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Adrenalin Telstar X Ramp and Cruise Skateboard

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    Product Description

    Adrenalin Telstar-X Ramp and Cruise Skateboard

    Designed as a hybrid skateboard, the Telstar-X can be used for various challenges. From dropping down a steep hill and pulling tight turns to riding in the bowls of your local skate park, the Adrenalin Telstar-X Ramp and Cruise has your back.

    Measuring 32 inches in length, the Telstar-X is short and compact for executing tight turns at speed. A concave profile in the deck ensures extra stiffness while also letting you gain toe and heel holds when riding in bowls.

    The five-inch Aluminium alloy trucks are rugged and will stand up to pressure. Super-sized wheels give you the grip required for racing down steep hills but also offer PU progressive cushions.

    ABEC5 chrome bearings are incredibly smooth and will give you a seamless ride. Turning is then improved with the aid of a wedge spacer positioned between the trucks and the base of the Canadian maple deck. This will vastly improve your turning ability when cruising down hills at speed.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   32” single-kicker deck

    ♦   62mm x 52mm PU dished wheels

    ♦   ABEC5 chrome bearings

    ♦   Aluminium trucks

    ♦   Canadian maple deck

    ♦   Dome kingpin

    ♦   PU progressive cushions

    ♦   Rubber riser pad-deck graphics with clear grip tape

    ♦   Superior grip-deck

    ♦   Wedge spacer under trucks



    ♦   Being a 32-inch single-kicker deck, the skateboard is the perfect crossover between riding in skate parks and on the streets.

    ♦   The large wheels are great at carrying speed and turning in a variety of scenarios.

    ♦   Springy Canadian maple enables you to pop the Telstar-X to reach impressive heights.

    ♦   Ride smoother and with more fluency thanks to the ABEC5 chrome bearings.

    ♦   Wedge spacers have been used between the trucks and the board to improve turning.

    ♦   Turning is then made even smoother by PU progressive cushions.

    You really can have it all! The Adrenalin Telstar-X is a 32-inch skateboard that excels at both ramps and cruising. Purchase yours now and be ready for both challenges!



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