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Daiwa Certate SW Reels For Sale

Are you searching for a reel that can stand up to the rigours of saltwater fishing? Look no further than the Daiwa Certate SW Reel. This reel is the latest addition to Daiwa's line of saltwater-specific reels and is a superior choice for anglers who demand quality. The Certate SW replaces the now-obsolete Catalina reel and features similar technology, rivalling that of the Saltiga, yet at a substantially more affordable price.

With refined cosmetics and packed full of Daiwa's most impressive technology, Certate SW is an excellent choice for anglers who fish from the rocks or beaches and those who may religiously take the boat out offshore at every chance.

Some of the Daiwa Certate's standard features include an ABS Long cast spool, ATD Drag System, Monocoque one-piece body, and High Durability painting, to list a few. Daiwa's Magsealed systems also take part in the Certate SW reel, which means that Certate SW adapts to Daiwa's highest standards for a reel that will withstand harsh Australian saltwater conditions.

Whether you're an experienced angler or just getting started, the Daiwa Certate SW Reel is an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a reel that delivers nothing other than supreme performance, cast after cast. With several size options for sale, from a 5000 for hitting the inshore grounds all the way up to a massive 18000 for offshore big-game fish, Daiwa has you covered no matter what your saltwater fishing adventure entails.

Don't miss out on your chance to own one of Daiwa's best saltwater reels. Check out all the specs below and pick a Certate SW reel of your own!

Please note: Images shown on this listing are for illustration only. Differences can occur between models. Please allow a few extra days dispatch time as this item is typically ordered from Daiwa Australia upon an order being made online with us.

Features and Specifications

Model Gear Ratio Physical Size Class Bearings Approx Braid Capacity Capacity PE Approx Mono Capacity Max Drag Approx. Weight
5000-H 5.7:1 Medium 10+1 30lb/230yds PE2.5/300m 14lb/280yds 15kg 385g
5000-XH 6.2:1 Medium 10+1 30lb/230yds PE2.5/300m 14lb/280yds 15kg 385g
6000-H 5.7:1 Medium 10+1 30lb/320yds PE3/300m 14lb/340yds 15kg 375g
6000-XH 6.2:1 Medium 10+1 30lb/320yds PE3/300m 14lb/340yds 15kg 375g
8000-P 4.8:1 Large 8+1 40lb/330yds
PE4/300m 16lb/330yds
25kg 627g
8000-H 5.8:1 Large 8+1 40lb/330yds
PE4/300m 16lb/330yds
25kg 627g
10000-P 4.8:1 Large 8+1 50lb/330yds
PE5/300m 20lb/330yds
25kg 630g
10000-H 5.8:1 Large 8+1 50lb/330yds
PE5/300m 20lb/330yds
25kg 630g
14000-XH 6.2:1 Extra Large 8+1 330yds/65lb
PE6/300m 25lb/330yds
25kg 635g
18000-H 5.8:1 Extra Large 8+1 65lb/440yds
PE8/300m 35lb/330yds
30kg 850g
  • Model: Daiwa Certate SW (2021 Release and current)
  • Saltwater Series Fishing Reel
  • Monocoque one-piece body
  • Air Technology (bail, rotor)
  • Magseal (line roller, body)
  • EVA Ball Handle Knob
  • Silent Oscillation
  • Twist Buster II Line Management System
  • High Durability Painting
  • Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings
  • Impressive Max Drag Ratings
  • Made in Japan
  • Ideal for use with braided or mono lines
  • Fishing Styles: Beach, Rock, Offshore

Please note: Price is for one reel only and price varies upon model chosen. Images are for illustration, some differences can occur between sizes. Due to limited market for reels in this price bracket we order some sizes direct from Daiwa Australia after you make the order with us. Please allow a few extra days for dispatch.

Certate SW Fishing Reel Buyers Guide

When choosing a Daiwa Certate reel, it's important to consider the type of fishing you'll be doing. If you're primarily going to be fishing from the shore or a boat in inshore waters, then a smaller model in the 5000 or 6000 size range will likely suffice. These reels have impressive drag ratings and can handle a variety of saltwater fish species, from surf whiting to jewfish and everything in between.

If you're targeting big game fish like tuna or GT, or you need a reel with a much larger capacity when fishing from rocks or the beach, Daiwa's larger models (10000-18000) will better suit your needs. All sizes between 10000-18000 can handle incredible drag ratings of 25Kg+ max drag when needed.

The 8000 size is a sweet spot among the ranks and can do it all in most situations. It's a bit lighter and more compact than the larger models but still has plenty of power and line capacity for anything you're likely to encounter when fishing from a boat or shore.

The series features a few P models (power gear) for when cranking power is more critical to your fishing style. There are H and XH models for high-speed and extra high-speed options; if the line recovery rate is a defining factor in what you are searching for in a spin reel.


  • No matter what size Daiwa Certate SW reel you choose, you can rest assured that you're getting a quality product built to withstand saltwater fishing rigours. Daiwa's Magseal construction ensures that your reel will perform at its peak every time you hit the water, while the High Durability painting protects against corrosion and wear.
  • The Daiwa Certate is also an incredibly smooth reel to fish with, partly thanks to its Silent Oscillation system.
  • Twistbuster II anti-line twist technology ensures that your line comes onto the spool smoothly and reduces the risk of wind knots when re-casting, which often plagues anglers who fish with braided lines.

If you're in the market for a saltwater reel that performs with precision and reliability, look no further than the Daiwa Certate SW Reel. With several size options available, it's sure to please even the most discerning anglers.


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