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Daiwa TD Hyper Fishing Rod (We sell spin, baitcaster or travel models)

Daiwa continues to set the bar high when it comes to delivering high-performance top-shelf technology fishing rods at accessible price points.

The restyled and revamped Daiwa TD Hyper Fishing Rod-series is for sale now at the fishing tackle shop, and there is a model in the range that will suit your applications perfectly.

The first thing you may notice is the unique grey styling. The second thing you'll see is the insane number of models. There are quite a few baitcaster models and so many spin models to choose.

So, from the salty lakes to the fresh in the mountains, from the dams to the estuaries and stopping at blue water, you are covered with the high performance of the latest version of the Daiwa TD Hyper Fishing Rods. All that is left is for you to choose which model you will purchase.

There is nothing over 8ft 6 inches, but that doesn't mean surf anglers and rockhoppers can't get in on the TD action. For many locations and conditions, classic surf and rock rod length are not required. Plenty of surf and rock and anglers will tell you "if you don't need a 12 footer…all the better". Primarily, however, the latest TD range is all about the boat and bank.

Ultra-light finesse, General-purpose, Land-based, kayak and boat is covered! Tackle the smallest of rainbows from the bank with the 742ULFS. Drift live baits for river mulloway with the 762XHFS. Or why not tackle the mighty Murray cod with the 76XH-SB.

Blank actions are superb. They are crisp, dynamic, light and responsive, which is due to Daiwa's HVF Nanoplus blank, assisted with X45 technology.

It's this combination that delivers phenomenal power yet remains incredibly sensitive. You will notice that the blank diameters are impossibly thin. Don't be fooled; these guys will still play out your average humpback.

Line management is taken care of by Fuji O guides. Again, keeping things light yet powerful. The new grip designs are ergonomics focused, with the Air Sensor Reel Seats, promoting balance and maintaining the lightweight feel.

With the latest incarnation, the successful TD series has just got even better. It is going to be hard to find a better bang for your buck because Daiwa has nailed the Daiwa TD Hyper Fishing Rod range.  Pick one and purchase it or buy a selection. They are priced for arsenal building.

Features and Specifications


ModelLengthLine ClassPiece ContructionActionCast WeightSuggested Reel Size
602LFS 6ft 1.5-3Kg 2 Light 2-10 grams 1000-2500
603LFS 6ft 1-3kg 3 (Travel) Light 2-10 grams 1000-2000
603HFS 6ft 6-12kg 3 (Travel) Heavy 10-28 grams 3000-5000
601XHFS 6ft 7-15kg 1 Xtra Heavy 14-50 grams 4000-5000
641HFS 6ft 4 inch 6-12kg 1 Heavy 10-28 grams 3000-5000
661LFS 6ft 6 inch 1.5-3kg 1 Light 2-10 grams 1000-2500
662MLFS 6ft 6 inches 2-6kg 2 Med Light 4-14 grams 2500-3000
701ULXS 7ft 1-2kg 1 Ultra-Light 1-5 grams 1000-2000
702ULXS 7ft 1-2kg 2 Ultra-Light 1-5 grams 1000-2000
701LXS 7ft 1.5-3kg 1 Light 2-10 grams 1000-2500
702LXS 7ft 1.5-3kg 2 Light 2-10 grams 1000-2500
701MLXS 7ft 2-6kg 1 Med Light 4-14 grams 2500-3000
703LFS 7ft 1-3kg 3 (Travel) Light 1-5 grams 1000-2000
701MFS 7ft 3-7kg 1 Medium 7-21 grams 3000
703MHFS 7ft 5-9 kg 3 (Travel) Med. Heavy 7-21 grams 3000-4000
701HFS 7ft 6-12 kg 1 Heavy 10-28 grams 4000-5000
742ULFS 7ft 4 inches 1-2kg 2 Ultra-Light 1-5 grams 1000-2000
763LXS 7ft 6 inches 1-4 kg 3 (Travel) Light 1-10 grams 1000-2500
762MHFS 7ft 6 inches 5 - 9 kg 2 Med. Heavy 7-28 grams 3000-4000
762XHFS 7ft 6 inches 7-15kg 2 Xtra Heavy 15-50 grams 4000-5000
862ULXS 8ft 6 inches 2-5kg 2 Ultra-Light 2-12 grams 2500-3000
863ULXS 8ft 6 inches 2-5kg 3 (Travel) Ultra-Light 2-12 grams 2500-3000


