Materiel: Elastomax – Super stretchy yet durable
  • Buoyancy: floating material
  • Conveniently sized packet

Note: Images are for illustration only. The price is for one single packet of Bait Junkie Lures, and please select the model you want when placing your online order.

Model Specific Info & Buying Guide

Bait Junkie Grub 2.5 inch – Comes in a packet of 8 plastic baits. The smaller profile makes this lure the best choice for inshore anglers fishing lakes, rivers, streams or any other finesse application where you can find species like bream, bass, trout, perch or flathead.

The 2.5-inch grub will accommodate jig head hook sizes between sizes 4 and 2/0 or weedless hooks in sizes 2 or 1.

Bait Junkie 4-inch Grub – Comes in a packet of 5 lures. At 4 inches in length, this grub tail is a little more modest than the earlier 2.5 version. With this step up in size, it makes a better-sized bait for anglers fishing for a larger flathead class, and it is a better choice for anglers who fish for species like snapper, mulloway, trevally, fingermark or murray cod. Daiwa recommends anglers match the 4 inch Grub with a jig head hook size between #2 to #5/0 or with a 2/0 or 3/0 weedless hook.

Bait Junkie Minnow 2.5 Inch – Comes in a packet of 8 lures. Who doesn't love a paddle tail? They provide an action that fish and anglers alike cannot resist. However, where the Daiwa version differs from the competition is with their slim waist concept. Segmenting the body of the lure into two parts provides a much superior action at the tail end. The added benefit is that since Daiwa have used Elastomax plastic, there is also no sacrifice to durability.

You can fish the Bait Junkie 2.5 inch minnow in lakes, rivers, harbours, be it saltwater or fresh. Fish species like bream, bass, trout and jungle perch will be pushing each other out of the way to get to your 2.5-inch minnow lure first.

Daiwa suggests using jig heads between a size 4 and 1/0 or a weedless hook system in size 2 or 1.

Bait Junkie Minnow 3.2 inch – Comes in a packet of 6 lures and sports a marginally thicker lure body to accommodate for larger hooks and bigger catches. Intended fish targets include snapper, mangrove jack, fingermark, grunter, bass, flathead and inshore trevally.

Jig head hooks size suggestion is a 1/0, 2/0 or 3/0 or if using weedless hooks, size 1 to 2/0 is the most appropriate size range.

Bait Junkie Jerk Shad 5 inch – Comes in a packet of 5 Lures. Like the minnow, the Jerk shad features Daiwa's slim waist concept for the ultimate tail action and will prove deadly on saltwater species such as queenfish, mulloway, trevally, flathead and other reef species, whether inshore or offshore.

The 5-inch Bait Junkie Jerk shad will comfortably accommodate most jig heads with hook sizes between 3/0 to 6/0 or weedless options in 4/0 or 5/0.

Bait Junkie Jerk Shad 7 Inch – Comes in a packet size of 4 lures and is an upsized version of the 5 inch. Suitable for all the same species and can be fished both inshore or offshore.

Best jig head hook sizes are either a 6/0, 7/0 or 8/0, and the same applies for weedless hooks.

Bait Junkie 3 inch Wave Minnow - A lure that brings the still waters to life. This Wave Minnow is a master of disguise, adept at imitating a variety of estuarine bait profiles. At its heart, the allure of this lure lies in its unique tail design. Even when the waters are calm, and the fish are idle, the tail's wave-like motion keeps the action going. It's not just a lure; it's a strategic bait designed to outwit the most elusive catches. Each pack contains 8 lures, suitable for jig head sizes from #4 to 1/0 standard jig head or #2-1 in weedless.

Bait Junkie 295 Flick - The embodiment of subtlety and precision in the world of fishing lures. The 295 Flick doesn't just attract fish; it tells a story underwater. Its 'Shovel' tail design creates a gliding motion reminiscent of a shrimp or small fish darting through the waters. It's not just about catching fish but recreating the delicate dance of live bait that draws them in. The 295 Flick is a testament to the art of illusion, making it an invaluable part of any angler's tackle box. Every pack of 295 Flick comes with 8 lures, ideally paired with standard jig heads sized #4 to 1 (#2-1 in weedless).

Bait Junkie 3 inch Prawn - Nature and innovation come together in the Bait Junkie 3-inch Prawn. Every aspect of this lure is designed to mimic the prawn's movements, from its three-segment body that sinks naturally to the forward-facing legs that shimmy on retrieval. But it's more than just an imitation; it's a celebration of one of nature's most enticing dances. The 3-inch Prawn doesn't just aim to catch fish; it strives to create an authentic underwater spectacle that leaves them spellbound. Each pack of 3 inch prawn includes 6 lures, optimal for jig head sizes from #1 to 3/0 (2-1/0 weedless).


  • Bait Junkie lures are made from Daiwa Elastomax to ensure the highest quality and most effective fishing experience. The thin, strong material is longer lasting than other plastics while also creating a great deal of action on your lure that boosts your chances at catching fish.
  • The material used by Daiwa, Elastomax plastic, is a unique and creative blend of ingredients that make it buoyant. This feature keeps the tail end off the bottom, increasing swim action from when you first retrieve your lure as well as reducing snags at times.
  • Studies show if your bait smells like plastic, then chances are you won't get as many strikes from hungry fish looking out in search of their next meal, but luckily there's something called Daiwa amino X, a natural-based flavouring that masks any unpleasant smells and sends fish into a feeding frenzy. It's incorporated into all Daiwa Bait Junkie Lures.

Bait Junkie Lures are made using super stretchy elastomax plastic for ultimate lure action and durability, and there is not much a baitjunkie won't catch! With three variations of baits to choose from (minnow, grub or jerk shad presentations), you can get your hands on some whilst stock lasts by taking advantage of our online deal now. Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to add these fantastic new lures into your tackle box!


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