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Daiwa TD Zero Rods – Fishing Rods For Sale

From Ultra-Light to Heavy, the Daiwa TD Zero Rods are jam-packed with classy features that will change the way you fish, improving your skills and technique.

It’s all in the feel, and the feel begins with the high-tech blank featuring HVF Nanoplus, Bias Wrap Construction, and X45X full shield carbon fibre blanks. The party doesn’t stop there as the magnificent blank is decked out with Fuji stainless steel and titanium SiC guides, Daiwa reel seats and custom componentry. You get a fishing rod straight off the top shelf, looking like a million bucks, performing like a formula 1 and looking like it has stepped straight off the catwalk. What’s more, it won’t cost you the earth.

The spin models listed below are available in 2-piece models which feature the famous Daiwa V-joint, where nothing is lost to a join. At a touch over 2 meters, these rods will suit any number of land-based and water craft based fishing applications. The heavy models will cover the more demanding inshore work, such as chasing big Barra. It will also perform well dropping lures on the reef for the like of big saltwater snapper.

The finesse anglers will appreciate the ease at which the Zero can cast the lightest of lures at the like of Trout, Bream and Whiting, but every user will be astonished at the sensitivity, feedback and weightless feel.

Fatigue is now a thing of the past. You can cast all day and then some and be ready to hit it again in the morning. From finesse to ‘full on’, salt to fresh, the Daiwa TD Zero Rods for sale now is a technological masterpiece that will enhance your fishing experience and ultimately assist catch you more fish.

Features and Specifications

Model Length Sections Action Cast weight Line Rating Suggestion Reel Size
692ULFS 6ft 9inch 2 (splits in half) Ultra Light 0.5- 8 grams 1 - 3 kg 1000-2000
702LFS 7ft 2 (grip join - longest piece 184cm) Light 2 - 11 grams 2 - 4 kg 2000-2500
722ULXS 7ft 2 Inches 2 (grip join - longest piece 190cm) Ultra Light 0.5 - 8 grams 1 - 3 kg 1000-2500
732MLXS 7ft 3 inch 2 (grip join - longest piece 189cm) Medium Light 5 - 21 grams 3 - 6 kg 2500-3000
742LXS 7ft 4 inch 2 (grip join - longest piece 191cm) Light 3.5 - 14 grams 2 - 5 kg 2000-3000
742MXS 7ft 4 inch 2 (grip join - longest piece 191cm) Medium 6 - 28 grams 3 - 8 kg 3000-5000
742MHXS 7ft 4inch 2 (splits in half) Medium Heavy 7 - 40 grams 4 - 9 kg 3000-4000
762ULFS 7ft 6inch 2 (splits in half) Ultra Light 0.5 - 8 grams 1 - 3 kg 1000-2500
762HXS 7ft 6inch 2 (splits in half) Heavy 12 - 50 grams 6 - 12Kg 4000-5000
  • Type: Spin (will suit Spinning type reels)
  • Grip: Split Grip EVA
  • Shaped EVA end cap
  • HVF Nanoplus Bias Wrap Construction X45X Rod Blanks
  • V-joint (on 2-piece models)
  • Guides: stainless steel and titanium SiC guides
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Series: Daiwa TD Zero 22  (and is current)

Note: Price is for 1 rod only – choose which model you wish to purchase when ordering. Images for illustration only. Variations can occur between models such as where rods pull apart and where split grip occurs.

Baitcaster models are also for sale on special order - Contact us for a quotation and delivery time estimate. We also have a huge range of other Daiwa Fishing Rods for sale

Fishing Applications and Buyer’s Guide

If you fish ultra-light for species such as bream and sand whiting there are a couple of 1-3kg models in the range of Zero rods for sale. These rods are best matched with a 1000 size spinning reel for the ultimate balanced fishing performance.

If you prefer a little more versatility we suggest making high consideration in purchasing the 702LFS or742LXS models. These models have you well covered to target a range of saltwater and freshwater species such as bream, sand whiting, trout, Australian bass, flathead and all your regular light class of river and lake species. The better size reels for these models are a 2000-2500 size. They will take a 1000 size if you want to fish light but have a little more strength compared the ultra-light models.

Model 732MLXS is a light to medium application rod. Ideally suited as a fishing rod that is a little more general in class and ideal for targeting perch, flathead, mangrove jack as well as other slightly heavier class of fish. Our suggested reel size is 2500 or 3000.

Fishing for barra, jewfish, snapper, murray cod or any other heavier class of fish? Consider the 742MHXS or 762HXS as the best choices, especially if matched to a 4000 size spinning reel the pair will balance well.


  • HVF Nanoplus promotes unrivalled sensitivity and response. It is about keeping things thin and light without sacrificing an ounce of strength and power.
  • X45X Technology is a game changer. It's torsional stiffness keeps your retrieval at an even pace and transfers energy to the lure right away, so you can feel confident about every cast without worry of wasted time or effort by casting lures better than ever before. X45X eliminate twist and distortion. This ensures all the power goes to the hook and all the feel is transferred to the angler.
  • Fuji Stainless Steel and Titanium Sic rod guides promote outstanding casts every time. They are super lightweight yet incredibly durable and better for braid anglers.
  • The custom components add to the durability ensuring a long working life. They also enhance the overall cosmetic appeal of the rod.
  • V-joint, on the 2-piece models, all but eliminates any loss of strength due to having a joint in the rod. It performs as if there is no joint at all yet the angler has all the convenience of a 2-piece rod.

The Daiwa TD Zero Rods for sale now represents the ultimate in rod performance. From the finesse master to the hard-core grafter, the TD Zero belongs in a pedigree stable. Fish with class and performance and choose a Daiwa TD Zero Rod.


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