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Daiwa Silver Creek DR Minnow Lure

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Daiwa Silver Creek DR Minnow Lure

Let me tell you why the Minnow-style lure is a favourite among Aussie anglers. It's all about that natural movement and appearance, perfectly mimicking baitfish. And guess what? The fish can't resist it! Whether you're out on the lake or river, the minnow-style lure is hit with all the fish species that call these waters home.

You've got to give credit to the Daiwa lure designers. They've put years of hard work into their concepts and products, and their lure designs are gaining huge popularity in the Australian fishing scene. The double clutch lure has already proven its success, and now we have the latest addition to the Daiwa lure range - the Silver Creek DR Minnow Lure. Trust me, this one will be a top choice for inshore anglers too.

At our fishing tackle shop, we proudly offer the jointed model of this amazing lure, available in sizes ranging from 42mm to 70mm. It's a must-have for any freshwater inshore angler out there. This lure's lifelike presentation is unmatched, thanks to its joint profile. It's way more enticing to the fish than a traditional straight-bodied lure.

Don't overlook the captivating colours and exquisite finishes of the Daiwa Silver Creek DR Minnow Lure. This lure is designed to entice fish lurking beneath the water's surface. With its natural hues and intricate patterns, the Silver Creek is the ultimate option for targeting diverse fish species, including trout, bream, Australian bass, and redfin.

Features and Specifications

  • Style: Jointed hardbody fishing lure
  • Depth: dives to approx. 1 metre
  • Buoyancy: 42S and 50S are sinking models (70mm is floating)
  • Type: Freshwater fishing lure (could also be used in saltwater for bream)
  • Hooks: BKK trebles (2)

Model Specific Info

  • 42s: 42mm / 1.8 grams / Sinking
  • 50s: 50mm / 2.9 grams / Sinking
  • 70f: 70mm / 6.5 grams / Floating

Kindly take note that the price mentioned is applicable to a single lure. When placing your online order, kindly select your preferred model.

Will the Daiwa Silver Creek DR Minnow Lure work in saltwater?

While the Silver Creek DR Minnow Lure is primarily designed for freshwater fishing, it can also be used in saltwater, particularly for targeting bream. The lure's action and realistic appearance can entice various fish species, making it a versatile option for freshwater and saltwater anglers.

How can I use the Daiwa Silver Creek DR Minnow Lure effectively?

To get the best results from the Silver Creek DR Minnow, try varying your retrieval speed and adding occasional twitches to mimic the movement of a wounded baitfish. This erratic action can trigger predatory instincts in fish and induce more bites.

What time of day is best for using this lure?

While you can use this lure anytime, it is often most effective during the early morning and late evening hours when fish are most active.

Can the Daiwa Silver Creek DR Minnow Lure be used in shallow and deep water?

With a diving depth of around 1 meter, it excels in shallow water or areas with structures to fish around.

What fish species can the Daiwa Silver Creek DR Minnow Lure attract?

The Silver Creek DR Minnow can attract many fish species, including trout, bream, Australian bass, and redfin. Its realistic appearance and action make it a versatile option, appealing to fresh and saltwater species.

Do I need to use any additional Fish attractant with Daiwa Silver Creek DR Minnow Lure?

The Silver Creek DR Minnow is designed to be highly effective even without additional scent. However, it's worth mentioning that some anglers still prefer to add Fishing Attractants as an extra enhancement.

Ready to Buy a Daiwa Silver Creek DR Minnow Lure?

At the fishing tackle shop, we aim to hook you up with top-notch fishing gear that's just right for you and your passion. We believe the perfect lure is the key to an amazing fishing experience. That's why we highly recommend the Daiwa Silver Creek DR Minnow Lure to inshore anglers, especially those who love freshwater fishing. Ready to give one a go?


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