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Daiwa Battler Rods - Daiwa TD Battler Fishing Rod For Sale (Available in Spin or baitcaster models)

For some of us, if not many, when it comes to our fishing only the best will do. The latest technology combined with the latest innovation from fishing’s best designers and experts is what we want each time we hit the water. For those looking to dominate the inshore grounds with precision and performance you need to kit up with a Daiwa battler rod. Check the list below, there is a Battler fishing rod for every situation, for baitcasters or spinning.

With a TD (Team Daiwa) series rod, there is a model for you to finesse fish for a Bass from the weeds, wrestle a Barra from the structure and target the elusive meter-long flathead. The Daiwa Battler rods are all about refinement and precision. The SVF Compile (super volume fibre) X graphite blanks include Bias Wrap Construction and X45 technology. This provides ultimate strength, with feel and incredible sensitivity as well as helping to eliminate blank twist. These rods are incredibly light, mitigating against fatigue and assisting with long accurate casts. The unique feature is the AGS – Air Guide System. The carbon construction is incredibly lightweight and transfers every tiny bit of feel from the lure to the angler. Even the slightest lure movement can be felt. This incredible sensitivity is assisted by the Airbeam reel seats. Nothing is lost. The angler feels everything.

The Daiwa TD Battler Fishing Rods for sale now are the epitome of fishing rod refinement. Priced accordingly, the TD is for the angler looking for total class and performance, no compromise, simply the best. There is a model or 3 to suit you. Check the specs below for yours.

Features and Specifications

  • Daiwa Super Volume Fibre Compile X graphite Rod
  • Bias Wrap and X45 Construction – to reduce rod blank twist
  • AGS – Air Guide System
  • Reel Seats: Daiwa Airbeam model
  • Air Foam rod grips
  • AGS Air Guide System Rod Guides

Note: images for illustration only. Differences may occur between models.  Price is for one rod only. Choose which model you require when ordering.

Model Specific Info

Daiwa Battler Spinning Rod Models (suits spinning reels only)

ModelLengthSectionsActionCasting weightLine RatingSuggested Reel Size
681ULXS-ST Noodle Master 6ft 8 inch 1 Ultra-Light 1-3 grams 1-3kg 1000, 2004
701ULFS Water Zombie 7ft 1 Medium Light 1-6 grams 1-4kg 1000, 2004, 2000
701LFS Beowolf 7ft 1 Ultra-Light 0.5 – 4 grams 1-2kg 1000, 2004, 2000
701MLFS Thunderstorm 7ft 1 Fast 2-7 grams 2-4kg 1000-2500
701MFS Power Junkie 7ft 1 Medium Light 4-12 grams 3-6kg 2500-3000
701HFS Hot Dog 7ft 1 Medium 7-21 grams 4-8kg 3000-4000
762ULFS Kung Fu Prancer 7ft 2 Ultra-Light 0.5-4 grams 1-2kg 1000, 2004
7102HFS Chilli Dog 7ft 10 inch 2 Heavy 7-28 grams 6-10kg 4000
862MHFS Shorehunter 8ft 8 inch 2 Medium Heavy 14-45 grams 6-9kg 4000

Fishing Applications & Fishing Reel Selection Guide (Spinning models)

Daiwa Battler Spin rods are available ranging from ultralight 1-2kg rated rods for the likes of targeting bream, whiting, and other light class fish through to 10kg rated models to target snapper, barra, cod and other heavier weight class of fish. We also sell some in between rated models to suit a broad range of mid class fish such as flathead, bass, perch and a host of other species. See our table for our recommended reel size to suit each battler spin rod.

Model Specific Info

Daiwa Battler Baitcaster Models (Suits baitcaster reels only)

ModelLengthSectionsActionTaperCast WeightLine Rating
601MHFB Tomahawk 6ft 1 Medium Heavy Fast 7-28 grams 4-9kg
641MMHFB Fightin Falcon 6ft 4 inch 1 M/Medium Heavy Fast 77-28 grams 4-9kg
661MFB Sabre Stroke 6ft 6 inch 1 Medium Fast 4-21 grams 4-7kg
681MHRB Thunderbolt 6ft 8 inch 1 Medium Heavy Regular 7-28 grams 4-9kg

Fishing Applications & Fishing Reel Selection Guide (Baitcast models)

There isn’t too much difference with weight class between the baitcast models its really just a matter of what length of rod you prefer. The Daiwa Battler Rods baitcaster models suit everything from targeting Australian bass and perch through to barra. They suit a baitcaster style reel only.


  • The combination of the graphite blank and the AGS Air Guide System makes for the most sensitive rod you can get and incredibly lightweight.
  • V-joint technology (in the 2 section rod models) ensures nothing is lost in the joint and blank integrity is maintained.
  • X45 technology ensures lightness and tiny diameters with all the power and strength of a much larger, thicker blank.
  • Daiwa Airbeam reel seats work hand in glove with Air Foam grips to ensure the slightest movement is detected.
  • Super volume fibre carbon blanks coupled with X45 and Bias Wrap technology provide faster, better, longer casts with the strength to battle all comers.

When only the best will do for spin and baitcasting rods you need to purchase a Daiwa battler rod for sale now. Built to dominate the inshore fishing grounds you have never had a better feel or better performance. Built for precision angling.


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