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Daiwa Seajigger Rod - Fishing Rods for Beach and Rock

Experience the thrill of fishing like never before with the Daiwa Seajigger Rod - a perfect blend of strength, power, and finesse. This high-quality rod is specifically designed to meet the needs of both beach and rock fishing enthusiasts, promising an unparalleled angling experience.

The 2023 model of the Daiwa Seajigger Rod takes things up a notch. Upgraded and redeveloped, it's set to redefine your land-based shore-casting experience. The 23 Seajigger is more than just a rod – it's the ultimate tool for the addictive game of shore-casting.

One of the key highlights of the Daiwa Seajigger Rod is its ability to reduce angler fatigue. Thanks to its ingenious design, you can cast lures all day with less chance of tiring. That makes Seajigger the ideal choice for those long fishing trips where endurance is as important as skill.

Daiwa Seajigger Rods are perfect for rock and beach fishing. Its two-piece graphite construction makes transporting it to your favourite fishing spot easy. Made with HVF graphite (high-volume fibre), the Daiwa Seajigger rod works exceptionally well with metal lures, vibes, and hardbody fishing lures, all while reducing angler fatigue. It features quality components like Fuji low rider guides and other modern guides, which minimise line tangles when fishing from rocks and beaches.

Avoiding wind knots during casting is crucial, especially when the fish are biting, and a school of fish is within casting distance. Using low rider and other modern guides helps address this issue effectively.

Daiwa Seajigger Rods offer great value for their price. Look at our range of rods available for sale in the Seajigger series below, and choose the one that suits you best.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Seajigger 2023 Release and still current
  • Two Piece construction (splits in half)
  • HVF carbon rod blanks with X45X technology
  • Fuji Alconite anti-tangle guides
  • Reel Seats: Daiwa Ergonomic
  • Suitable for beach and rock fishing

Please note: The images provided are for illustrative purposes only. The price is for a single Sea jigger rod; slight variations may exist between different models. Pricing can also differ depending on the selected option during the ordering process, and it will be updated accordingly. Reviews: Any reviews shown on this listing made prior to August 2023 are for the previous series.

Daiwa Seajigger Rod Buyers Guide

With four models, selecting the perfect one has never been easier. Say goodbye to guesswork as our comprehensive buyer's guide provides all the necessary information.

Model: 1002ML - The Daiwa Seajigger 1002ML is the ideal Med-Light model, designed for 4 to 8 kg lines and lighter-weight lures. It seamlessly pairs with a 3000 to 4000 spin reel, ensuring effortless fishing.

  • Length: 10ft / 305cm
  • Rod Type: Spin
  • Action: Med-Light
  • Cast Weight: 20-60 grams
  • Line Rating: 4-8kg

The Seajigger 1002ML is perfect for spinning small to midsized metal lures and casting larger soft plastics. Whether targeting tailor, salmon, bonito, or fishing on the beach, estuary, or rocky areas for bream, whiting, tailor, trevally, and rock blackfish, this lightweight rod delivers exceptional performance.

Model Seajigger 1042M - The Daiwa Seajigger 1042M is the versatile all-rounder in the range, catering to 85% of spinning applications across Australia.

  • Length: 10ft 4 inches / 315cm
  • Rod Type: Spin
  • Action: Medium
  • Cast Weight: 30-100 grams
  • Line Rating: 6-9kg

Balanced with a 4000-sized reel and 6 to 9 kg breaking strain line, the Seajigger 1042M ensures fatigue-free casting throughout the day. It suits various applications, from targeting salmon, tailor, mulloway, and medium-sized tuna to casting heavier metal lures, top water poppers, and sliders. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for bait fishing around rocks chasing pigs and reds.

Model Seajigger 1082H - The Daiwa Seajigger 1082H is the second heaviest model in the Seajigger range. This incredibly robust rod pairs best with a 4500-sized reel loaded with 7 to 15kg braided line.

  • Length: 10ft 8 inches / 325cm
  • Rod Type: Spin
  • Action: Heavy
  • Cast Weight: 60-150g
  • Line Rating: 7-15kg

The Daiwa Seajigger 1082H is designed explicitly for casting hefty metals, poppers, and soft plastics to target larger species like salmon, mulloway, kingfish, and longtail tuna. It effortlessly handles tough fighting fish such as big pigs and snapper, making it a true workhorse of a fishing rod.

Model Seajigger 1082XH - The Daiwa Seajigger 1082XH is the ultimate choice for extra-heavy shore fishing. It excels in battling big kingfish, jewfish, queenfish, and other large brutes on rocky shores or beaches. Built tough, the XH model is typically paired with 6000-6500-sized Daiwa reels.

Feel confident in your fishing gear selection with the Daiwa Seajigger Rod Buyers Guide. Choose the perfect model for your needs and embark on your next angling adventure!

  • 10ft 8 inches / 325cm
  • Spin Rod
  • Action: Extra Heavy
  • Cast Weight: 80-200g
  • Line Rating: 12-24kg

Daiwa Seajigger 1082XH is exceptional for casting large metal lures (80 grams and upwards), huge soft plastics and even whole fresh bait rigs that weigh between 80-200g. The XH is our toughest Seajigger fishing rod for sale, designed to battle against some of our waters' toughest fish.

What is the concept behind the Daiwa Seajigger series?

The concept is to reduce unnecessary weight, making them a pleasure to use all day and minimising angler fatigue.

What kind of guides do the Daiwa Seajigger rods feature?

The Daiwa Seajigger rods now feature Fuji low rider and other anti-tangle series Alconite guides, providing exceptional casting distance and control for tangle-free casts all day.

What is the ideal fishing line to pair with the Daiwa Seajigger rods?

We recommend using a braided line with the Daiwa Seajigger rods for best results. The braided line is ideal for long-distance casting and provides greater sensitivity, allowing the angler to detect the slightest bite.

Are the Daiwa Seajigger rods suitable for anglers of all skill levels?

Absolutely, the Daiwa Seajigger rods are designed to accommodate both beginners and experienced anglers. Their high-quality construction and user-friendly features make them an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their fishing experience.

Buying A Daiwa Seajigger Rod online

The Seajigger fishing rod is genuinely remarkable. Its exceptional design and advanced features, such as the HVF carbon rod blanks with X45X technology and Fuji Alconite anti-tangle guides, make it a game-changer for rock and beach anglers. At Fishing Tackle Shop, we offer Seajigger rods at competitive prices. Trust us: Investing in a Daiwa Seajigger Rod ensures top-notch quality and offers an exceptional and rewarding fishing experience. Don't hesitate - purchase a Daiwa Seajigger and feel the difference as soon as you hold it in your hands.


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