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Daiwa TD Black Fishing Rods - We sell Spin, Baitcaster or Travel Rod Models

There's plenty value driven light tackle rods on the market that offer excellent performance. There are also plenty of said rods, across the brands, that stick up their tip runner as a worthy contender for your hard earned dollars. The Daiwa TD Black Rods are the next evolution to the older ever popular Generation Black Series and offer more advanced technological features, value and top shelf performance, giving them a distinct advantage over the competition.

The Daiwa TD Black Fishing Rods for sale now cover just about every light tackle application you can imagine. From Trout in the highland lakes and dams to Snapper and Coral Trout from your favourite never-fail reef. There's several option for Barra anglers, a few for Mulloway and a couple for casting Lures at Murray Cod. For that matter, all but the fly anglers are covered in the fresh stuff.

For the salties, the rivers and estuaries are covered several times over, whether land based or fishing from your boat. With the Supercasta and Slugger models, you can even get some beach and rock action depending on conditions. The Slugger would be ideal for back breaking rock dwelling Drummer and Bream. Tailor and Mackerel from the same location also would deliver brilliant sport.

The blanks are HVF Nanoplus for a supremely light but strong fishing rod. This lightweight durability is backed by Braiding X which eliminates rod twist and allows for smaller diameter blanks. V-joint is employed to ensure the multi-piece rods maintain integrity from butt to rod tip, and every blank is dressed in Fuji Alconite Guides for even greater blank integrity and superior line management.

From Bass to Bream, from Jack to Jew, from Flathead to Snapper and a whole school more, there's countless fish to be comfortably subdued with class and performance using any of the Daiwa TD Black Fishing Rods. Why not buy a couple of models and dedicate each one to a particular application? They're priced to sell and the performance at this price point in a light tackle rod is unsurpassed.

Features and Specifications

  • HVF X45, Graphite fishing rods - sensitive and great feel
  • Fuji Alconiteseries rod guides
  • Daiwa Air Sensor fittings on most models
  • Durable Eva Grips

Note: Price is for 1 rod only - choose your model when ordering. Images are for illustration only, some variances may occur between models such as rod grips (the bag you see is only supplied with 3pc travel models and may vary in design). Price can also vary depending on model you choose in our order menu.

