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Daiwa Tanacom Electric Fishing Reel A Series

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Daiwa Tanacom Electric Fishing Reel (A Series)

As any offshore electric fishing reel angler knows, there comes a time when you decide to step up your fishing game and acquire the best-in-class gear. Fishing gear that redefines what's possible against the strongest, most bruising fish of reef and blue water.

The wait is over. Daiwa's engineering team has leveraged cutting-edge technology to deliver their most powerful and capable electric reels with the Daiwa  Tanacom A Series. It is purpose-built for battling offshore giants where only the best have a slight hope of not making it to the deck.

At the heart of the latest Daiwa Tanacom Fishing Reel series sits a radically implemented brushless motor in the spool. This innovative placement optimises power delivery and tangle resistance. Sophisticated electronics enable key statistics to be displayed digitally, even under harsh glares, while integrated sensor packages monitor vital signs. Mono-plate oscillation systems provide unmatched tangle resistance when retrieving crossed lines.

The A Series sets new boundaries in extreme electric fishing performance. It's time to shake your offshore fishing up!

Daiwa Tanacom 1200 Electric Fishing Reel

  • Line Capacity: Approximately 1000m of PE8 braided line
  • Max Drag: 25Kg
  • Reel Weight: 2.04Kg
  • 11 bearings
  • Gear Ratio 2.0:1
  • Built-in line counter
  • Large easy-view LCD panel
  • Improved UX menu setup.
  • Leads are included; however, a Power source is NOT included

The Tanacom 1200 reel confidently claims the crown of Daiwa's most capable and powerful electric fishing reel, engineered specifically for large game fish. At its heart, a custom controller marshals extreme power to the radically implemented enclosed motor. That enables line retrieve speeds that seem to defy physics. Paired with a cavernous spool swallowing approximately 1000m of 80lb test braid, it can rapidly extract leviathan groupers, gemfish, blue eye cod, amberjacks and other monsters from home dwellings hundreds of feet below. In short, the Tanacom 1200 reel brings extreme power for extreme fishing.

Daiwa Tanacom 800 Electric Fishing Reel

  • Line Capacity: Approximately 800m of PE6 braided line
  • Max Drag: 25Kg
  • Reel Weight: 1.91Kg
  • 5 bearings
  • Gear Ratio 2.0:1
  • Built in line counter
  • Large easy-view LCD panel
  • Leads are included; however, a Power source is NOT included

Serious offshore fishing enthusiasts preferring a more compact presentation need look no further. Virtually matching the cranking torque of the larger 1200 in a smaller, slimmer package, the 800 delivers extreme pulling power to target the hardest-fighting pelagic species. Never again worry about cranking uncooperative beasts from the depths manually. The 800 packs muscle for outperforming expectations against any rampaging reef predator.

Notes: The price is for one reel only and may vary depending on what size you choose to order. Images are for illustration and differences can occur between sizes.

What types of fish are Daiwa Tanacom A Series Electric reels best suited for?

With extreme power and huge line capacities, Tanacom electric reels excel when targeting hard-fighting bottom dwellers and pelagic species from considerable depths.

What rods pair best with these reels?

Quality, purpose-built deep-drop fishing rods make the best pairings. Heavy action models provide the needed backbone and leverage to muscle large fish upward from depth. Deep drop rods feature heavy-duty runners able to withstand extreme abrasion when dropping hundreds of feet over the structure below. A roller swivel tip prevents dangerous line twisting.

Why Buying a Daiwa Tanacom Electric Fishing Reel Changes Everything

Electric-powered fishing reels exist for a significant purpose - harnessing and delivering extreme power and unending stamina in a reliable, portable package. When wrestling leviathans from their subaqueous lairs hundreds of feet below the Daiwa Tanacom A Series, it delivers exceptional power for repeated retrievals of large game fish that other fishing gear can't handle.

So, when shopping for an electric companion able to lift extremely heavy loads repeatedly, look no further than the Daiwa Tanacom Electric Fishing Reel A Series, which combines Japanese fishing reel technology with an innovative high-torque power plant. Buy a new Tanacom at our online tackle shop to dramatically step up your catches!


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