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Daiwa Demon Blood Rods For Sale

Diverse Rod Selection – The Daiwa Demon Blood range can offer a diverse selection of fishing rod styles. Among the options, you can find a fishing rod to suit popping for GTs, jigging for snapper, or spinning in rock surroundings.

Superb Blank Performance – The robust nature of the blanks in each Demon Blood fishing rod stems from the use of HVF Carbon paired with performance-enhancing features in the form of 3DX and X45X, with spinning models coming with V-Joint and Glatech features. The result is a strong performance that won't be compromised by blank twisting.

Fuji Guides – Daiwa Australia has integrated a Fuji guide system that will prevent you from enduring the frustration of line wrap. Prepare to benefit from minimal friction and all-around smooth performance from your fishing line.

These are just some of the things that shine about Daiwa Demon Blood rods. When you're up against the ocean's most prominent and challenging predators fishing anything less than a Daiwa Demon Blood rod will be taking unnecessary risks of losing the catch of a lifetime. Tuna, Sailfish, GT's and their scaly cousins don't muck about; you shouldn't either. So, if you're on the lookout for a high-quality, heavy-duty fishing rod, Daiwa Demon Blood should be on your radar. We have models for sale to suit various fishing styles, so browse our selection and find the perfect one for you.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Heavy Duty for hardcore saltwater fishing styles
  • Daiwa Rod Blank Technologies: HVF, 3DX, X45X, and V Joint
  • Fuji Alconite K series and MN Series anti-tangle guides
  • Reel Seats – Heavy Duty Fuji Lock Grip
  • Most are suitable for offshore boat fishing and extra heavy shore game.

Note: Price is for one rod only. Prices vary depending on which model demon blood rod you choose to purchase—images for illustration only. Slight variations can occur.

Model Main Use Pieces Length Action Cast Weight Line rating Reel Suggestion Guide
S56-6/8 Boat Spin Jig 1 5ft 6 inch Heavy 200-450g PE 6-8 5000-8000
S59-4/6 Boat Spin Jig 1 5ft 9 inch Heavy 150-350g PE 4-6 5000-8000
S60-2/3 Boat Spin Jig 1 6ft Medium Heavy 80-180g PE 2-3 5000-6000
S63-4/5 Boat Spin Jig 1 6ft 3 inch Heavy 120-300g PE 4-5 6000-8000
S64-2/4 Boat Spin Jig 1 6ft 4 inch Medium Heavy 90-230g PE 2-4 5000-6000
S69-2/3 Boat General 1 6ft 9 inch Medium Heavy 30-120g PE 2-3 6000-8000
S69-4/8 Boat General 1 6ft 9 inch Heavy 40-200g PE 4-8 6000-8000
S702-3/5 Boat General 2 7ft Medium Heavy 60-120g PE 3-5 6000-8000
S73-2/3 Boat/Shore General 2 (grip Join) 7ft 3 inch Medium Heavy 15-45g PE 2-3 6000
S73-3/5 Boat/Shore General 2 (grip Join) 7ft 3 inch Heavy 30-90g PE 3-5 6000-8000
S76-8/10 Stickbait/Popper/ Heavy Spin 2 (grip Join) 7ft 6 inch Extra Heavy 120-230g PE 8-10 10000-20000
S77-4/6 Stickbait/Heavy Spin 2 (grip Join) 7ft 7 inch Medium Heavy 35-100g PE 4-6 8000-14000
S792-4/6 Heavy Spin - Luring 2 7ft 9 inch Heavy 90-230g PE 4-6 10000-14000
S80/6-8 Stickbait/Popper/ Heavy Spin 2 (grip Join) 8ft Heavy 80-180g PE 6-8 8000-14000
S83-2/4 Heavy Spin - Luring 2 (grip Join) 8ft 3 inch Heavy 20-70g PE 2-4 8000-10000
S85-5/8  Stickbait/Popper/ Heavy Spin 2 (grip Join) 8ft 5 inch Heavy 60-160g PE 5-8 10000-14000
S932-2/4 Rock/Shore Spin 2 9ft 3 inch Medium Heavy 20-90g PE 2-4 6000-8000
S962-3/5 Rock/Shore Spin 2 9ft 6 inch Heavy 50-120g PE 3-5 8000-10000
B56-6/8 Boat Overhead Jig 1 5ft 6 inch Heavy 200-450g PE 6-8 Overhead Jiging Reel
B58-4/6 Boat Overhead Jig 1 5ft 8 inch Heavy 150-350g PE 4-6 Overhead Jiging Reel
B60-2/3 Boat Overhead Jig 1 6ft Medium Heavy 80-180g PE 2-3 Overhead Jiging Reel

