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Daiwa Sawarash Lure Heavy Casting Minnow

Attention rock fishers! Take note of the latest heavy-casting minnow that has hit the market just for you! Introducing the Daiwa Sawarash lure, the newest addition to the Australian fishing scene already making waves. Imagine standing on a rugged rock ledge, ready to cast your line. Holding the Daiwa Sawarash lure in your hand, you can feel its weight, perfect for achieving that long cast you've been practising. With a swift motion, you release it into a school of unknown species. Will it be tuna, kingfish, or perhaps even mackerel?

As the adrenaline rush surges through you, like a surge of electricity, the realisation hits: it's a kingfish on the other end. The battle that ensues is nothing short of intense; your rod bends in a sudden and sharp arc, the reel sings out in protest, and you cling on tightly, a sense of achievement coursing through your veins. Then, with one final, determined pump and wind, you bring it in - The magnificent kingfish, resplendent in its grandeur, enticed by the irresistible charm of the Daiwa Sawarash lure.

The Daiwa Sawarash Lure is expertly crafted for superior casting performance. Its streamlined and aerodynamic body enables effortless and precise casts. With its lifelike finish and intricate swimming action, it flawlessly imitates saltwater baitfish, adapting to different retrieval styles for a truly versatile fishing experience.

A well-designed lure with a heavy keel provides a stable swimming action during high-speed retrieves, allowing you to imitate the movement of a fleeing baitfish. Alternatively, if you pause the lure, it will sink deeper into the water column. By twitching the lure during the retrieve, you can replicate the traditional jerk bait action, which effectively mimics the movements of a wounded baitfish. This technique is highly effective in enticing strikes from predatory fish.

If rock fishing is on your agenda, the Daiwa Sawarash Lure is a must-have in your tackle box. However, this versatile weighted jerk bait lure isn't limited to rock fishing! It's also the perfect companion for casting from a boat. Whether targeting a spooked school of fish from afar or throwing lures around fish traps for dolphin fish, the Sawarash is an exceptional choice. Its performance and versatility make it stand out.

Features and Specifications

  • Heavy Weighted Jerk Bait Fishing Lure
  • 35 grams
  • 110mm Length
  • 2x BKK Treble Hooks
  • Sinking Lure
  • Can be fished from surface to deep in the water column
  • Ideal for saltwater fishing
  • Suitable for rock/surf or boat fishing
  • Wire through construction

Please note that the price mentioned is for a single lure. The multiple images provided are for illustrative purposes only.

What Species will the Daiwa Sawarash Lure attract?

The Daiwa Sawarash lure is meticulously crafted to entice a wide array of saltwater fish species, such as kingfish, tuna, salmon, tailor, bonito, mackerel, etc. Its lifelike appearance and captivating action make it irresistible to virtually any pelagic predator fish.

What is the Best Technique for Fishing with the Daiwa Sawarash Lure?

The optimal fishing technique for the Daiwa Sawarash lure varies depending on your target species and location. However, a widely favoured approach involves employing a swift retrieval motion while intermittently pausing or twitching the lure to mimic the behaviour of an injured baitfish. This method effectively imitates natural prey and increases the likelihood of attracting your desired catch.

Is the Daiwa Sawarash Lure Suitable for All Types of Fishing?

The Daiwa Sawarash lure is designed to excel in both rock/surf and boat fishing environments. Its heavy weight and versatile swimming action suit various saltwater conditions and species.

What Makes the Daiwa Sawarash Lure Stand Out?

The Daiwa Sawarash lure stands out due to its exceptional casting performance, lifelike appearance, and versatile swimming action. Its heavy keel ensures stability during high-speed retrieves, while its sink-and-twitch action imitates wounded baitfish effectively. Moreover, its wire-through construction and durable BKK treble hooks make it a more reliable and longer-lasting fishing lure choice.

What is the Best Line to use with the Daiwa Sawarash Lure?

It is highly recommended to utilise a braided fishing line to achieve peak performance when using this lure. This line type offers several advantages, including longer and more precise casts. Furthermore, braided lines have a thinner diameter, enhancing sensitivity and improved hook-setting capabilities.

What Colours are available?

The Daiwa Sawarash Lure is available in various vibrant and natural colours, including White Glow, Banana Fish, Flying Fish, Sardine, Keimura Flash and Blue Pink.

Ready to buy a Daiwa Sawarash Fishing Lure Online?

At fishingtackleshop.com.au, our range of fishing lures for rock, beach and boat fishing is vast and comprehensive. However, add the Daiwa Sawarash lure to your cart today and experience the thrill of a heavy-casting minnow lure proven to work and is excellent value for money. With its outstanding features, exceptional performance, and versatile design, the Daiwa Sawarash Lure is undoubtedly a must-have addition to any rock, beach or boat angler lure kit! Go on, add one to your cart.


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