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Daiwa J Thead Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line

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$20.95 - $24.95
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Daiwa J Thread Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line

Despite the prolific rise of fluorocarbons and braids, mono fishing line is still a massive seller across the globe and an essential fishing line type in most anglers arsenals.

For one, mono is the easiest to use. It’s also a universal fishing line in terms of application. Mono is useful in pretty well all fishing situations and all fishing applications.

Daiwa J Thread Nylon Monofilament is a premium mono fishing line that is incredibly supple, has outstanding knot strength, and unrivalled shock resistance. To add to these critical features, J Thread will cast a country mile.

It’s these features that ensure mono fishing line remains a crucial line in modern fishing. The thing about Daiwa J Thread Nylon Monofilament is that its performance leaves other mono fishing lines in its wake in respect to key performance criteria.

The fishing tackle shop has Daiwa J Thread Nylon Monofilament for sale now. We stock it in the most popular breaking strains in convenient 300-metre spools.

Whatever your fishing application, Daiwa J Thread Nylon Monofilament fishing line will deliver. The clear colour fishing line comes parallel spooled to reduce memory, delivering more tangle-free casts.

We all demand a floorless fishing line. It’s what keeps us connected to bait, lure and fish under the toughest of conditions during relentless battles. So, when you fish mono, fish Daiwa J Thread Nylon Monofilament.

Features and Specifications

Breaking StrainLength (Metres)Diametre
6lb 300 0.234mm
8lb 300 0.263mm
10lb 300 0.278mm
12lb 300 0.312mm
15lb 300 0.355mm
20lb 300 0.398mm
25lb 300 0.457mm
30lb 300 0.505mm
  • Excellent shock resistance and knot strength
  • Low memory
  • Extremely supple
  • Made in Japan

Note: Multiple images of the lines are for illustration purpose only. The price initially shown will vary as you select a size from our menu when placing your order. The heaver strains sell for a fraction more.


  • Excellent shock resistance ensures you are less likely to lose a fish to sudden aggressive strikes and wild head shakes.
  • The low memory formula provides knot-free fishing, even in the toughest and windiest conditions.
  • As J-Thread is exceptionally supple, excellent knots will be more natural to tie and nigh on unbreakable. Casting will be long and predictable every cast.
  • Given the superb knot strength of J-braid, you’re better protected against one of the most common reasons we lose prize fish. Poor not strength.

Daiwa J Thread Nylon Monofilament is for sale here at the fishing tackle shop. While a little pricier than many mono lines, it also performs better than other mono fishing lines. If you have been losing fish to poor quality mono fishing line, instead, insist on Daiwa J Thread Nylon Monofilament, and fish better.


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