Daiwa Demon Blood Rods Buyer Guide

We've compiled a handy guide to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your rod from us. We've broken it down into Four main sections: heavy spin and popper rods, Rock Spin, offshore jigging boat rods then general-purpose options. So browse and see which Daiwa Demon Blood rod is right for you. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Heavy Popper/Stickbait or boat casting models

There's nothing quite like seeing a GT smash your popper as you work a pristine reef. If any fish requires serious muscle and a serious rod to back you up, it's an angry GT who is a touch more than peeved that his lunch turned out to be a trick full of trebles. You will need a Daiwa Demon Blood Heavy Spin rod for a Giant Trevally in a mad panic.

For fishing and landing the biggest fish, nothing beats a Daiwa Demon Blood rod that has a medium-heavy through extra heavy action. These rods will handle the biggest lures, heaviest lines and largest pelagic fish. They will also help you cast awkward lures like poppers and stick baits. While the range of Daiwa Demon Blood Rods For sale is now quite expansive, the models that shine are:

- Model S80-6/8

- Model S76-8/10

- Model S792-4/6

All rods for sale above will excel when casting lures from a boat or rocks. They will easily handle the heaviest lines and perform well when fishing for pelagic fish such as tuna, mackerel, GT and kingfish.

Daiwa Demon Blood Rock Spin Models

While there are several rods in the series that will quite comfortably fish off the rocks, Daiwa has designed and released a couple of purpose-built Rock Spin models. These rods are longer and have a softer tip than the boat rods. The Daiwa Demon Blood Rock Spin models are:

- Model S932-2/4

- Model S962-3/5

The extra length in these Daiwa Demon Blood rods gives you improved casting range and accuracy and they have the power to handle heavy lures.

Daiwa Demon Blood Offshore Jigging Boat Rods

Jigging for pelagic fish such as kingfish, tuna, and amberjack is an exciting way to fish, where you work your lure vertically in the water column to entice a bite. It's an active and engaging style of fishing that gets the heart pumping. You need a specialised jigging rod to perform this type of fishing, which is where Daiwa's Demon Blood range comes into its own. With models designed specifically for boat-based jigging, the Daiwa Demon Blood offshore that stand out are

- Model S56-6/0 Spin

- Model S59-4/6 Spin

- Model S60-2/3 Spin

- Model S63-4/5 Spin

- Model S64-3/4 Spin

- Model B56-6/8 Overhead

- Model B58-4/6 Overhead

- Model B60-2/3 Overhead

All the above Daiwa Demon Blood offshore jigging models will excel when used from a boat offshore. They have the power and strength to work jigs and the sensitivity to feel the lightest of hits.

Daiwa Demon Blood General Purpose and/or Boating Rods

Daiwa has you covered if you are a fan of fishing heavy from land or a boat offshore but looking for general spin options that will cover many fishing styles. Some of these models include:

- Model S702-3/5

- Model S69-2/4

- Model S694/8

Each of the Daiwa Demon Blood models above is a great all-rounder that can be used for bottom bouncing baits, casting lures and more. The suggestions have the strength to handle big fish, are versatile and make for an excellent investment. 


  • When the heat is on, you want all the power going in one direction. Fuji Heavy Duty Reel Seats lock your reel to the rod as if rod and reel were one.
  • V-Joint technology provides the convenience of easy transport and storage while maintaining blank integrity.
  • Feel everything and fish in ergonomic comfort with the Ultra Tough EVA grips, designed to last and keep you feeling connected.
  • Fuji Alconite K/MN guides keep the friction to an all-time low, enhancing the rods casting manners and ensuring your mono survives the blistering runs of mega-fish.
  • The blanks are profoundly strong. HVF combines with X45X, which eliminates twists, and 3DX, which distributes power evenly through the blank and ensures the blank retains its form during heavy battles.

The Daiwa Demon Blood Rods for sale now wear the blood-red badge. You can rest assured that during the battle with a once in a life time prize fish, you will have all the support you need to come up victorious. The Demon blood rod range is designed for serious anglers and even more serious fish. Buy yours now, and hit the blue stuff for a GT, tuna, kingfish or two.


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