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Daiwa Double Clutch Lures

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Daiwa Double Clutch Lures

The Daiwa Double Clutch lure for sale now is an outstanding jerkbait that will appeal to finesse anglers in particular. The unique design is ideal for casting at Bass, Flathead and Bream in a variety of locations whether approached from land or boat.

Flathead hunters can work the shallower flats and weed beds successfully using the 95mm to attract a larger class of fish. Cast at the banks and submerged structure for Bass or work the edges of deeper holes. While a dedicated casting lure, a very slow troll, with strategic rod tip action, will allow you top cover more locations in your hunt for aggressive Bass attacks.

Casting at pylons and artificial structures will be ideal for Bream. Anchor a respectful cast distant from the lurk on calm days to avoid spooking cautious Bream. For spectacular Bream action in the summer months, cast the 60mm toward shallow sandy banks in the rivers and canals.

Daiwa Double Clutch Lures are of suspending type, that employs a unique internal Silent Gravity Oscillation System. A movable weight slides to the rear for outstanding casting length and accuracy. The moment it hits the water the sliding weight will assist the lure to twitch and dart in a manner fish find irresistible. Noise is reduced to ensure the lure maintains its finesse credentials , an appears more natural to predatory fish.

There is an excellent colour selection for each lure size. You are assured there will be several colours that are ideal for you location and application. All you need to do is pick which one you're going to purchase. Why not go out and buy a few to cover your bases.

The Daiwa Pro's Double Clutch IZM lure for sale, is a high-performance jerk bait that sets the pace for innovation and results out on the water.

Features and Specification

  • Type: Jerkbait
  • Buoyancy: Suspending
  • Unique feature: Silent Gravity Oscillating System
  • Made in Japan
  • Unique bib design
  • Finesse appeal
  • Lure will track straight and deep
  • Slender profile with sliding weight transfer system
  • Suitable for inshore fishing Saltwater and freshwater

Note: Price is for 1 single lure only, choose which one you require when ordering. Price also varies depending on which size you choose to order. Multiple images for illustration only.

Model Specific Info & Buyers guide

Daiwa Double Clutch 60: 60mm, 3.6 grams, 1.3m diving depth

Big seller for a range of species bream, whiting and Australian bass anglers and for those that chase trout and perch.

The 60SP size is the Junior model in the range. There are many colours for sale, so which do you choose? It's no secret that its best to have a range if you can afford to do so, but for those that want only the proven best sellers take a closer look at colours ghost Wakasagi, brown suji shrimp and purple suji prawn. Trout anglers will of course be paying attention to colours brown trout, and rainbow trout, ghost ayu and lazer ayu. Rusty AYU, Amber Ale and blue smelt are other colours that sell well for bream anglers. Bass anglers are taking a liking to Matte AYU, Black gold, Kawanmutu and Ghost gudgeon.

Daiwa Double Clutch 75: 75mm, 5 grams, 1.5m diving depth

Ideal for flathead, yellowbelly, and other perch, Australian bass and trout.

75SP is the middle runner in the DC IZM lure range lineup. We're finding that best-selling colours mimic identical to that of the 60mm model. The 75mm size however is our better seller for anglers that chase flathead. Flathead can be opportunistic at feeding so they are not too fussy, chuck anything at them and they will likely eat it. We're selling a good number of matte black and ghost wakasagi to anglers chasing golden perch and grunter.

Daiwa Double Clutch 95: 95mm, 8.8 grams, 2.0m diving depth

Best seller for barra, mangrove jack, yellowbelly, queenfish, fingermark, saragota, sooty grunter, big trout, salmon and big flathead.

96SP is currently the biggest in the DC lure range. It comes with 3 hooks unlike the other models which only have 2. We are finding that our bigger sellers are coming from those that are heading up to the northern parts for Australia. Barra and fingermark seem to have a liking for colours black gold, ghost perch and lazer black gold in particular. After Sooty Grunter? try matte black and brown suji shrimp. Chasing Big buck trout? it's hard pressed to go past the dedicated trout colours being brown and rainbow trout. Aussie salmon and tailor around? Chuck out a lazer wakasagi, blue smelt or ghost perch.

Just to provide a side note, this guide is purely meant as basic introduction. You may have your favourite colours and the species these lures can catch is a lot wider than what we mention but we can't be here all day right? Should you need further assistance just contact our team for extra advice.

Daiwa Double Clutch 115: 115mm, 20 grams, 1.5m to 2m diving depth

The large and enticing lure is designed for pursuing trophy-sized species such as barramundi, queenfish, golden snapper and mulloway.

Daiwa Double Clutch 115 EXDR: 115mm, 24 grams, 4 metre diving depth

This larger model is designed for deep water fishing. Barramundi are often found lurking in deep holes and around structure. This is where the EXDR model shines. It has an extra long lip which allows it to dive over 4 metres.


  • Daiwa Double Clutch IZM is a suspending lure allowing you to fish deep into the craggiest structures and stay better positioned in the zone of strikes.
  • The Double Clutch is magnificent to cast. Perfect weighting coupled with SGO system delivers incredible length and outstanding accuracy.
  • Silent Gravity Oscillating System enhances the twitching and darting providing a bold action that is low on noise. Ideal for calm and clear conditions.
  • Having a slender profile, it makes the lure much easier to eat and opens up the opportunity further to those fish that may not have the biggest of mouths.

Daiwa Double Clutch Lures are a high performance twitchbait fishing lure proving to be especially deadly for Bream, Bass and Flathead in shallower waters. Innovation and outstanding construction deliver a class of lure that is certain to catch you more of your target species, more often.


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