Model Style Length Sections Action Taper Cast Weight Handle Type Line Weight Suggested Reel Size
641LFS PINSTER Spin 6ft 4 inches 1 Light Fast 1- 8 grams B 1.5-4Kg 1000-2500
6101ULFS DRUNKEN MONKEY Spin 6ft 10 inches 1 Ultra Light Fast 0.5 - 6 grams B 1-3Kg 1000-2000
6101LFS ITCHY TWITCHY Spin 6ft 10 inches 1 Light Fast 1 - 8 grams B 1.5-4Kg 1000-2500
6101MLFS WILD WEASEL Spin 6ft 10 inches 1 Medium Light Fast 2 - 14 grams A 2-6Kg 2500-3000
641ULFS CAP'N RISKY Spin 6ft 4 inches 1 Ultra Light Fast 0.5 - 6 grams B 1 -3Kg 1000-2000
722ULFS GRUB'N Spin 7ft 2 inches 2 (1pc blank, splits at butt) Ultra Light Fast 1 - 7 grams B 1-3Kg 1000-2000
742LXS PADDLEFISH Spin 7ft 4 inches 2 (1pc blank, splits at butt) Light Extra Fast 3.5 - 12 grams B 2-5Kg 2500-3000
762XHFS ANVIL Spin 7ft 6 inches 2 Heavy Fast 15 - 60 grams F 10-15Kg 4000-5000
782ULFS SUGAPOP Spin 7ft 8 inches 2 Ultra Light Fast 1 - 8 grams A 1.5-4Kg 2500-3000
6102ULFS TWO DRUNKEN MONKIES Spin 6ft 10 inches 2 Ultra Light Fast 0.5 - 6 grams B 1-3Kg 1000-2000
6102LFS ITCHY TWITCHY II Spin 6ft 10 inches 2 Light Fast 1 - 8 grams B 1.5-4Kg 1000-2500
6102MLFS WICKED WEASEL Spin 6ft 10 inches 2 Medium Light Fast 2 - 14 grams A 2-6Kg 2500-3000
702LFS SCRATCHY Spin 7ft 2 Light Fast 1 - 8 grams B 1.5-4Kg 1000-2500
601XHFS BEOWULF Spin 6ft 1 Extra Heavy Fast 14 - 50 grams A 10-15Kg 4000-5000
641HFS SWAMP DONKEY Spin 6ft 4 inch 1 Heavy Fast 10 - 30 grams A 6-12Kg 3000-5000
701MHFS HUMPHEAD Spin 7ft 1 Medium Heavy Fast 10 - 30 grams F 5-10Kg 4000-5000
701XHFS NUGGET Spin 7ft 1 Heavy Fast 14 - 50 grams F 10-15Kg 4000-5000
642MFS MANGROVE MASHER Spin 6ft 4inch 2 Medium Fast 7 - 21 grams A 5-8Kg 3000-4000
762MHFS SUPERCASTA Spin 7ft 6 inch 2 Medium Heavy Fast 10 - 30 grams F 5-10Kg 3000-4000
802MHFS SLUGGER Spin 8ft 2 Medium Heavy Fast 14 - 60 grams F 6-12Kg 4000-5000
701MFS Macka Spin 7ft 1 Medium Fast 7 - 21 grams F 5-8Kg 3000-4000
641MLRB Finezza Baitcaster 6ft 4 inch 1 Medium-Light Regular 4 - 16 grams D 3-7Kg Baitcaster
641MHFB Cranky Baitcaster 6ft 4 inch 1 Medium-Heavy Fast 7 - 21 grams C 5-10Kg Baitcaster
601HFB Beefstik Baitcaster 6ft 1 Heavy Fast 10 - 50 grams C 6-12Kg Baitcaster
561HFB Gongbeater Baitcaster 5ft 6 inch 1 Heavy Fast 10 - 45 grams C 6-12Kg Baitcaster
641LRB Skinny Mini Baitcaster 6ft 4 inch 1 Light Fast 3 - 14 grams D 2-6Kg Baitcaster
681MHFB Razorback Baitcaster 6ft 8 inch 1 Medium-Heavy Fast 7 - 21 grams C 5-10Kg Baitcaster
6101LFB Baitlady Baitcaster 6ft 10 inch 1 Light Fast 3 - 14 grams D 2-6Kg Baitcaster
622HFB Double Beef Baitcaster 6ft 2 inch 2 Heavy Fast 14 - 50 grams C 6-10Kg Baitcaster
712MMLXB Jiggy Smalls Baitcaster Light Jig 7ft 10 inch 2 (1pc blank, splits at butt) Medium-Light Fast 7 - 28 grams D 3-8Kg Baitcaster
792XXH-SB Mother Swimbait Baitcaster 7ft 9 inch 2 (1pc blank, splits at butt) XX-Heavy Moderate Maxiumum 300g E 15-24Kg Large Capacity Baitcaster
603HFS Bull Dog Travel (Spin) 6ft 3 Heavy Fast 10 - 30 grams tba 6-10kg 3000-4000
703LFS Black Jack Travel (Spin) 7ft 3 Light Fast 2 - 8 grams B 2-4kg 1000-2000
703MLFS Deepstriker Travel (Spin) 7ft 3 Medium Light Fast 4 - 14 grams A 3-6kg 1000-2500
703MHFS Black Sniper Travel (Spin) 7ft 3 Medium-Heavy Fast 7 - 21 grams A 5-8kg 2500-4000
603MHFB Bullup Travel (Baitcaster) 6ft 3 Medium-Heavy Fast 7 - 30 grams C 5-8kg Baitcaster
603HFB Pork Chop Travel (Baitcaster) 6ft 3 Heavy Fast 14 - 50 grams C 6-10kg Baitcaster

Daiwa TD Black Rod Buyer Guide

It's no secret that this series has a massive range to choose from. So, which one do you purchase? First, we suggest checking out the specs in our tables to check out your light-medium and heavy options before making any decisions on what rod is best for you. If it feels like there are too many choices with everything being so similar or if all of these words confuse you because they're meant as more for people who know their stuff about fishing then don't hesitate! Contact us here at the Fishing Tackle Shop by phone or email, where someone will be able to answer any questions.

