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Watersnake Inflatable PFD Servicing Parts

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Watersnake inflatable PFD Recharge Kits & Servicing Parts

There is a couple of devices we carry on our boats that we hope to never have to use to full capacity. The obvious one of course is the life jacket. Yes, they’re a requirement for crossing bars, we wear them when seas are getting a little hairy but we all hope that we never have to use them to keep us alive after a serious mishap. Keep you alive they will however and there importance in the boat can never be overstated.

Inflatable PFDs require checking and servicing every 12 months. It is a crucial role as skipper to ensure your PFDs don’t hit stowage in your boat and become out of sight and out of mind. They’re no good to anyone if they’re not functioning to spec. Watersnake inflatable PFD Recharge Kits are available for sale here at fishing tackle shop and they are suitable for all Watersnake, Platinum, Jarvis Marine and Jarvis Walker inflatable PFDs. They also suit many other brands of inflatable PFDs.

Check the specs below as there are different cylinders depending on the life jackets you have. The cylinder is responsible for the inflation of the PFD. While each cylinder may last beyond the 12 month service interval, why risk it. Replace cylinders as part of your annual PFD service routine for peace of mind. They’re inexpensive and play a critical role in your boating safety. When was the last time you checked your cylinders on your inflatable PDFs? Order some cylinders now, and go and check. We also have for sale Watersnake indicator clips and auto tablet cartridges by themselves as well.

Features and Specifications

  • Option 1: Model 56059 - 33 gram gas cartridge Suits all Watersnake brand manual PFDS (adult sizes) includes clips
  • Option 2: Model 56054 17 gram gas cartridge - Suits all Watersnake brand manual PFDS (Kids sizes) included clips
  • Option 3: 56075 Watersnake Auto Water activated tablet cartridge
  • Option 4: Model 56074 33 gram Full Auto Recharge kit Suits all Watersnake brand Auto combo PFDS (adult sizes only)
  • Option 5: Model 55522 17 gram Full Auto Recharge kit Suits all Watersnake brand Auto combo PFDS (Kids sizes only)
  • Option 6: Model 56073 Round Replacement green indicator clips only Suits Watersnake Manual PFDS (packet of 5)
  • Option 7: Model 56081 Square Green Clips (suits watersnake  Deluxe AUTO Pfds)

Note: Images for illustration only - prices vary depending on which option you choose. (Select the part from our menu to view updated price)

Notes: *Any of the options containing the gas cartridges cannot be sent outside of Australia. As aviation classify these as dangerous goods. Therefore if you are located outside of Australia Please do not order the gas cartridge items from this listing otherwise we will need to automatically refund them from your order.


  • Regular service and maintenance ensures your PFDs are in working order should they be required.
  • Cylinders are inexpensive and critical to your PFD performance. Annual replacement and checking gives you peace of mind.
  • This little, inexpensive device can ensure your pfds are upto par and misadventure on the high seas has less chance of turning into a tragedy.
  • Suitable for many brands of inflatable PFDs.

Watersnake inflatable PFD Recharge Kits should not be considered optional. They are critical kit and integral to your safety maintenance routine. Set up your maintenance schedule and ensure Watersnake inflatable PFD Recharge Kits are part of it.


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