ModelLengthLine ClassPiecesActionCast WeightReel Type Required
561HFB 5ft 6 inches 6-12kg 1 Heavy 10-28 grams Baitcaster
602MHFB 6ft 5-9kg 2 Med. Heavy 7-21 grams Baitcaster
603MHFB 6ft 5-9kg 3 (Travel) Med. Heavy 7-21 grams Baitcaster
601HFB 6ft 6-12kg 1 Heavy 10-28 grams Baitcaster
603HFB 6ft 6-12kg 3 Heavy 14-45 grams Baitcaster
641MLFB 6ft 2-6kg 1 Med Light 4-12 grams Baitcaster
641MHFB 6ft 5-9kg 1 Med. Heavy 7-21 grams Baitcaster
76XH-SB Swimbait 7ft 6 inches 15-24kg 2-Butt Join Xtra Heavy max 220 grams Baitcaster
  • Model: Daiwa TD Hyper Fishing Rod – Grey Series
  • Air Sensor Reel Seat
  • X45 technology
  • HVF Nanoplus blanks
  • Fuji O guides
  • Ergonomic grips

Note: Price is for one single Daiwa TD Hyper Fishing Rod only. Please note that prices will vary depending on which model in the range you decide to purchase. Images are only for illustration, with so many rods in the range there may be some differences.

Daiwa TD Hyper Fishing Rod Buying Guide

With such an expansive range of Daiwa TD Hyper Fishing Rods For sale, the matter is now which rod to buy. That is where our team at Fishing Tackle Shop has made it a touch easier for you with our handy TD Hyper purchasing guide below.

Spin Models

Ultra-Light to Light Action Models (Spin) – Nothing beats thrill, and that is precisely what you can expect from the ultra-light to light models for sale. Fish light yet still experience a battle with the lightest of our fresh and saltwater species.  Ideal for anglers who have a target list which include the likes of whiting, bream, bass, trout and flathead.

Light and Ultra Light models are the perfect choices for anglers who fish lakes and rivers.

Medium-Light Models – Are the most sensible approach to general-purpose lake and river fishing. Ideal for bream, bass, flathead, perch, trout and more, Just with a bit of extra fighting purchase compared to the ultra-light models.

Medium-Heavy Spin Models – If you cannot quite decide on a rod for offshore or inshore then why not consider one of the med-heavy models.  With any of the TD Hyper fishing rod models that sport Med-Heavy actions, you can typically fish for inshore heavyweights like mangrove jack, sooty grunter and barra. For offshore you can spin into schools of salmon and slimeys with small metals, drop plastics down to the snapper hanging on the reefs or bounce the back of the beaches for flathead.

Heavy/Extra Heavy – This is where things take an exciting bend, (in the rod that is)! The Daiwa TD Hyper Fishing Rod Heavy and Extra heavy action rods are for anglers taking their sport seriously. No mucking about these actions suit fishos targeting the likes of murray cod, mulloway, big mangrove jack or fingermark, queenfish, salmon, barra, snapper, dollies, the list is vast.

Daiwa TD Hyper Baitcaster Rods

There are not as many baitcast rods for sale as there is spin, so our guide is relatively simple. The medium-light models are the ideal fit for anglers chasing flathead, bass, trout and perch. Medium-heavy models are quite capable of targeting a broad range of fish including perch, mangrove jack and barra. However, for serious fishing, the heavy models make the best choice by far for targeting barra and pulling them out of their snags. Queenfish, fingermark, jacks and cod are typically no match either for the heavy models.


  • HVF Nanoplus fishing rod blanks combined with X45 technology delivers responsive, sensitive rods, that are incredibly powerful yet light as a feather.
  • Fish all day without fatigue while battling aggressively with belligerent fish. They are refined for casting, built to battle.
  • The Air Sensor reel seats grip your reel like a vice, transferring all the power to the business end of the fight. They are lightweight and enhance the overall balance of the rod.
  • Fuji O guides deliver outstanding line management while remaining lightweight, robust, balanced and defy guide killing rust.

The Daiwa TD Hyper Fishing Rod-epitomizes value for money. It is a credit to Daiwa that they can deliver top-shelf performance and technological features while keeping the price accessible to the average angler.


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