Spin Models

Ultra Light & Light Action (Spin) ModelsThese models are perfect for inshore fishing. Lakes and rivers are the primary purposes for which these models have been created. They're ideal for targeting bream, bass, trout, flathead, whiting perch, and many other lightweight fish that live in Australia's inshore and coastal waters.

Medium-Light Action (Spin) Models - Are also designed for inshore fishing but are ideal where you need a little extra purchase in terms of heavier line class.

Medium-Heavy (Spin Models) - Anglers are often adapting to an ever-changing environment, and this includes their fishing style. Many people who fish inshore or light offshore can sometimes have a hard time with the idea that they need two separate rods for each type of fishing. The TD Black Rods in medium and heavy ratings can cover both styles in several scenarios. This means you'll be able to catch mangrove jack, fingermark (which is also called golden snapper), barra, even cod if necessary. You can fish inshore lake and river grounds without having any trouble, or because it's so versatile; these rods may also present perfect for Snapper too when light reef fishing is on the agenda.

Heavy-Extra Heavy (Spin Models) - Are for getting series, chasing bigger inshore barra, queenfish, cod or mulloway. They're also ideal for offshore species targeting anything from pan sized reef fish to something a touch more modest in class.

Daiwa TD Black Baitcaster Rods

Light Baitcasters - We sell the Finezza, Skinnymini and baitlady models for anglers that only fish light on baitcast gear. Ideal for bream, bass, perch, flathead and other light inshore targets

Medium & Heavier baitcastersCranky and Razorback are among our biggest sellers in baitcast rods. They are pretty versatile in tackling lighter fish species like flathead and redfin, through to the next class up in terms of yellowbelly small cod and barra. The Beefstik and Double Beef Models are for those anglers dedicated to chasing the big ones! (murray cod and barra of all sizes) Beefstik and Double Beed can also be used for light offshore fishing shallow reefs or for cranking lures across the surface.

Daiwa TD Black Travel Rods

There's no need to sacrifice performance or compromise in quality when you need the ideal travel rod. Daiwa TD Black Travel Rods for sale now deliver on all the key travel rod criteria at a price that will leave you a little change to stock up on lures and terminal tackle.

The Daiwa TD Black, light tackle series of travel rods covers a broad selection of applications. The Black Jack will be perfect for the finesse angler hunting Bass or Bream from their boat or Kayak. The Deepstriker will be an excellent option for fishing the river banks and bays, casting plastics at Flathead or live Nippers at Whiting and summer Bream.

The Bulldog will be ideal if you're heading outside the heads on a hunt for reef dwelling species such as Snapper. With a 9kg line rating you have plenty of stick should the fish size start getting up a little. The same rod is a great option if you're traveling north to hunt for Barra. For an awesome sport experience, cast your Deepstriker from a break wall, targeting the likes of Bonito with smaller metal Slices.


  • Brilliantly priced with a model selection that covers an enormous range of applications.
  • The HVF Nanoplus blanks deliver maximum graphite density for a super-light yet strong and durable rod.
  • Braiding X technology enhances rod dynamics by eliminating twist ensuring form is maintained throughout the battle. The blanks can be a smaller diameter delivering a connected, lightweight feel.
  • Famous Fuji Alconite guides deliver outstanding line management from cast through battle. Their lightweight yet durable construction maintains blank integrity and strength you can rely on. Tangle free design eliminates unwanted knots, making the TD Black perfect for braid lines.
  • The stealth black colour scheme looks slick and stylish. It's the perfect canvas to highlight the Fuji hardware.
  • Dawia's V-joint technology has been pivotal in delivering blank integrity. No strength or feel is lost in the multi piece models.

The Daiwa TD Black Fishing Rod series is an outstanding option for the angler demanding exceptional features and quality without the budget breaking price tag. From Bass to Barra from banks to boats there's a Daiwa TD Black Rod or two with your name on it.


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