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Daiwa Isla Reels (Large Sizes)

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Product Description

Daiwa Isla 7000 Fishing Reel Large Sizes For Sale (Choose From either 7000 Bull 4.3:1 Ratio or 7000H 5.7:1 High Speed)

If you wish to head out and mix it up with the big boys why not do it with super high quality reels. The Daiwa Isla 7000 Fishing Reels are a class above the rest and the two models in the large size class are a natural progression from their famous predecessor, the Saltiga. The big difference anglers will be excited about is that you get all the features of the Saltiga, with a few changes and additions but for a price that doesn’t take your breath away. Thanks to Daiwa’s commitment to listening to the loyal customers, and acting on their requests, they have built a high end model with all of the flagship inclusions but at a price that represents better value for the discerning angler. Of course, this price requires commitment but the angler is suitably rewarded with a power house of refined technology ready to take on the toughest, hardest fighting species we have, from the ocean rocks to the blue water.

There are two models in the large range, the 7000 and the 7000H, (H being high speed). Gear ratio is the only difference between the models but this variation allows the angler to choose a reel based on hard cranking applications or the need for speed. Most anglers purchasing a reel of this stature will be well aware of the benefits of both. High speed is great when you’re casting and retrieving big minnows, metal slices or other large, fast moving lures, but those fishing deeper in the water column for big Tuna and the like, will really enjoy the extra cranking power of the 7000.

The inclusion list (below) reads like a who’s who of reel technological innovation. All of Daiwa’s cutting edge innovation has been packed inside the Super Metal Housing. From the reel saving Mag Seal and CRBB, to the casting and winding attributes of ABS II, Zaion Air Rotor and Twist Buster II, all the famous kit is there. Further corrosion improvements have been made by moving the Isla to a manual bail arm, removing the automatic bail arm spring that has often been a source for premature corrosion.

30kg of Ultimate Tournament Drag is more than enough to pull a heavy set angler straight out of the boat and there’s line capacity to patiently play out the longest running monster. All this happens in perfect synchronicity as bearings, rotor and Hyper Digigear communicate as if one.

The Isla 7000(H) will suit the land based game angler and the blue water angler looking for the ultimate in heavy sports spin action. You will target tackle busting Kingfish, Giant Trevally, Jewfish, Tuna and Mackerel in the type of fights that test your physical fitness. Get a Daiwa Isla Fishing reel in the 7000 or 7000H. There is nothing better. Are you up to the challenge? Can you handle monster fish on spin? With Daiwa Isla your chances are higher than ever.

Features and Specifications

  • 9+1 Ball bearings resistant to corrosion
  • Approx weight 835 grams
  • Braid Line Capacity, PE 5 (approx 50lb)/600m, PE6(approx 60lb)/480m, PE8(approx 50lb)/350m
  • Daiwa Mag Seal Anti corrosion and dirt repelling system
  • Isla Reels feature daiwa famous inclusions such as twistbuster II, ABSII, hyper digigear, real four plus a host of other high end technologies.
  • UTD Daiwa Tournament Drag System 30kgs Max Drag
  • Zaion Air Rotor
  • Body Construction: Metal
  • Side Plate: Metal
  • Manual Bail Trip (increasing the lifespan of your Isla 7000 Reel)
  • Line Roller allows use of heavy leader lines with ease

Note: Image for illustration purpose only – Price is for 1 reel. Choose the model you require when ordering

Model Specific Info

Daiwa Isla 7000 Bull

  • Gear Ratio: 4.3:1
  • Line Retrieve per crank: 106cm
  • Ideal for heavy reef fishing, beach and boat fishing to target powerful fish where extra cranking power is of benefit. Particularly jigging.

Isla 7000H

  • High Speed
  • 5.7:1 Gear Ratio
  • Best model for high speed spinning of lures
  • Line Retrieve per crank: 137cm

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

Simply put the Daiwa Isla 7000 Size reel is designed for powerful fishing to target a range of heavyweight species like Tuna, Kingfish, Sailfish, Big Dorado, GT / Giant trevally and other monsters. Match up the Isla 7000 to a powerful Boat rod or Popper rod rated 24kg+ for best performance or use with a surf rod with any rating from 10kgs+ for chasing surf species.


  • The corrosion resistance is second to none, with mag seal leading a host of corrosion resistance mechanisms that will see your Isla beat of the harsh Aussie fishing environment.
  • The Water tight wide open roller for heavy shock leader plus the move to a manual bail arm are the instances where the angler can see the designers at Daiwa are thinking critically about features that offer genuine improvement. Simple ideas, with huge impact on functionality and durability.
  • The 30kg of Ultimate Tournament Drag is a BIG hint as to the size of the fish you will be hunting. 30kg of drag is for stopping coal trains…or Dog Tooth Tuna, is up to you.

The Daiwa Isla 7000 Fishing Reels are the ultimate in heavy duty spin fishing reels. Now you can get the best of the best at a more accessible price. Get yourself an Isla now. Bragging rights is just the beginning, you’ll fish like never before. All class and all power, the Isla 7000 is Daiwa genius and fishing heaven.

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